April 30, 2015 · 00's Pop Punk, The Killers

If you’re a big fan of the band The Killers┬álike OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua, then you are probably wondering when they are going to come out with a new album. You’re probably getting anxious and hoping that they release one soon. And if so, you are going to be disappointed to find out that some of their members are ready for a break from touring and all of that. They won’t be coming out with an album too soon, but their singer will be.
Brandon Flowers is releasing a solo album. All of you Killers fans out there may be disappointed that the band itself isn’t putting an album out but at least you are getting something. And it may be something even better.
Seeing people go out and try things on their own, away from their band, can be interesting and I’m sure the fans are going to have mixed opinions about Brandon Flowers’ new album. But, if you are a true Killer’s fan, you should love it. Especially since you won’t be hearing anything from the band anytime soon.

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