Life line Screening company’s role in good health maintenance

Life Line Screening is a privately managed company dealing with prevention and wellness. It got established by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in 1993. It controls health-based screening services at the community level for Adults. Worldwide since it got created, it has conducted 8 million health screenings which include blood screenings, ultrasound scans, and electrocardiographs. The screens detect common diseases like peripheral arterial, atrial fibrillation and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Health screenings help in preventing undetected health issues. Lifeline Screening offers the preventive screening for normal health conditions and precise screenings for risky illnesses. Available screening includes The Carotid Artery which is ultrasound scan, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for raptured arteries. No extra preparation gets required for Carotid Artery Screening. Arterial Fibrillation is an easy test to carry out since it involves identifying uneven heartbeats.

A few question concerning one’s medical history and whether or not one is ready for the health screenings gets asked before getting attended to with Lifeline company. The company supplies the needed instructions before the tests which include changing into the loose fitting which can be quickly taken off and eating behaviors during the period.
The company has over 80 ultrasound teams that offer local screening services in the community nationwide in the USA and United Kingdoms. They use private rooms in chosen centers to carry out the screenings. Patients receive instructions depending on the type of screening.

The usual screening takes slightly over an hour. The exact time depends on the type of body, disease level, number of tests and one’s anatomy. They evaluate new equipment to have the most advanced equipment. they use types of equipment that are standard in other hospitals.

The lifeline ultrasound technologists are experienced sonographers, highly skilled, medical technologists, who have accomplished programs in clinical rotations, medical and ultrasound. The company aims to recognize health problems and encourage the patients amicably. The company takes the privacy of the patients highly by creating screening rooms separate from waiting rooms.

The lifeline company offers to screen the physically unable. Their machines are efficient and show consistent results because of repair and maintenance practices.

The lifeline Screening offers different healthcare screenings focusing on disease detection and prevention. It allows one to enhances their health, future as well as learning more about its services. It provides non-invasive and painless screenings. Its blood screenings include simple procedures to get accurate results such as a simple finger stick and a few blood drops. Most of their screenings do not require much education to be perfect in the sector. The company hence provides remarkable services countrywide.

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The meat giants OSI group

OSI Company was formed in 1909 by Otto kolschowsky. He was an immigrant from Germany and he established the company at Oak Park, Illinois. In 1928 the company was renamed to Otto and sons and the sole purpose of the company was to supply meat. When McDonalds was established in Illinois it chose the OSI group to supply its store with quality meat. This later led to OSI group becoming the main suppliers of McDonald’s stores with quality meat. Over the coming years the Otto and sons spread over to Chicago where they quality machinery and equipment for meat storage and processing, the company supplied meat to the local restaurants and the general community in Chicago.

The current head of the OSI group is Sheldon Lavin and he has steered the company to greater heights. According to in 2016 the company was at position 58 on the rankings in terms of privately owned company worldwide. OSI group supplies poultry, pork, beef and meat products such as sausages, hot dog, bacon, beef patties and chicken nuggets. Their main partners have been the McDonalds that they have had a long lasting relationship with. OSI group also processes, package and manufacture food products as well managing the supply chain of the meat and their products. The company boasts of over sixty production set ups based in 16 countries.

In the expansion plan of the OSI group the company together with Aurora purchased flagship Europe previously owned by Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe supplied poultry products, mayonnaise and other food services to the UK market. Flagship Europe CEO was very excited for the joint venture with the OSI as it opens a new door way for the company. The company will now be able to access a wider market and even expand to other countries. OSI group was also excited as this opens a new market in Europe.

OSI group also supplies meat to food chain such as Starbucks, Papa john’s pizza, Subway and pizza hut that are based in china. The company’s facilities in the United States are located in Geneva, West Jordan, Utah, California, riverside, Chicago and Fort Atkinson. The facilities of the OSI group has been given numerous awards for good management. They have received award for the safety and hygienic measures they have taken in their quest to supply quality meat. The company has also received an award for their role in environmental management.

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Felipe Montoro Jens’s new plan of action

20,000 new daycare centers and 40,000 new pre-schools. Such is the objective of Rio de Janeiro mayor Marcelo Crivella, which he is planning to reach by the year 2020. To achieve this, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) will carry out the construction, maintenance, and education regarding the equipment.

“The PPP is currently in the studying/testing phase,” says the specialist in Infrastructure Projects, Felipe Montoro Jens.

The partnership is similar to the first PPP of schools in Brazil, The intention to implement this PPP, however, is not new for those who accompanied Marcelo Crivella’s government program, Felipe Montoro Jens points out. Even as a candidate, Crivella already made clear his commitment to the education sector.

“The private partner is responsible for the construction and administrative maintenance of the new Infant Education Units (EDIs). The Ministry of Education requested to borrow money from the school lunch funding”, informed the government program of the current mayor of the city of Rio.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, hired for R $ 2.3 million, is the entity responsible for providing consulting services for project modeling. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that IFC is the most extensive private sector development institution in the world.

On its official website, IFC states: “We apply our financial resources, expertise, innovative thinking and our global experience to help our partners overcome their financial, operational and political challenges.”

The International Finance Corporation will also be responsible for providing consulting services to analyze the feasibility of the PPP in Rio de Janeiro. The contract with the institution is R $ 2.1 million, highlights the specialist Felipe Montoro Jens.

Public-Private Partnerships

This modality of public contracting was created by Law 11,079 of December 30, 2004, establishing the general rules for the bidding and recruiting of PPPs. The possibility of a partnership with the private sector is an excellent alternative for the government to fill the scarcity of resources in the provision of public services.

Felipe Montoro Jens explains that the contracting model is based on an administrative concession contract between entities of the public administration (either the Union, the States, the Federal District or the Municipalities) and private companies responsible for the development and operation of public goods and services.

The Health Benefits of Organo Gold

For a long time now, coffee has been the subject of debate on different quarters. While some studies show that coffee is not healthy for the human body, some studies show that it is indeed beneficial. Two different studies conducted in Europe, and the US show that drinking coffee could reduce chances of health-related deaths. The studies, which drew hundreds of thousands of participants, showed that coffee-drinkers were at a lower risk of dying compared with their non-coffee drinking counterparts.

Organo Gold

If you are a coffee drinker, and you are looking for healthy coffee options, Organo Gold is your best bet. The company was founded back in 2008, by Bernardo Chua. Chua is a renowned entrepreneur, and a coffee enthusiast. He discovered the health benefits of a herb known as ganoderma through his Asian background. He decided to integrate the many nutritional benefits of ganoderma into his coffees and teas. Organo Gold is available on eBay.


Organo Gold products are designed to promote health and wellness. Apart from ganoderma spore seeds, one other healthy ingredient found in their beverages is grape seed oil. Their coffees and teas are all organic, meaning that they do not come with additives that may harm your health.

Another benefit of Organo Gold products is that they increase the level of antioxidants in the body. This way, the body can fight free radicals, and keep your body’s immune system at its best. For the best results, you can drink your Organo Gold coffee or tea on a daily basis. Follow Organo Gold on

Community Outreach and Philanthropy

Through their brand, Organo Gold has managed to touch the lives of many people. Not only has the company created many jobs for people around the world, but they also make an impact in society through the OG Cares Foundation.

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Lime Crime’s Newest Collection, Diamond Dew

On November 7, 2017 Lime Crime released yet another fantastic makeup product. They gave the public a line of glittery eye shadows named Diamond Dew. This line followed the successful Diamond Crushers Lip Topper liquid color. Both products have sparkly reflective particles that dry on contact with skin. Diamond Dew is to be used as an eye shadow, nut it’s also being used on the cheeks and the body.

Lime Crime offers ten Diamond Dew colors. If bought individually, each one costs $20. Consumers can purchase all ten in a collection for $170 for an overall savings on $30.

Diamond Dew’s shimmery shade collection consists of ‘Tearful’, which is slightly green tinted silver. All the shades are packaged in a uniquely shaped bottle with an oval bottle and a triangular top. ‘Pixie’ is a very pale gold, similar to a white gold and ‘Starlight’ is a darker more traditional yellow gold shade. Finally, there’s ‘Rose Goals’, a beautiful rose gold. That’s all the traditional metallic shades that we have seen many times before.

Next, we see Lime Crime’s creativity as colors of many shades are introduced into the sparkly Diamond Dew line. Another shade is ‘Paris’, a soft pink akin to the millennial pink that’s recently gained popularity. “Aurora’ is the softest violet that must look remarkable on olive skin tones. The rich darker shades in the Diamond Dew line include ‘Chocolate Diamond’, ‘Dragon’, ‘Vision’ and ‘Chameleon’.

Chocolate Diamond is a rich reddish brown that would work wonderfully as a darker shade bringing out lighter colors. ‘Dragon’ is a luscious aqua that could easily highlight a pair of sparkling green eyes. ‘Vision’ is a deep rich copper. ‘Chameleon is a red bronze that if applied would highlight many skin tones.

These shadows won’t crease or smudge, plus you can wear it on top of other eye shadows. And, all these colors can easily be removed with your favorite makeup remover. Diamond Dew hit the market just weeks ago and today You Tube already has makeup videos telling women about the product. Shortly, Diamond Dew’s videos should rival Diamond Crushers pervasive array of videos and all of Lime Crime’s customers will be glowingly beautiful.

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OVME Bringing Elective Healthcare to Doorsteps

Dr. Mark McKenna has what appears to be an extremely compelling approach in what has now become one of his latest business ventures in the form of OVME. With this venture, he is leveraging his extensive experience in the medical aesthetics industry where he has worked for over a decade. OVME is utilizing some innovative technology in order to present an app to consumers so that they can easily come into contact with freelancers in the aesthetics medicine niche who will appear at their home in order to deliver cosmetic appearance improvements.

OVME is a way for those who want to improve their appearance to browse the field of experts in their local area who will be able to perform the procedure that they are looking for. Some of these procedures might include treatment of skin conditions such as scars, cellulite, excessive fat, wrinkles, and more. Practitioners are generally able to offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures with a hybrid approach sometimes also being the best avenue of approach in order to deliver the individualized experience that will help people to change their look permanently and for the better.

Many of these freelancers who will be able to be found on the OVME app will have a license that Dr. Mark McKenna understands the importance of due to his own license for Surgery and Medicine in the states of both Georgia and Florida. He has certainly rebuilt nicely after Hurrican Katrina took out much of his interests in 2005. It was then that he showed his philanthropic side by helping to rebuild parts of the city’s low and moderate income housing. After that, the doctor formulated the company ShapeMed that drew the attention of Life Time Fitness, Inc. They purchased that company, and he served as the National Medical Director for a couple of years before now focusing on the newer OVME. Elective healthcare is going in a new direction with OVME as people will look to keep themselves upgraded through the use of procedures that are mostly optional and can be scheduled in advance. Expect more great things from Dr. Mark McKenna and his team.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Contribution To The Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Canadian craft beer has continued to gain popularity, especially after its excellent performance at the 2017 US Open Beer Championship. The Canadian craft beer market features popular brands like Propeller IPA and the Pump House Blueberry Ale. The two brands stand out for their strong caramel and blueberry flavors respectively. Their flavors do not compromise the taste of beer. The other outstanding brands in the market include the spicy, fruity, La Fin Du Monde, the sweet Party Animal and St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, which is sweet, dark and light.

About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is one of the brewers who presented unique tasty Canadian craft beer brands at the 2017 US Open Beer Championship. Eli is the CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries, the first Canadian steam brewery. Eli Gershkovitch, who is a professional lawyer, used his legal experience to navigate through the complex requirements while establishing Steamworks Brewery in Gastown. As the brand continued to rise in popularity, Eli Gershkovitch was able to expand the enterprise by opening another branch, the Transcontinental Restaurant, which is now the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar.


Eli Gershkovitch has enhanced the flagship brewpub from 184 seats to 754 seats. In 2013, he transformed his firm to a fully-fledged brewery. The brand’s beverages are sold across Canada and in the US. Some of the brands produced by the company are Steamworks Pale Ale, Lion’s Gate Lager and its new flagship IPA. Before floating any brand to the market, Eli Gershkovitch spends years perfecting it. For instance, Eli spent four years to produce the flagship IPA. The successful brand features three Southern-Hemisphere hops, which are Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic. The new brand has a unique tropical flavor that has an initial sweetness, which gradually turns in the right amount of bitterness. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on Twitter.

Over the years, Steamworks products have received numerous awards and recognition. For two consecutive years, BC Craft Beer presented the company’s popular pilsner with the Best BC Craft Beer Awards. In addition, Steamworks’ Pumpkin Ale scooped a Gold Medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013. The awards are a testament to Eli Gershkovitch’s professionalism and dedication to the brewing industry. Eli Gershkovitch, who is also a professional pilot, continues to support different community initiatives in Gastown area. Read more on

The Modern Way To See A Therapist

There is more than one way to go and see a therapist. Some now suggest that Talkspace may be the best answer for those who live in our modern technological world. In a lot of ways this makes perfect sense. We should be able to use something like our smartphone to get mental health help if we need it. That is what Talkspace provides by connecting a patient with a licensed therapist via text.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Talkspace. It turns out that out of a population that they serve, they have seen a 25% reduction in the number of hospitalization cases in comparison to the general public over the same period of time. Those are very impressive results, and they spell out the idea that this type of therapy really works.

People like the prices on the plans offered by Talkspace. You can see for yourself that the offerings are between $32 and $45 per week depending on how many services you want. Some people require more therapy than others, and this is accounted for in the prices for the various plans.

A new partnership with Magallen Health is going to help Talkspace expand its audience in the very near future. The two companies are working together to provide services to the Magallen Health patients that do not already have access to Talkspace materials. In just a very short period of time they will be granted the access that they require, and that will help them make strides in their own mental health.

An issue as pressing as mental health is something that we should all be able to band around to help our fellow human being. Talkspace has made great strides in helping those who might not otherwise receive the help they deserve to get.

Highland Capital Has A New Manager For It’s Charity Initiative

Highland Capital is a private equity firm that’s been managing institutional investments since 1993, and they also have community initiatives run through the Highland Foundation. They just appointed a new manager to this branch of their company, the former head of Dallas’s Woodall-Rogers Parks Foundation Linda Owen. Highland Capital Chairman and CEO James Dondero said he recommended Owen because of her work building relationships between the Dallas business community and government programs, and her commitment to philanthropy. Prior to serving at the park foundation, Owen had also been involved in real estate development and management. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Highland Capital offers a variety of investment strategies based in alternative funds and various bonds. Their main funding source comes through collateralized loan obligations, and their strategies range across the spectrum of healthcare, long-short equity, fixed income funds, distressed companies and high-yield credit. They’re also affiliated with Nexbank and Acis Capital Management. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who both came to the company with experience in the credit departments of investment banks. Dondero had been with American Express for several years as a bond analyst, and Okada had served as Vice President of commercial banking at Hibernia National Bank. They had come to Protective Life to grow it’s GIC subsidiary into a strategic asset management company. Almost overnight it grew to having $2 billion in AUM, and in only 5 years this subsidiary actually outgrew its parent. Dondero and Okada renamed the company Highland Capital and today it has near $15 billion in AUM. Part of Highland’s charitable giving has gone to health organizations and educational buildings including the George W. Bush Library in downtown Dallas, and more recently the completion of a shelter facility for the Family Place, a domestic violence protection association.


Jorge Moll and Technology in Healthcare

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian Businessman who spends most of his fortune on revamping the modern healthcare. Moll recognizes the importance of embracing and leveraging technology with the aim of redefining the modern healthcare facilities. He is also the founder and owner of the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil. This article discusses some facts need to be known as far as the efforts made by Jorge Moll are concerned.

Jorge Moll’s Voluntary Work

Jorge Moll believes that people who take their time to donate and help people who are in needy both financially and medically had the same brain just like the ones who do pleasurable things like eating chocolate and shopping. Jorge Moll reported that by donating, one feels like they belong to the group that they are supported as the act provokes the feeling of attachment. The Subgenual Cortex and the Septal Area of the brain are the ones responsible for the biological attachment between the parents and their children. The same regions of the brain are triggered when we donate to the indigent in the society. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship and Health Management

Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap are working together to ensure that enough financial resources are invested in healthcare so that there is the availability of resources to stabilize the health of Brazilian Community. Mr. Chapchap reported during his talk that one of the ways through which developed countries enhance healthcare is through the application of their GDP broadly to the healthcare. Chapchap and Jorge Moll made a joint statement that the biggest challenge faced by the healthcare is that there is more demand as compared to the supply of resources and even healthcare services. That is the core reason as to why there is the need for more investment in the healthcare sector.


Jorge Moll and his associates have maintained that the Brazilian Healthcare Sector must be provided with more technology for it to meet what is best described as the modern healthcare department. However, accomplishing that title would require more financial management and innovation skills before the nation can start enjoying the latest and most effective technological advancement in the contemporary healthcare. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Jorge Moll.