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When Matt Badiali learns about different resources and things he can do to make sure he’s doing the investments the right way. He always knew he wanted to help people have an understanding of the issues they faced through investment resources and that was a big part of the way he did business. Matt Badiali also knew people would continue getting better as long as they knew how to do investments the right way. For Badiali, there were times where he worried about how he was going to help people, but he knew it wouldn’t help him to worry about what he wanted to do. Instead, he focused on giving people things they could use so they wouldn’t need to worry. It was also a way for him to continue helping people understand the issues that were going on for Banyan Hill Publishing. No matter what he did or how he worked to help others, Badiali felt good about it.

Matt Badiali knew a lot about the industry and also knew things would keep changing for the industry. He had a lot of experience learning about the right way to help people and the right way to do things on his own. For Badiali, there were times when he had to make sure he was doing everything the right way while he continued pushing to help others. As long as Badiali felt good about the resources Badiali was investing, he could keep doing it to help his clients.

Banyan Hill Publishing is better because of how hard Badiali worked to make it that way. Badiali learned about the resources the company had and then invested them so everyone had a chance for success with the company. Matt Badiali believed he could make things easier for everyone who worked with the company. Using his help, people could see they were getting more and they were doing things that would continue changing the course of the industry for years to come. Badiali always wanted them to know they had someone who was doing the best job possible while they were working on their own.

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Former Vanderbilt University men’s basketball assistant coach Yanni Hufnagel was born in 1982. He grew up in Scarsdale, New York and earned a bachelors degree at Cornell University. After successfully completing an internship with the New Jersey Nets, Yanni would join Oklahoma University’s Men’s Basketball staff as graduate assistant coach. He was complemented with assisting the development of Blake Griffin while at Oklahoma University. Three years later he would join Harvard men’s basketball program as assistant coach. During his time at Harvard the school had a record of 90–30. In spring of 2013 he progressed in his coaching endeavors joining the Vanderbilt Commodores. He was recognized by ESPN for assisting Vanderbilt attain a top 30 ranked recruiting class during 2014. He would leave the team at the end of the season and move on to University of California as assistant. The University of California would make it to the 2016 NCAA tournament. By 2016 Yanni Hufnagel would make his way to the University of Nevada as assistant coach. The team would appear in the 2017 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Yanni has an abundance of experience in the coaching field. His resume of teams and different conferences gives the former assistant coach a depth of basketball knowledge. He has been responsible for some of the biggest upsets in college basketball as well as some of the best recruiting classes over. His ability to build solid rapport with players is stupendous. It is clear that Yanni Hufnagel would be an asset to any coaching staff, on any level.

JHSF is the largest real estate company in Brazil. It is composed of four business units and has properties in three cities in the country namely Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Manaus. When talking about real estate business in the country we do not mean just any real estate development, it is high-end properties meant for the highest income earners. Apart from the building, JHSF is also engaged in the development of international airports. Most of the projects carried out by this company are commercial and residential properties. JHSF is popular in Brazil for developing shopping centers which have never been seen before.

JHSF was the first company to gain rights to develop malls in the country. The company which was founded in 1972 has been making huge gains since then. The main reason why the company has been making profits is because of the ability of the leadership to identify untapped opportunities in the real estate sector which it has exploited to make huge profits. JHSF has even gone to the extent of taking its investments to other countries. Currently, they have investments in Uruguay and the United States.

JHSF has transformed its investments in the industry such that is now focusing on building recurring income property. With shopping centers and restaurants, these are investments which generate income. With such investments. There is a high likelihood that the business will continue making more profits in coming years.

JHSF is headed by CEO Jose Auriemo Neto. He took over leadership from his father who started this company as a construction company. Jose Auriemo Neto has managed to change the company and made more than just a construction company. It is an investment company that is generating millions by investing in high-end property development as well as joining the retail business where it has partnered with luxury brands to set up shops in the shopping malls they are developing.

Bumble is a female dominated dating site. The site’s headquarters is based out of Austin, Texas and it is one of the world’s leading online dating portals. Bumble has been around for a short time. The site has well over 30 million registered users and most of them are under the age of 35. Bumble’s users are mainly female but there are plenty of guys on the site as well. Whitney Wolfe is Bumble’s founder and CEO.

When Whitney Wolfe started the Bumble site, she wanted to create a place where females are no longer threatened, harassed, marginalized or put down. She wanted a feminist orientated company that catered to women and what they have to offer. First, she set up Bumble to be a website where women made the first move. This was a truly different approach to the world dating. She was tired of men of having to wait around for men to approach them. She also included this action on her site because she wanted women to make the first move in all facets of their lives.

Whitney Wolfe wanted her staff to be predominantly female. She wanted her employees to be powerful women who are in charge. She hired her first three employees and together they helped to establish the foundation for Bumble’s workplace. Wolfe wanted her female employees to know that they could assert themselves in their work environment like men.

She also wanted her employees to know that they can ask for raises and compete for higher positions within the company. Bumble also created a very flexible workplace. Many of the women in this environment are mothers. Since they are, they need to have a working environment that will allow them to work part-time if needed, so they can take care of their kids and their homes. Whitney is very mindful of this. She gives her workers the flexibility they need to be working moms.

Ultimately, as CEO, she wants to create a new workplace culture. She wants a place for women to be taken care of and supported. Bumble is that type of environment. There are a few men who work at Bumble, and they are treated with equality and respect. Whitney Wolfe wants to make Bumble a great place for anyone (female or male) who decides to work for this dynamic company.

What’s in a name? For Ryan Seacrest, it is a burgeoning entertainment empire that is branching out into fashion.

Seacrest’s appreciation for fashion began in 2002 after hosting an episode of American Idol. Later on in his career, he developed a relationship with Christopher Bailey of Burberry fame. Bailey was designing the formal wear for Seacrest on red carpets and other national appearances.

Bailey was impressed with Ryan’s sense of style and vision. The close fit style formed the basis of Seacrest ’s signature look. He was looking for excellent quality, for guys with an eye for detail at an affordable price point.

Seacrest is the ultimate multi-tasker. He has moved back to New York to co-host the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning show. As soon as that show concludes he rushes upstairs to prepare for his OnAir with Ryan radio show. A morning talk show aired for the Los Angeles market.

The current projects Ryan Seacrest are involved with are Hollywood legend. The taping for America Idol has just started, and Seacrest is on the trail for the next superstar. One of the most significant accomplishments is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The organization is building media centers in hospitals for kids to realize their dreams. The foundation has opened their tenth studio at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Macy’s is the current retail outlet for Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Recommendation’s from Macy’s, Seacrest settled on Peerless Clothing International to produce his signature brand. Randa became the choice for accessories such as belts, cufflinks, and jewelry. In an article from Men’s Journal, Ryan talked about how he overcame his weight loss struggle.

Initially, the line did not appeal to the broad audience Seacrest had envisioned. The tapered ultra-slim fit alienated a segment of the men’s fashion market. The team went back to the drawing board and redesigned the line and changed the fit to become more broad and mainstream.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction aims for the international man. He is an American male who travels the world over. The brand seeks the successful self-made man.

Now that the Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) brand is up and running and selling well, Ryan and his design team are focusing on the small items that will make the line unique.

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OSI Industries has had a pattern of growth that is stunning in the food business. They started out as a buther’s shop with a man and his two sons. The company has grown exponentially since they opened at the turn of the 20th Century. Look below to learn what OSI Industries has done to become the premiere food supplier in the world.

1. They Partnered With McDonald’s

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald’s when Ray Kroc opened his first franchise of the fast food chain, and they had an agreement on fresh foods for his restaurants. They were able to parlay that excellence into more opportunities around the world. They have expanded their distribution network, and they now ship to each customer from what is the closest distribution center.

2. Their Commitment To Local Freshness

OSI Industries has a commitment to local freshness that they can send out to each of their clients. They are buying and growing locally. They are shipping to clients from the nearest distribution center, and their drivers offer the best customer service when the food arrives.

3. Reasonable Prices

OSI has always been committed to offering best prices to their clients. They want everyone to prosper with the foods that they sell, and they prefer to give their clients a low price that is helpful to their bottom line. OSI knows that they have an expansive business that should pass on savings to clients. They are pushing very hard to give their clients lower prices every year as other services rise in cost.

4. Expansion

OSI has expanded to many wonderful places around North America that get them closer to clients who need them. They have an international operation that is helpful to many clients they have found in countries that need them most. They are speeding up the progress of the food service industry be delivering fresher ingredients to more people.

5. Conclusion

The OSI legacy is that they have become so much better after partnering with McDonald’s. The company is so good at food service delivery that they are the preferred partner of many large chains.

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It’s important for people to understand that running a company isn’t something that is essentially learned from books. It requires practice, actual experience and skills rooted in reality. Theory and practice are not the same. The ideas in the books most likely deviate the rules of the game in the actual world. Those who survive many years in the business are usually the people that understand well the importance between reality and theory. One of these impressive and well-established people is the man who initiated the Trabuco Bradesco style of leadership. He’s no other than Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Bradesco, which is easily considered by the world to be one of the largest banks in Brazil today. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at


One thing that can easily be said about the Trabuco Bradesco leadership today is that he is now going to transfer his previous leadership to a new man. Bradesco would now have a new president under the name of Octavio de Lazari Junior, who used to be the vice president of the bank. Lazari Junior has a lot to learn from the Trabuco Bradesco kind of leadership that had shaped the company. Without the Trabuco Bradesco kind of management style, Bradesco may not be getting the kind of attention, support, funding, awards and other kinds of recognition from esteemed authorities. In fact, the Estadao news portal featured Bradesco to be an outstanding company that’s worthy of being Brazil’s second largest bank.



It should also be added here that it wasn’t an easy task to replace Trabuco to lead the bank. It required the board of directors quite some time to assess the merits of Octavio de Lazari to figure out if he’s got the right credentials. And he does. His experience, work ethics and commitment to the company has already been established.


After the recent changes of the leadership in Bradesco, especially after the death of its previous president, the new role of Lazari has already been expected. This article could also add what Valor has just mentioned about the new leadership changes in Bradesco. The media report restates how Lazari began his career in Bradesco in 1978 and went on in his career to carry many positions. Visit to know more.

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Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has achieved notable successes in his career and he has gained a lot of fame for the major changes he has brought to the field of architecture. Through the firm, Ivy strives to bring the architects in the United States and other broader parts of the globe together so that they can share ideas concerning the field. The teamwork exercised by the architects in the firm has profoundly contributed to the personal growth of a significant number of them. Through their hard work, the construction sector in the country has grown tremendously with the acquisition of new designs of buildings in the country. Besides, the real estate sector has been fully transformed through the team’s innovation.

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Robert Ivy served as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record and he has gained expertise in the field over the recent years. He has published a vast number of journals featuring the various emerging issues in the field of architecture. While serving in the firm, he saw the journals attract a vast number of readers, and a vast number of them were inspired by the skills showcased by the firm’s authors. Robert Ivy also served as the vice president and chairperson of the McGraw Hill construction media house and through the vast skills he had gained the field, he also saw the firm rise to the top towards achieving its goals. The renowned architect has acquired a great reputation over the recent years for his notable contributions towards changing the field of architecture. He served as the principal at Dean and Dale and he was profoundly accredited for the many national publications he facilitated. Robert Ivy has served in many other firms and he has inspired many people due to the successes he has brought to the field of architecture.

Robert Ivy also received the Noel Polk Award and he was highly accredited for his ability to bring productivity and innovation in the field of architecture. His ability to form great relationships with his team of the employee has also seen him acquire a great reputation.


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Milan Kordestani has created a solid reputation as one of the youngest CEOs and a competing equestrian. He was born in Stanford and grew up going to Phillips Brooke elementary before his parents got a divorce, and the family relocated to London. Milan changed schools to Eaton Square School, and a year later he moved back to Bay Area and enrolled in Sacred Hearts preparatory where he completed his high school in 2017.

Milan Kordestani started riding horses when he was ten years old. He was thrown off a horse on his first trial but got back up and rode it back to the camp. Reporting to the National horseman, his father Omid Kordestani said it was such a brave move considering any other child would not get back up on an animal that was cruel to them. Betts Coup, the National horseman, added that Milan was hardworking and had a desire to ride world-class horses and eventually could win the blue ribbons. The Milan Farms CEO started horse riding classes in Atherton and after a short while started competing at world horse championships.

Within a short time, Milan Kordestani has achieved exceptional levels of success bagging several awards. In 2015 the equestrian won the third leg of the triple crown and was ranked fourth in the world championship horse show. On the third leg of the triple crown, he emerged third. Milan competed in the age split level at the five-gaited show pleasure division and finished 2nd place. Besides all these accomplishments Milan is managing a company that distributes eggs all through the west coast and the biggest suppliers of saffron worldwide.

Milan farms officially began operations in 2016 after the brand and logo became trademarked and had since expanded into three more branches. Under the Milan farms name, Mr. Kordestani became the first farmer to grow saffron hydroponically. Despite having seen the success of the spice, he is still researching on the best salinity levels in hydroponic and aquaponic systems to ensure they come up with the best crop. In addition to agribusiness, Milan is a contributing writer in the Huffington Post and has written about six articles.

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William Saito has many titles under his belt, he is an influential figure in Japan and even appeared in the list of 100 most influential people in Japan. William began his programming career at an early age.

William was fascinated by computers, and he wanted to find out how it operated, satisfying his curiosity, William discovered he could do programming, and this is how he managed to emerge as one of the youngest programmers and entrepreneurs of his time.

William Saito’s journey was however not easy. Teachers thought he was slow in his studies as he could not converse well in English. William was however good in science and mathematics, despite the challenge William Saito managed to join high school as one of the youngest students.william-saito-1dfccb15-207c-4543-86dd-daeca1b72b7-resize-750

William Saito has previously worked with the government. He offers advice to both public organizations as well as private institutions, and he is also an author. William believes that for one to make it in their line of work and more son in business, it is essential to accept failure and take it as a stepping ground to higher opportunities. William believes young people should be encouraged to fail and this way, they will learn lessons that will help them in their entire lives.

William Saito gives insights on his career journey.

On a typical day, William interacts with people, according to Saito talking with people helps him identify their problems and he can come up with ways of solving the problems. William works towards providing solutions that will help people in the real world.

To make his ideas to reality, William believes it is essential to try out the solution as soon as possible, if the solution is not working as planned, try again until it works. This method has helped William turn most of his ideas to great success stories.

Success tips by William Saito:

Over the years, William has experienced his share of failures and according to William failure is an integral part of success. Once you try out something and fail, you will learn how to tackle a similar problem but using the new knowledge.

The second tip, is taking one step at a time, do not rush.

Finally, William believes that pursuing what you enjoy doing will bring more success and satisfaction in your life.