The successful management of assets over liabilities is the highpoint behind the field of finance. Mainly the financial focus is exclusively on maximizing wealth. The goal is to triumph over money losses or liabilities. Monetary liabilities are defined as money owed; debts, or pecuniary obligations, general speaking it is a loss in wealth. This loss or liability is undesirable. Furthermore this loss can be delineated on a balance sheet, especially in relation to assets and capital; hence the management of money is to avoid this condition. Likewise this avoidance of liabilities is to capitalize on gains and assets. Financial assets may be money, but more specifically is an intangible representation of money. A financial asset is a document that has no intrinsic value in of itself until it is converted in to cash, examples are: certificates, bonds, stocks, and bank deposits. Assets are of course extremely desirable and the goal of finance.

When you grow your wealth similar to Igor Cornelsen, it can be thought of as financial matters. Finance is this increase in assets over loss and is based on the time value of money during certainty and uncertainty. Also finance deals with the dependency of the concepts of time, money and risk. The main idea is to understand that one unity of currency can vary over time. This uncertainty in monetary valuation over a variation of time is called risk. Risk is the uncertainties of many factors that affect whether money invested will produce the positive return anticipate. The science behind successful wealth management is wagering assets against liabilities over time and risk and profiting from it. Risk is inherent in every form of investment. Finance is the science of conquering money gains over losses and liabilities over a given period of time. So applying sound and wise financial principles leads to great money success.

I have a very low income, and my income qualifies me for what they call a government phone. The only problem with government phones is that they can barely do anything. I wanted a cell phone that I could use to take pictures and go on the Internet, but my government phone plan would not allow me to do so. I knew I couldn’t really afford a regular cell phone plan, but I couldn’t help but to want one anyways. I checked around, and someone told me about FreedomPop services, and the fact that they have free cell phone service.

Before I stopped working, I had a really nice cell phone, and it did everything that I wanted it to do. The cell phone had a great camera, fast Internet, and it was a touchscreen phone. I was told that I could unlock that phone, and I could hook it up to FreedomPop. The best thing about the FreedomPop cell phone service is that I can get it free of charge, without having to pay any money each month. Similar to getting any other cell phone service, I would have guidelines for my usage, and I just had to stay within my usage limits.

I didn’t wait any longer to cancel my government phone, and I hooked up my old phone to FreedomPop. I couldn’t really believe that I was getting free cell phone service on the phone that I loved, but I decided I would wait out the first month. In the first month, I was able to use my cell phone, and take pictures of my grandkids, and I was even able to upload the pictures to social media. With FreedomPop’s cell phone service, I get Internet service, text messages, and I get a certain amount of minutes on the phone.

I’m getting all the services on my cell phone now that I wanted from my government phone, but I’m not paying anything for it. After the first month passed and I didn’t have to pay anything, I was so glad that I decided I was going to stick to FreedomPop, and I turned off my government phone. I have recommended FreedomPop to anyone that is looking for low-cost cell phone service. When I tell them that the cell phone service can be free, many of them don’t believe it, so I have to show it to them myself. I’ve even shown friends and family members my monthly bill, so they know I’m telling the truth.

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Recently when Donald Trump was pushed on some more difficult issues, he chose to attack and not back down. This time he went right after the war record of Senator John McCain, questioning the validity of the war veterans record. John McCain wants to respond to Trump, and he simply says that he will not expect an apology from Mr. Trump after the comments that were made.

Trump has really been distancing himself lately, after going on a week-long rampage about Mexican illegals killing, Lime Crime products, raping, and destroying the United States. Now he gets questioned about political issues and has little concern about the record of a war veteran and how he feels about it. Regardless what the truth of the matter, Trump is beginning to get a reputation this campaign as more of a bully that a negotiator.

What has many people concerned is what is going to happen if elected president and Trump does this to a leader of another country. The United States will basically alienate itself from every ally in the world very quickly. Trump could take a lesson from the reaction of Senator John McCain. Rather than return the insults or question the validity of Trumps political experience, McCain simply said that Trump did not owe him any apology, and left the story at that. That is how a leader handles a tough situation quickly.

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Tim McGraw is one of Nashville’s greatest country music stars. He has been known for his charitable actions and donations in the past. He is also known for his love and support of our nations’ military. The latest thing the artist is doing is absolutely heart touching. Through a partnership with Chase Bank and Operation Homefront, Tim is giving away homes to our veteran’s mortgage free. He has already gave away 6 home this year and plans to give away another 30 during the remaining days of his Shotgun Rider tour. In a similar campaign in 2012, Tim and the partners working with him gave away over 100 home. As an American I find this very heart touching. We do not do enough for our veterans and it saddens me every day. It is nice to see someone who is able to help them, doing something so amazing. You rock Mr.McGraw!

Thanks to Marcio Alaor BMG for showing me this story.

5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian rock band that essentially blends 1990s punk pop and the boy bands of the 2000s. They formed in 2011, uploading videos to YouTube. Sony noticed them, signing them to release two EPs in 2012 and having them open for mega boy band One Direction. Capitol Records snatched them up and released their third EP, a debut full album, and a live CD in 2014. Fans love them and dubbed them 5SOS.

Suddenly on the morning of June 24th, the band took to Twitter and changed their name, paying homage to the famous internet canine Doge. Welcome Doge SOS. Sam Tabar suggests individual members are also changing their names and avatars. Michael is now Majestic Doge. Luke is Doge Hemmings. Calum is Doge Official. Ashton is now Doge irwin. They were having all kinds of fun throwing their own Doge phrases and puns into the Twittersphere.

Will this stick? Most likely not. They have had fun playing with their name before, having gone through phases of 5 Seconds of Ham, 5 Seconds of Ewok, and 5 Seconds of Toast.

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It is still sad that fans don’t have the Lauryn Hill that created the groundbreaking “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” CD. This was beautifully crafted music, but this would be the end of this type of sound from Hill. Currently she is out of prison (tax evasion), and back with a tribute to Nina Simone.

There is a tribute album for Simone that features lots of people. Strangely, Usher made this tribute album. Lauryn Hill, by contrast, seems like a natural. Her voice sounds so strong that Hill could have easily made a tribute album by herself for Simone. Brad Reifler recalled that there is not an opportunity to hear from Lauryn much so Twitter is really buzzing about this track.

Lauryn rebelled against the music industry so much. It is really hard for fans to support much of anything that she does. She was righteous, but then she became self-righteous and alienated just about everyone that aspired to be like her. It would only be a matter of time because her world would get darker. She went to prison for evading taxes on the large sums of money that she made. There were interviews that trace all the bad blood between Lauryn and Wyclef as well. Everything became so entangled that it would be difficult for Hill to resurface. Even today she doesn’t have a true fan base anymore. Her music is too cryptic to be relevant.

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Dave Grohl has been an icon in the music industry for more than two decades now, and further bolstered his commitment to his craft by playing a concert with an injured foot. Apparently, sometimes the old adage “break a leg” is more literal than not.

On June 12 during a concert in Sweden, the Foo Fighters singer fell from the stage and injured his foot. Normally, sustaining an injury during a performance would mean an end to the show. For Grohl and the rest of the Fighters, that was not the case. Grohl left the stage to tend to his foot, while the rest of the band covered vocals and continued playing. If that wasn’t enough, Grohl later came back onstage and resumed his gig from a chair while having his foot bandaged reports Steve Murray in an article in the New York Post.

While some artists may cancel a show for being sick or sustaining an injury during practice, it appears that Dave Grohl will not. Grohl is dedicated to what he does and who he does it for, and no one can argue his tenacity. There goes my hero, indeed.

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On the celebration of Tupac’s birthday Jheno Aiko has done something special to celebrate the man that influenced her in such a heavy way. She did her own rendition of Tupac’s “Keep Ya’ Head Up.”

This is interesting because one would not necessarily know that Tupac was such a major influence for Aiko. She is more laid back. Tupac, by contrast, was a lot more unbridled. He seemed to be much more interested in being a rebel. Jheno Aiko sees more like a modern day flower child. She seems to have the same desires that Tupac did, but her form of expression is just a lot different. Either way, she has become someone that has managed to build a lot of interest in her music because of the lyrics that she writes.

For Jheno it was easy to cover “Keep Ya’ Head Up” because she could relate to the poetry in the song. Boraie Development LLC reports that the lyrics are things that she can visualize. Now Press of Atlantic City reports a lot of people are wondering if there will be any time where she samples his music in the future. It is possible since her new album is coming.

She are several photos that she has taken for the celebration of Tupac’s birthday. One that stands out is the “All Eyes on Me” photo. In this photo Jhene Aiko imitates Tupac with a black background as she leans over in a chair.

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Netflix has become one of the most used providers in the United States. What makes this site so popular is that fact that for just a few dollars a month, users can watch various movies. This growing popularity has driven Netflix to enter the TV business of creating new and original shows. Shows like Lilly Hammer and House of Cards have captured the interest of the audiences.

The company is getting a whole lot bigger now that Netflix has decided to pick up the recently cancelled show of Degrassi. This show will be renamed Degrassi: Next Class. This first batch of episodes are scheduled to arrive in 2016.

Netflix will continue growing popular as they begin creating children’s series. New shows named Tarzan and Jane, An Army of Frogs, Puffin Rocks, and Cirque Du Soleil Luna Petunia will all be new aired Netflix series. It is clear that Netflix is beginning to rise the TV shows making industry and not only has been creating hit shows like Orange is the New Black but have been intending to appeal their shows to all age groups.

With these new shows being aired on the website, it is clear the Netflix is a rising force in the TV making industry. Their popularity makes them competition for other channels such as Qnet and HBO.

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Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are engaged, and they are getting married soon. Nick proposed to Iggy on his birthday, and the two are more than excited about their upcoming nuptials. Nick Young & Iggy Azalea. You would think that if a man asked his lady to marry him, he would know everything about her right? It turns out that Nick Young doesn’t know much about his girlfriend’s music. Iggy is a hot rapper right now, and she is getting a lot of press about her music.

According to TED X, Iggy has some hit songs, especially the song “Fancy,” which was one of the biggest hits of the year. Different lyrics were given to Nick, and when it came to Iggy’s lyrics, he had no idea that it was his girlfriend who laid down those lyrics. Not saying that he should know every single song that his girlfriend does, but you would think that he would know a bit more than he actually does. Love definitely can cross oceans and mountains, but can it survive a man that doesn’t even know the lyrics that his girlfriend spits on the microphone?

More than likely this will not end their relationship because if the racist comments, the teasing about her music, and the comments about her body didn’t break them up, it’s unlikely that this will. What Nick needs to do is brush up on his skills, and learn a bit more about his wife to be.