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When Beyoncé and Jay-Z performed the song “Drunken Love,” it became an anthem, and was one of the biggest hits of the year according to John Textor. Even though the song was a hit, there is someone suing them, claiming that they don’t deserve all the credit for the hit song. A Hungarian singer is claiming that 29% of the songs credit belongs to her. Beyoncé Lawsuit. The folk singer named Mitsou, claims that she had a song from 1995, and both Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, as well as Timberland, ripped off vocals from her song entitled “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.”

It’s also the folk singer’s claim that at the beginning of the song when you hear a strange voice, it’s actually her vocals that have been distorted for the purpose of remaking the song. She also claims that her vocals play alongside Beyoncé’s, in order to make the song more sexually intense.

The folk singer wants damages, as well as the judge to not allow anyone else to ever play the song again! The last request is unreasonable, and impossible. When Ini Kamoze sued Beyoncé for stealing a portion of his song, she paid damages, and the song is still played today. It’s unlikely this lawsuit will pan out the way the folk singer wants.

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  1. James Shem says:

    The song that the folk singer has performed, is obviously not popular, because it’s not available anywhere online, and cannot be found. She instead presented a similar song, with similar vocals. That alone can be described a s a lot of reviews which adequately presents a lot for these ones.

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