There are some big star collaborations that you expect to see. Chris Brown has worked with a lot of people. Fans have been waiting to hear him with Beyonce. Fans don’t have to wait any longer. There is a remix of jealous that pairs the two stars together.

Chris Brown, much like Beyonce, is a work horse. He appears on remixes and collaborates with artists like Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Omarion this year. All of this has given him a growing fan base. He got in trouble with the law, but he never seemed to stop working. That is just what Brown has been known for in the last several years. Now people are getting a chance to hear the duet they have been waiting for.

Beyonce has been rather quiet since releasing her surprise album, which those on Facebook can understand. She released some remixes from the album, but somehow the Chris Brown remix failed to appear on the reissue of the album, and Sergio Cortes didn’t know why. Now it has been leaked. The world of Beyonce and Chris Brown have been rejoicing about this “Jealous” remix. It dates back to more than 2 years ago, but fans were still pleased to hear these 2 harmonize together. It has certainly become a track that has been downloaded a lot since it was released. It probably will not happen, but lots of fans are looking for the remix to become a video in the future.

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Jake Miller got to meet one of his idols when he decided to stop by Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour and watch the show which was being held in Miami his hometown. Justin Bieber was hanging out in the artist dressing rooms and Jake Miller got to spend an hour with him keeping him company.

Susan McGalla told us that Jake posted a photo on instagram saying how happy he is to be taking a picture with one of his idols, and that he has looked up to Justin for a long time now. Jake told MTV news in an interview that it was the best experience of his life, and he couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Jake tells MTV and his instagram followers about Justin Bieber saying he is the coolest person ever. All he was is a normal humble guy who was cool to hang out with. He didn’t see the side of Justin that the media tries to portray, he says. The two played each other their new music and they exchanged numbers in case Bieber decides to make a colab with upcoming hiphop/pop star Jake Miller. Jake ended up sharing his entire life story with Justin to let him know how he inspires him as an artist. Jake also told Justin to keep doing his thing and that he has a lot of supporters.

Jake just released the music video for his song “Dazed and Confused”.

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A lot of the talk about the One Direction band member Zayn Malik leaving has left fans wondering whether the band was just as surprised as the fans where about him leaving, or if the band knew all along and have been planning the best way to tell their fans about the news.

On Twitter, Liam Payne one of the band members posted in a tweet saying that it has been a strange 24 hours. And in another post from Harry Style, he said he has love for the fans as always for the support. Nial Also took to twitter to express his gratitude over all the fans support and understanding.

The band’s 5th album is coming out later this year, and it will be their first album without Zayn which may change things up. The band promises their fans that they will be working on their new music harder than they ever have before and Susan McGalla is definitely looking forward to that. They don’t want to let down any of the fans and feel an obligation to release their best album yet.

Things aren’t easy for the boys who literally went from nothing to the most famous boy band in the world in 5 small years. Who knows what kind of pressure that puts on a boys mind and soul. All we know is that we support Zayn’s decision and wish him nothing but the best in all his future plans.

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Stars ranging in styles from ZZ Top to Cee Lo Green gathered at Carnegie Hall to honor the music and influence of David Byrne, leader of the Talking Heads and innovator of music since 1975. A pregnant Amanda Palmer read the lyrics to Once In A Lifetime in an art-pop spoken word performance complete with dancers and catchy style.

Brooklyn native soul singer, Sharon Jones, performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Psycho Killer. According to a web article she turned the song into her own song, bending notes and doing things with her voice that sent chills up your spine. The concert moved the audience to dance and sing throughout the evening.

The energy level was high for this 2+ hour event. David Byrne performed with the 21-piece Brooklyn United Marching Band to close out the show, followed by the band’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit Uptown Funk. The Talking Heads started performing in 1975, opening for The Ramones in a biker bar. Byrne has enjoyed a successful career performing and producing music for more than 4 decades.

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Marvin Gaye’s Family to Receive Payout

Dealing with copyright issues in the music industry can get sticky and uncomfortable at times. Artists Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams appear to be going through all of this the hard way.

It was just this Tuesday that a jury decided, after two days of debating, that the hit song “Blurred Lines” performed by Thicke and Williams did actually infringe on the copyright of one of Marvin Gaye’s hit songs, entitled “Got to Give It Up.” Specifically, certain parts of the song were used to make their hit such as similar keyboards and bass lines.

This Wednesday, the Gaye family asked the court to file that injunction that would not allow any more sales of the song to be made, unless the Gaye family was allowed to make a profit from it also stated google plus. When the song first came out in 1977, only written music was filed in the copyright office. Instead, lawyers for the Gaye decided on having a musician interpret a sample of the music.

On the other side, the lawyers for Williams, Thicke and other people who were involved in the creation of the song have said that they only thought a literal interpretation of the music was suitable and that no evidence of copyright infringement existed. All of this was said while being aware that the songs definitely had a similar style and tone.

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Kanye West is a genius on many fronts. He is a specialist in branding himself in addition to him making really good music. He is undoubtedly one of the top successful artists in his trade regardless of the love he gets from fans or haters.

What Kanye is known for is his amazing music videos where he shows his passion for his music, and really lets go stated Paul matheison. Here comes Kanye’s videos of “All Day” where Kanye previews sneak Peaks of what’s to be expected from the song. It is going to be directed by non other than Steve McQueen, which is news enough as it is that ended up drawing everyone to want to see this upcoming music video of one of Kanye’s new album songs.

The lucky attendants of the Fondation Louis Vuitton got to witness a live showing of the song “All Day” music video. The only way for this to be shared was if the attendants filmed it and released it elsewhere, and of course it is spreading all over the world and fast.

According to everyone who saw the sneak peeks in the beginning, it is enough for them and they are satisfied. The song is that good and it’s making headlines in charts. This song took 21 people to be written and produced, including the help of the legendary Paul McCartney, and the rapper genius Kendrick Lamar. Kanye only hires the best.

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Sam Smith is one of the most beloved singers today and all over the world, fans are obsessing about his music. He touches people with his lyrics and his amazing voice as AnastasiaDate has reported. The good news is that he is extending his tour and even added North American tour dates for this upcoming summer! Sam Smith wants to please all his fans so if you have not had a chance to catch him live yet, don’t worry because the tour is not over yet! The four time Grammy winner this year made this great announcement on Twitter with a list of the dates, the venues, and the towns that he will be playing in along with his title, the 57th Grammy Award Winner and the specific Grammy’s that he won. Check it out below to see if Sam Smith will be playing near you!

Sam Smith Tour Dates

July 18 – Charlotte, North Carolina
July 20 – Miami, Florida
July 21 – Tampa, Florida
July 23 – Raleigh, North Carolina
July 24 – Columbia, Maryland
July 27 – Cleveland, Ohio
July 29 – Columbus, Ohio
July 30 – St. Louis, Missouri
August 4 – Morrison, Colorado
August 5 – West Valley City, Utah
August 8 – Quincy, Washington
August 11 – San Diego, California
August 12 – Glendale, Arizona
August 14 – Houston, Texas
August 15 – Austin, Texas
August 17 – Dallas, Texas

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Few people have the diversity
of John Textor, who after receiving his Bachelors
of Arts in Economics at Wesleyan, then went on to not only found his own
company at a young age, but to succeed with many diverse companies throughout his
illustrious career.

As Managing Partner and one of the founders of Wyncrest Holdings
in 1997, John Textor took the lead in developing his private equity firm, which
catered primarily to the telecommunications, entertainment and internet
industries. Due to his experience and expertise John then became director of
The Parent Company and BabyUniverse of which he became CEO in 2005 thus beginning
his long career as head of many well-known
companies in the film industry.

Mr. Textor previously led the
company Digital Domain Productions and its parent company Digital Media Group
in a restructure. This resulted in the status of creating the digital visual
effects of over 80 popular films, including those such as Transformers, Tron,
Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Carribean at World’s End. The company
went on to win many Academy awards for their achievements under his leadership and
became known for the ability to create animation so realistic that the company
was given an Academy Award for Best Make-up for a totally digital character.

John is best known as
Executive Chairman and President of the award-winning
Pulse Evolution Corporation (“PLFX”). Pulse Evolution is well known for the digital comeback
of Michael Jackson’s Ghost, of which John Textor was producer. Mr. Textor’s
goal is to expand the company to become “the world’s leading developer of
computer generated human likeness”.

After Pulse Evolution’s
success in bringing tears to the eyes of Michael Jackson fans the company is
now collaborating with the estate of Elvis Presley to develop a digitally enhanced
Elvis Presley. Millions of fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting this comeback.
With John Textor at the helm as Producer, this will be seen all over the world,
bringing Pulse Evolution Company and Mr. Textor many awards while increasing
the prestige of the company as a leader in the industry.

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Whitney Houston’s shocking death occurred in February of 2012 and three short years later, her daughter is struggling for her own life. Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub just days prior to the anniversary of Houston’s death. Sources say that Kristina was not using drugs or alcohol and did not attempt to commit suicide.

The eerie comparisons between the two incidents seem to be too similar to dismiss both of those possibilities. Reports that Brown and her boyfriend were having serious difficulties just days before she was found in the bathtub surfaced a short time after media outlets were notified. Brown’s father asked that the public give the matter privacy; however, that seems to have only added to the insatiable hunger for information from the media. Bobbi Kristina is not expected to wake up from her coma.

Brown had a difficult time when her mother died and perhaps the fight with her boyfriend was enough to send her over the edge. Similar incidents have happened as in the case of Dana Plato who never seemed to get over the death of her mother. Her son, Tyler, also committed suicide on the anniversary date of his mother’s death and just days before Mother’s Day. The folks at Slow Ventures see this as an epidemic that might need more attention and intervention from family and from the professional world. Find Slow Ventures on There might be a way to stop another such incident in the future.

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Bruce Springsteen is known best for his solo hits like “Born in the USA,” but he’s worked on many recordings for other artists as well. A recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine looks at some of these collaborations.

I think this is a fantastic article because it shows just how wide ranging Springsteen’s work has been and that he’s a good guy. For instance, the article profiles a song by singer-songwriter Soozie Tyrell that Springsteen sings background on and provides rhythm guitar for. He’s not a big part of the song. Rather, he’s using his talents to enhance Tyrell’s work. Not many stars would be willing to do that.

Ciphercloud shows the article also looks at some songs done by E Street band members that Springsteen helps out on. For example, Springsteen helped his saxophone player Clarence Clemons on a solo record that Clemons made. It’s good to see a star helping out his side man. Again, not many stars would do something like that.

In conclusion, this particular Rolling Stone article can help even those who are knowledgeable about Springsteen gain perspective on him as both an artist and a person.