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Demi Lovato is one of the greatest singers of the last decade. She has created several hit songs earlier in her career. Demi Lovato’s most successful song is called “Heart Attack,” and it was the most downloaded song on her album. Demi has inspired many people with her music. She has so many fans that she regularly gets asked for her autograph in many awkward situations. Recently, Demi Lovato went to the gynecologist. During her routine checkup at the gynecologist, the doctor asked her for an autograph for her daughter. Demi Lovato says that she told the doctor that she’s got to be kidding. Demi recently told E! that she can’t even get a wax done without someone asking her for her autograph.

Demi Lovato believes that her vagina is famous, because it seems like everyone asks her for her autograph during weird situations. However, many fans say that they love her, and they would ask her for her autograph in any situation. Demi says that it can get so annoying, and from now on, she will only sign autographs when she is wearing clothes, which is funny to Daniel Amen. It seems that Demi Lovato cannot handle the pressures of being famous anymore. For more information on this story, visit E!

April 30, 2015 · Music News · 1 comment

Kylie Jenner has had a rough time this week, not only is she apparently at odds with her mother, dealing with her father going public about his journey towards womanhood but she is also dealing with a public battle with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna. The feud got ugly just days ago when Chyna posted screenshots of Tyga texting her asking to get back together and start their family over.

Of course seeing Tyga beg his ex to take him back could not have been fun for Kylie and rumor has it that she has decided to give him the boot after being humiliated on Instagram. Bruce Karatz isn’t sure what to believe after reading things on About.me.
Clearly Kylie needed some chill time to brighten her mood, and who better to lift her spirits than her big sister Khloe? Kylie posted a video to her Instagram of her getting a piggy back ride from French Montana, as her sister Khloe recorded making jokes about her big butt. The video is funny, but everyone knows Kylie is probably just showing Tyga that she can have a great time without him. Also why is French back in the picture? Can Khloe just kick him to the curb already?

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If you’re a big fan of the band The Killers like OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua, then you are probably wondering when they are going to come out with a new album. You’re probably getting anxious and hoping that they release one soon. And if so, you are going to be disappointed to find out that some of their members are ready for a break from touring and all of that. They won’t be coming out with an album too soon, but their singer will be.
Brandon Flowers is releasing a solo album. All of you Killers fans out there may be disappointed that the band itself isn’t putting an album out but at least you are getting something. And it may be something even better.
Seeing people go out and try things on their own, away from their band, can be interesting and I’m sure the fans are going to have mixed opinions about Brandon Flowers’ new album. But, if you are a true Killer’s fan, you should love it. Especially since you won’t be hearing anything from the band anytime soon.