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Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand that has been outstanding in different beauty and skin care products across the world. Makari is a Swahili word meaning “beautiful” and the products are a testimony to that. The products are manufactured in Switzerland, and the company has maintained high standards of quality and professionalism over the last ten years. Various skin care products sold across the globe have transformed lives of many by enabling them to achieve beautiful, radiant skins.

Benefits of Makari Skin Products:

– Reduce dark spots naturally with no hydroquinone.
– Fights signs of aging using natural ingredients to deliver ageless and flawless skin.
– Fades Acne Scars effectively with no harmful ingredients.
– Clinically proven formula to lighten your skin.
Top Selling Makari Skin Products
The following are among the top selling skin products with amazing positive reviews across the globe:

Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap

This is n exfoliating soap for body and face and goes for a Price of $13.99.
This fantastic product is formulated to effectively cleanse, tone, and brighten the skin and at the same time providing resurfacing benefits. It is gentle enough to be applied daily since it has topical antioxidants that help condition your skin and retain the moisture level.

Body Beautifying Whitening Milk

This Makari body milk goes for $47.45.
It is 100% hydroquinone free body milk with an intensely hydrating effect that is designed to smooth your complexion while reducing the intensity of pigmented marks, signs of premature aging, and discolorations.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin

This high-performance body cream goes for $39.95
The cream instantly reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots in addition to protecting the skin against free radicals. The Ultimate Lightening Glycerin formulated with Caviar provides the best performing formula for skin lightening. The result is a clear, luminous, and silky complexion.

The overall appearance is determined by the flawlessness and radiance of your skin. This in turn directly affects your level of self-confidence and the success it brings along. Makari’s primary goal is to unlock your true beauty and enhance your self-esteem through radiant, luxurious skin. Try any of the marvelous Makari skin care products today!

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When you are searching for a good hair care product you will have more options than you can imagine. The process can be a bit overwhelming. If you are like most people, you will have used tons of different shampoos and conditioner over the years. You may find a few that you initially like but as time goes on they build up or cause your hair to look limp or even frizzy. This is because of the ingredients in the shampoo. Most companies use chemicals that can damage the hair follicle and leave it looking dull and unmanageable.

There is the option of using deep conditioners and protein treatments but these are just a temporary fix for damaged hair. They can temporarily help your hair but it will only serve to be a band-aid for a more formidable problem.

If you really want to get your hair in the best shape possible then you are going to have to stop using those types of products. You need to get a hair care routine that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. A hair care routine that cleanses hair while providing natural ingredients that nourish hair is what you need. WEN by Chaz Dean can give you the results that you are after.

Wen was created by Chaz Dean when he wanted to style his celebrity client’s hair without damaging it. He was able to create a formula that uses natural herbs and ingredients that gently clean and condition your hair. Sephora marketed Wen will leave your hair soft and silky and ready to style. Simply apply the cleansing condition and work through your hair gently and rinse with cool water. Your hair will be more beautiful than it was before and everyone will wonder what your secret is. Try Wen and you will see how it can transform your hair from boring to beautiful. Visit the official WEN YouTube channel to watch testimonials about this amazing brand.

Product link: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/



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Born in New York City, in 1991, Billy was raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He had a normal upbringing, but he was an outstanding kid. When he was just 13 years old, he founded his company. The company was an online outsourcing business that helped clients find the designers they were looking for. Like most young geniuses, BillyMcFarland attended a respectable college; Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There, he studied computer engineering before dropping out.

It was near the end of his freshman that he used his new found free-time and founded another online company. This one, Spling, was an online ad platform. According to  Fortune, Billy McFarland is currently still the CEO of this company. The site enables users to up the appearance of their URLs. It takes the text links of their sites and converts them into images organized as mosaics. Some of the big name clients using Spling include Discovery and Universal.

But, arguably one of his most successful ventures is Magnises. When he was 23 years old, he founded a social club that allowed other millennials, like himself, to all share in the fabulous lifestyle. They hold events and offers deals that can only be accessed if the person holds one of the club’s exclusive black cards.

The card is a real card that is usually linked to the person’s bank account or credit card. They do this so that any payments made can actually be charged. Aside from that, the only actual perk of owning one of Magnises’ Black Cards is what comes along with being a member.

The card allows its holder to get certain discounts at restaurants and bars, or even at clubs and private concerts. It also offers luxurious getaways and other things of that source. Billy wanted to create a platform that allowed millennials to connect with new business, both on and offline.

Businesses like La Esquina, Goldbar, and Cyc are some of the businesses getting in on the new platform. Beyond just offering discounts and members-only exclusives, they also offer private parties and concerts with celebrities like Rick Ross.

The company has only been around for about two years and already has over 6000 members. The cost of being a member is $250 a year. There’s also an app that members use to locate, research, and pick out which activities and deals they have access to.

There are many law firms in the world and their main objective is to help you win any case you have. Cone Marshall Law Firm is based in New Zealand and Geoffrey Cone together with Karen Marshall are the principals. It is an international trust and tax law firm which was founded in the year 199 in Auckland. Before joining the firm in the year 2005, Karen worked for ten years in London at another law company in its Commercial Litigation department. Since 2006, she was elected the principal together with Cone and they have been a great inspiration to many people around the globe. Her wide experience especially in managing and handling trusts has made her the best advisor to companies such as statutory trustee companies.

Benefits of Working with Cone Marshall

Geoffrey Cone has also been providing international tax and trust planning, trust as well as trustee management services since the year 1980. Cone Marshall Limited has been working with international families together with their advisors so as to help them establish New Zealand trust, companies and even partnerships and also provide tax planning advice and global wealth. You need to be sure you have the best lawyer when trying to win a case. In this way, you can visit the law firm and get advice on how to find yourself the best family attorney or advisor.

Lawyers working in Cone Marshall will ensure you get the assistance you need at any time. You can visit the firm whenever you need them in New Zealand in case you need help with tax or trust. This the most reliable law firm that offers all kind of services related to international tax and trust. Together with your advisor, you can both visit the law firm and explain your issue to one of the staff members. The lawyer you get will not rest until you get all the services you need and ensure you win the case.


Things change with time and it is important for you and your lawyer to have all the necessary knowledge on what to expect before the hearing. Lawyers in this firm have a wide experience especially with such cases and they will be in a better position to prepare you. You will get advice on how to conduct yourself and how and when to speak. Your lawyer will also be prepared on what to do, questions to ask and how to prepare the case.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10846049

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Whether it be a country or even a large company , when they find themselves with a problem that seems almost insurmountable they turn to IAP Worldwide for a solution. IAP is a leading provider of services that include logistics, facilities management, and technical support services anywhere in the world. IAP Worldwide has been solving the unexpected for over 60 years and is currently operating in more than twenty-five different countries. IAP is ready on a moments notice to coordinate and facilitate complicated logistical and technical problems from battlefields to natural disasters.

IAP operates and manages military installations, some as large as a small city, as well as civilian installations on prnewswire.com and remote research facilities located in some of the hardest to reach places on the planet. IAP will provide the people with the technical assistance and program management required to support the client’s workforce, be it military or civilian.

IAP has established a worldwide reputation as a company that will not only meet your demands but will exceed them. Setting themselves apart by considering their customer’s missions as their own they approach every new challenge with the passion and experience to accomplish any mission required on kayescholer.com. The men and women at IAP will tell you that the problems that keep you awake at night are the same ones that get them up in the morning.

With its corporate headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL and offices in Alexandria, Va., Panama City, FL, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East IAP are strategically located to quickly respond to any natural disaster, crisis, or to even start a new mission where ever needed. IAP employs over 2,000 men and women that have the dedication, skills, and determination to accomplish any undertaking.

What started with a government contract to provide generator supplies to the U. S. Army in Saudi Arabia has evolved into IAP supporting our troops in Operation Desert Storm on start.cortera.com. The trust of the U.S. military has made it possible for IAP to win government contracts for international procurement, logistical support and transportation services for the battlefield or emergency disaster relief efforts.

The support offered by IAP allows their customers to focus on their mission whatever that might be. For example, IAP Worldwide is currently supporting efforts to protect our environment and advancing healthcare. IAP now offers support to over 175,000 civilian and military personnel stationed here and the Middle East and is holding government contracts worth over $370 million dollars. There are several good resources for more information about IAP, the company website is very informative and several articles have been written by prnewswire.com.

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Most of us enjoy chocolate, but the chocoholics out there who cannot live without the bittersweet goodness usually eat a bit more than they should. However, in Markus Rothkranz’s video, “Make your Own Healthy Raw Vegan Chocolate and Marzipan,” he shows us that it’s possible to still enjoy the sweeter things in life without compromising our health! The lifestyle guru starts off by going through a list of ingredients you will need to make his raw vegan chocolate known as “Freezer Chocolate,” deemed so for its simple preparation.


After presenting his viewers with the six ingredients, he then leads a step-by-step tutorial on how to mix them to yield deliciously awesome results. He breaks down the benefit of each ingredient he uses but spends a tad bit more time on two: maple syrup and coconut oil. He explains that maple syrup is a natural sweetener, and it is safe for diabetics to consume in small doses, which means this chocolate is diabetic friendly. He also describes how coconut oil is a healthy fat that people should consider using in their sweets more often. Once the small lesson about what to use and what not to use is completed,


Markus then shows how to enjoy your vegan chocolaty goodness in two ways–with marzipan or with organic strawberries. It then ends on a positive note with Rothkranz reminding us that you can still eat the things you love and grew up eating but with healthy spins on them so that you are not hurting yourself in the process.

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Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer who has made headlines as one of the most prominent singers to come from her country. She is a name that is known around the world and she has fans who come to see her from many different countries around the globe. This means that she is world-famous for being a singer, but there are some things that some people still do not know about Norka and the way that she was able to get the singing career that she has now. She didn’t start out as a professional singer and definitely never pictured herself as such.
Norka wanted to sing professionally but knew that it was unrealistic to think that way. So instead of focusing on something that would likely never happen, she focused on a dream of becoming a prominent business woman. She traveled to France to study business administrated. She enjoyed it while she was in school and even completed the degree but she soon learned that business was not her cup of tea. It was something that she felt hard to fit in with and something that crushed the creative spirit within her. She needed something that would allow her creativity to shine through.

She thought that she found it when she entered culinary arts school but, that too, turned out to work not in her favor. She enjoyed it but she didn’t like it after she was out of school. It was hard for her to be creative and even harder to land a job in foodie-central France. She decided that was not the path that she was meant to be on and she actually began to pursue a degree in fashion. This was also something that she was successful at but something that she did not enjoy after graduation.

One thing that had always stuck, though, was her singing. She knew that she was a good singer and that she would be able to sing no matter what. This was something that she was proud of and she sung regularly. A band soon heard her and wanted her to be with them. They liked her vocals and knew that she would bring great improvements to the band. They wanted to help her while she was helping them. The situation worked out nearly seamlessly and she was able to eventually become a solo artist who has toured the world.

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Antony Ressler, the investment fund manager is finalizing the deal with the Atlanta Hawks ownership group for the purchase of the professional NBA basketball Team Atlanta Hawks. The group of buyers that make up the Ressler Group are Jesse Itzler, Grant Hill as well as the co-founder of Marquis Jet. They will be buying the Hawks from the group of current owners which include billionaire businessman Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon Jr and other members for the staggering amount of $850 million. This is $150 million less than was initially estimated by the banks that Bruce Levenson hired to take over the sale. They estimated it at $1 billion.
Antony Ressler told the papers that he was very excited about becoming the new stewards of the Atlanta Hawks. Him and his fellow business partners are waiting on the NBA’s approval process. Irwin Raij who is the attorney that facilitated the sale told ESPN that the price was a strong amount for the market. This strength shows the potential worth of the NBA product at this moment in time. There are a number of both local and national media deals to take into consideration and reflect within the sales price.

Back in 2004 when Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks along with the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers with a group of businessman, they only payed a minimal $250 million. This also included the operating rights to the Philips Arena. The Thrashers were later sold at $170 million and they relocated to Winnipeg. This shows the type of profit that was made on the sale of the Hawks to Antony Ressler and the rest of the group of new owners. There is money in professional basketball and this shows. For more information on Mr. Levenson, visit brucelevenson.com.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html


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In order to stay on top of the competition and meet fiscal goals, any contemporary company manager must be on the lookout for new opportunities for expansion. Such is the case for those at IAP Worldwide. This highly respected company is run by skilled leaders who are aware of how to expand the company’s business into markets. They are visionary leaders who are ever in search of potential new markets that may be out there. Those who watch the company closely are aware that such leaders know exactly how to spot opportunity in any market and, more importantly, when to act on it.

A New Acquisition

Given such managerial expertise, it is not surprising that team members have announced new plans. In a recent release via PR Newswire, company officials here have announced to the public that they have acquired two brand new business units from another company. Those at the company have officially stated that they have decided to purchase DRS Technologies, Inc.’s business. The aviation and Logistics business of IAP Worldwide will fit it nicely with the already existing aviation business here. Such an acquisition should help shore up the company’s aviation division and offer future potential for expansion.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

Another Acquisition

In addition to acquiring that unit, they are also buying the company’s tactical communications and network solutions business as well. This business is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground in the state of Maryland. The business offers many kinds of services including aircraft repair management that will fit in nicely with the other services at IAP Worldwide. Both divisions should help the company expand well and offer the kind of expert assistance their customers have come to expect from them.

An Overall Plan

The tactical communications division also offers logistics and mission support services, as well as engineering services of all kinds. In addition, this unit provides information technology, as well as skilled communications support solutions to various government agencies. Officials at IAP Worldwide hope to integrate each unit’s unique capabilities into their overall plan for expansion into new markets. They also hope to work closely with the employees of the new unit in order to develop their talents and allow them to succeed at the newly combined company. All those who have participated in this newly combined venture are hopeful that doing so will be the best possible course of action for all those who are involved with it.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Employer=IAP_Worldwide_Services,_Inc./Salary

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Increasingly, many individuals and companies are incorporating the idea of a shared office space. In recent studies, it is evident that people who share office spaces are more productive and efficient. Sharing an office space makes workers thrive on their daily operations. Coworking spaces are workspaces based on membership where diverse groups of remote workers, freelancers, as well as independent professionals, work together sharing an office in a communal setting. There are many factors of coworking that lead to the success of coworkers. The benefits are also substantially notable.

The majority of people who utilize shared office space value their work and see it as meaningful. Unlike the conventional office space, a coworking office space brings versatility and diverseness to the environment. It brings people from various ventures, companies, and projects. With the reduced internal politics and direct competition, workers working from a shared office space do not have to put on a persona to be successful. They also have a strong work identity because of working amidst people handling different projects.

Coworking enhances creative thinking and innovation. With the diverse mindset of coworkers, they can bring in new ideas to the shared office to benefit everyone. This is successful because there is no direct competition between the coworkers. A variety of workers in a shared office space translates to a wide range of unique skills to be shared amongst themselves. Coworking possesses an inherent social mission. This social mission facilitates collaboration, sustainability, and learning.

Coworking leads to workers having more job control. Normally, coworking spaces are accessible at any time. Individuals can decide on their working schedule that suits their success goals and those of the company. They may choose to put a long night to meet deadlines or for progress reasons. Coworking spaces bring in the community feeling to the coworkers. Noticeably, coworkers who have a community to work in can create discipline and structures to motivate them

One of the leading providers of coworking space NYC is Workville. The facility is based in New York, and it strives to provide sustainable, efficient and excellent shared office spaces. The facility is strategically located making it easily accessible through the available means of transport. Workville offers move-in ready office spaces, shared office spaces and open desks. The facility also offers various amenities such as a fast internet, printers, daily cleaning, and private phones among others. To learn more about Workville, visit http://workvillenyc.com/. Their physical address is Midtown West 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor New York City, New York.