March 27, 2015 · Collaborations · 1 comment

A lot of the talk about the One Direction band member Zayn Malik leaving has left fans wondering whether the band was just as surprised as the fans where about him leaving, or if the band knew all along and have been planning the best way to tell their fans about the news.

On Twitter, Liam Payne one of the band members posted in a tweet saying that it has been a strange 24 hours. And in another post from Harry Style, he said he has love for the fans as always for the support. Nial Also took to twitter to express his gratitude over all the fans support and understanding.

The band’s 5th album is coming out later this year, and it will be their first album without Zayn which may change things up. The band promises their fans that they will be working on their new music harder than they ever have before and Susan McGalla is definitely looking forward to that. They don’t want to let down any of the fans and feel an obligation to release their best album yet.

Things aren’t easy for the boys who literally went from nothing to the most famous boy band in the world in 5 small years.

March 25, 2015 · Music News · 1 comment

Stars ranging in styles from ZZ Top to Cee Lo Green gathered at Carnegie Hall to honor the music and influence of David Byrne, leader of the Talking Heads and innovator of music since 1975. A pregnant Amanda Palmer read the lyrics to Once In A Lifetime in an art-pop spoken word performance complete with dancers and catchy style.

Brooklyn native soul singer, Sharon Jones, performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Psycho Killer. According to a web article she turned the song into her own song, bending notes and doing things with her voice that sent chills up your spine. The concert moved the audience to dance and sing throughout the evening.

The energy level was high for this 2+ hour event. David Byrne performed with the 21-piece Brooklyn United Marching Band to close out the show, followed by the band’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit Uptown Funk.

March 11, 2015 · Uh Oh! · 1 comment

Marvin Gaye’s Family to Receive Payout

It was just this Tuesday that a jury decided, after two days of debating, that the hit song “Blurred Lines” performed by Thicke and Williams did actually infringe on the copyright of one of Marvin Gaye’s hit songs, entitled “Got to Give It Up.” Specifically, certain parts of the song were used to make their hit such as similar keyboards and bass lines.

This Wednesday, the Gaye family asked the court to file that injunction that would not allow any more sales of the song to be made, unless the Gaye family was allowed to make a profit from it also stated google plus. When the song first came out in 1977, only written music was filed in the copyright office. Instead, lawyers for the Gaye decided on having a musician interpret a sample of the music.

On the other side, the lawyers for Williams, Thicke and other people who were involved in the creation of the song have said that they only thought a literal interpretation of the music was suitable and that no evidence of copyright infringement existed. All of this was said while being aware that the songs definitely had a similar style and tone.