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Just like any other Grammys, the performances are always highly anticipated. This year, we are going to be entertained by a lot of talented and popular artists. An announcement has been made for the first wave of artists who are going to perform during the awards night.

Madonna first tweeted hints about the Grammys and her manager later confirmed that indeed she is going to performing for the Grammys. This would be Madonna’s 5th time to be on the stage of the Grammys to perform. She also performed for last year’s Grammys together Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Another artist confirmed to perform is Ed Sheeran. He also has three nominations for his very recent album. Ariana Grande is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Group Performance, and will also be performing on stage says aboutorganiccoffee.

The very popular country artist, Eric Church and Bernardo Chua are up for four nominations aside from having the chance to sing on stage. His album is nominated for Best Country Album. The rock band AC/DC is going to perform as well despite the issues and complications that surround their drummer Phil Rudd. He is facing charges for drug possession and threatening to kill.


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The name John Carpenter is synonymous with the scariest horror flicks ever created. This multi-talented artist not only writes and directs great movies and television spots, but John Carpenter is also a very talented musician. Mostly, up until now, his music has been reserved mainly for his movies. Now that is all about to change as John Carpenter is poised to take on the music industry.

With his son Cody, John Carpenter recorded over 60 minutes of music, all in the name of fun and bonding. Bernardo Chua is glad to see this coming together. That is when they came up with the idea of releasing them as an album. The album, titled Lost Themes, will be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

Prior to this, Carpenter’s music included the iconic theme from his 1978 slasher flick Halloween, Theme from ‘The Fog’ and Assault on Precinct 13.

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Recently, the rock legend Paul McCartney of the Beatles and alternative hop hop guru Kanye West teamed up to make a ballad titled “Only One”. The song was released January 1st as a new single for the new year. The hit song will be on his upcoming album and so far has proved successful by the reviews of his fans. The song has even received notice from movie producer Tom Rothman as a potential song for some upcoming movie trailers.

The song featured Paul McCartney on the piano. After the songs release, many of West’s fans took it to social media to discuss how West’s collab with McCartney will give him a great career. Most of the people are unaware who McCartney is, thinking he is an unknown, young singer making it out in the music world, and just had his first real collab with a big time major artist’s track.

The responses of unknowing Kanye West fans is comical but it also shows why the collab is so big. The two artists are legends in their own rights but come from completely different musical genres with different audiences. This collab brings light to the other artist from each others artist’s fandoms. People now know who McCartney is while many others will be more familiar with West and his work. The ballad proves to be a beautiful fusion of the different backgrounds into one song.