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I lost my job last recently, and I’m absolutely devastated. Not only have I had to cut back on a lot of expenses, but I’m afraid of losing my home. I figured that if I cut out all the expenses I had in my home, then I’d be able to pay the rent for two months while I’m looking for a job. The only problem is that I need the Internet to look for a job, but I would have to cut off my Internet services. I needed another way to keep my Internet services as well as keeping my cell phone service, which I also had to cut off.

Thank goodness I thought of this plan ahead of time because I was able to find FreedomPop services. I had heard about FreedomPop in the past, but I never decided to inquire about their services. FreedomPop has cell phone service that is completely free of charge, as long as I stay within the guidelines. I figured that at least I would still have a cell phone to connect with others, and I could still get Internet in my home that was free as well. I went ahead and signed up for both services.

With my Internet service I’m able to get several gigabytes of Internet data for free, and that shouldn’t be a problem because I only need to search for jobs. You’d be surprised how much Internet usage you can get as long as you don’t stream music or videos through the Internet. I used my FreedomPop Internet services to look for a job, and I was quickly able to find one, so I had a lot less to worry about. I also got the FreedomPop cell phone service which was a lifesaver. Not only did I get 200 minutes of free talk time, I also have 500 text messages as well as 500 MB of data.

The FreedomPop Internet service I have in my home also has Wi-Fi, so if I needed a little extra data on my cell phone I would just connect to the Wi-Fi at home. FreedomPop has been a lifesaver when it comes to saving me money, and I easily saved $150 a month between my cell phone service and my Internet service by switching the FreedomPop. I would suggest FreedoPop services to anyone who needs to save money on cell phone or Internet service.

FreedomPop is a company that understands that people run into hard times, and they may need to save money. Even if a person isn’t in need of saving money, maybe they just don’t want to give greedy phone companies their hard-earned cash, then FreedomPop is a great choice.

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Back in the days it was very rare for you to find a woman who was both a successful businesswoman and a family woman as well. People were of the notion that women are supposed to stay at home and take care of their families. In the 21st century though, most women have done away with the old culture and have made a name for themselves as career women and also take care of their families without either of the two being on the losing side. In fact they do it so perfectly yet so easy. Women are nowadays referred to as powerhouse entrepreneurs.
Susan McGalla is a successful executive consultant and business woman in Pennsylvania. She is the former Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal and also the former president of American Eagle Outfitters. She is also a board member of HFF Inc. which is a publicly traded real estate company. She also sits on the board of Magee Women’s Hospital. She was a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and is the director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development.
She started her career at Joseph Horne Company taking up managing and marketing roles. Her career there lasted from 1986 to 1994 after which she joined American Eagle Outfitters. She took up various management roles until she finally became the company’s president and Chief Merchandising Officer. She left the company in 2009 and became a private consultant for retail industries. She founded the P3 Executive Consulting. Currently she is the Director of Growth and Strategic Planning at Pittsburgh Steelers. She has a Degree in Marketing and Business from Mount Union College. She is married to Stephen McGala.
McGala was raised in a family of two brothers and a football coach as a father. Her father did not cut her any slack just because of her gender. Her parents encouraged her to fight her own battles and present her good ideas to anyone no matter how many times she was put down. This built up her confidence and that is a big part of the reason why she is as successful as she is today. Susan has managed to cross many milestones in her career because of her hard work, confidence, flexibility and the fact that she is pursuing a career that she is passionate about and loves. She says that she hope many more women will follow her path and make successful career women of themselves.
Many women are now making airwaves in the previously male dominated world of business. Women such as Susan McGala have come out of their cocoon and are in competition with their male counterparts in the business industry. Some started out working as the only females in their respective companies but went against all odds to become top officials in the companies. Some have even built companies from scratch to being some of the most recognized companies worldwide. Gone are the days when women were put down and oppressed because of their gender or muscle strength.

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Economists are some of the most important individuals in any jurisdiction. As an economist, you are mandated to apply the theories that you have studied in the different sectors of economics and formulate policies based on these policies. Economists generally study a number of sub fields other than the broad categorization. These include:

  • The study of markets across different sectors and projecting their performance based on the listed industries
  • Macroeconomic analysis and microeconomic analysis. This involves the use of tools such as economic computational models that have been paired alongside mathematical economics.
  • Formulation of economic policies and its accompanying studies.

Christian Broda

One of the most successful and notable economists is Christian Broda who is the managing directors of Duquesne Capital Management. His illustrious career prior to his heading the company saw him serve as a leading professor of Economics at the University of Chicago where he distinguished himself as one of the most informed individuals in that field of study. Further cementing his credibility as a renowned economist are his numerous publications from his research in a variety of fields. His credibility can also be seen from the fact that he was awarded a pair of National Science Foundation grants in order to support the purpose of his research works. In addition to this, Christian was the James Kemperer Scholar in the year 2006.

Christian’s education background started from his bachelor’s degree at the Universidad de San Andres which he further supplemented by a master’s degree in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate at the same institution. The strong education background equipped him with invaluable skills and expertise that have seen him climb the world of economics into a leading and sought after professional.

As a modern day economist, the most profound feature of the career of Christina is his dynamism and flexibility in adapting to emerging trends and issues in the field. This has seen him become one of the most sought after and competitive economists of the modern day. Moreover, he believes in the concept of combined leadership. This has been an integral feature of his leadership where he acknowledges the efforts of all the team members involved in creating the final product.

The services that he offers as an economist are not only professional but also have a high standard of quality with a distinction that is second to none. The role that economists play in the world will arguably continue rising.