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The National Basketball Association, typically referred to in acronym form as the NBA, is the largest professional basketball organization in the world, and is based out of the Unites States. The NBA has twenty-nine teams in the United States, and one in Canada: the Toronto Raptors. The Association is split into two conferences — the Western Conference and Eastern Conference — and each conference into three divisions.

The Basketball Association of America was founded in June, 1946, in New York City. Three years later, the BAA joined forces with its rival, the National Basketball League, to form what people today know as the National Basketball Association. The name of the NBA has not been changed since the creation of the organization in 1949.

The NBA experienced the most growth in the late seventies and early eighties, when the three point line was added to regular game rules. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were drafted in the same draft, and started playing in 1979. At the time their careers were over, they scored eight titles, collectively, even though they always played on different teams. In the mid-1980s, Michael Jordan – the greatest basketball player of all time – began to play. Michael Jordan helped popularize the sport tremendously, especially the National Basketball Association as an organization.

Another reason why the National Basketball Association has experienced so much growth into the size it is today is because of the funding that all thirty teams are capable of having. There is no limit as to what an owner can spend on his or her team, except through the payments to its players. Owners can spend whatever they want on arenas, advertising, or any other expense or investment one can think of.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson of purchased the Atlants-based basketball club for around five hundred million dollars a few years ago, and recently sold it for right under three quarters of a billion dollars. Talk about one large profit!

The Atlanta Hawks made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, where they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, largely due in part to Lebron James’ incredible leadership, which were later displayed in the NBA Finals. Mr. Levenson’s savvy business sense and large reserve of money to spend on the Atlanta Hawks helped them become they great team they are today.

The National Basketball Association is recognized by FIBA, which is the other main governing body of basketball. The NBA follows its own set of rules, and sets precedents for United States basketball organizations (although high school and college do have slightly different sets of rules to abide by). FIBA sets rules for international basketball, but the NBA does not follow them, but they are similar.

The NBA’s headquarters operate out of the Olympic Tower in New York City, and is commissioned by Mr. Adam Silver, who was named commissioner in early 2014. The NBA has had one of the best seasons in recent history this past year, and is expected to have just as successful a year this year as last year.

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I swear that I have the laziest dog in the world, and part of it is my fault. When I bought my dog I didn’t think about the kind of dog I was getting; I just bought him because he was extremely cute. My dog has been with me for over five years, and now that I’m more physically active, I want my dog to come along with me. Unfortunately, my dog doesn’t seem to want to do anything, not even to go on walks with me. I would take him for walks, but many times he would go so slow that I would just turn around and go home.

I then started cutting back on the walks I was taking him on, and I would only take him around the block, but even then he was straying off to look at a flower for something that he didn’t have to run after. I was really getting sick of my dog’s behavior, and I wanted to give up and just leave him alone. I even took the dog to the veterinarian, and the vet couldn’t see anything physically wrong with him. My dog is just lazy, and I wasn’t sure how to fix the problem. I decided that since he had low-energy, there must be something that I could do to give him additional energy. I inquired with a veterinarian about vitamin shots.

The vet told me that it might be a better idea to switch up the food that I’m feeding my dog into Beneful because dogs get a lot of energy from their food. She asked me what kind of food the dog was eating, and I told her that he mostly ate table scraps, and I would buy dog food once in a while. She gave me a look that made me feel so ashamed.

I made sure to buy wet Beneful as well as dry Beneful dog food, and I started only feeding the dog Beneful, and he got no more table scraps. I chose to wait for a couple weeks before walking the dog again, even though it was hectic having him in the house all the time. I couldn’t believe that when I finally decided to take the dog on a walk that he walked around the entire block. The next day I took the dog for a much longer walk, and not only did he keep up, but he would even run once in a while. I decided that I’ll take the dog jogging with me, and I can thank Beneful for his new found energy.

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There are a lot of men shoes on the market today. There are too many to name so that is why a lot of men will just check the web to see what is trending. The styles are always changing and a lot of people are interested in finding out what the next types of shoes will be. The best thing that one can do is follow the trends that are currently in place.

Paul Evans, for example, is one of the top italian shoes designer brands. Men that want high quality will become fans of this brand of shoes. It has become one of the most fashionable brands around. This is mainly because it has such a high volume of requests from people that want the leather that is handcrafted. This is one of the most interesting types of shoes for those that want to get those shoes that will last for a long time. This direct-to-customer footwear is what has become one of the most promising aspects in footwear today. Paul Evans has high quality leather in oxford and loafer styles. All of these different types of shows have become very popular with the new age of young consumers that are willing to pay more for quality.

The two tone shoes have become very trendy for a lot of men. There are shoes for men that have different shades that are also popular. The loafers used to be popular in 1984 when Michael Jackson wore these shoes for a lot for stage performances. These shoes are becoming popular again, but the dressy boots are becoming one of the most popular styles for men. These dressy boots may be possible to wear for casual work and a night out on the town. This is why the Paul Evans brand has become so popular. There are a large number of brands that have become rather stylish for different environments.

The shoes created by Michael Kors are getting a lot of recognition, but Cole Haan may be one of the most popular brands in retail stores. Paul Evans is a dominant online player because this brand provides what is called an upscale shoe brand. These shoes are not found in stores, but this is what makes more people request these shoes.

As time progresses there are a lot of people that are discovering a multitude of different brands. The suede style has been replaced by leather in many cases, but there are still some styles that are trending in the suede shoe market. There are also some other trending shoes in the form of slip on shoes that are popular. Sketchers makes the majority of these casual shoes without laces for shoppers.

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Being a pet parent is just as tough as parenting a child. You don’t want to make risky mistakes now that will cause you dog to end up in dog training later. Beneful on multivu, a Purina brand dog food, understands the anxiety and stress that comes along with ensuring your dog grows up healthy and happy. It’s why we provide high quality and healthy food for dogs. We ensure all our foods are include ingredients that are nutritious and follow FDA and USDA guidelines.

Another goal for ensuring your dog stays healthy is to provide each pet parent with information on on the risky mistakes that can harm pets emotionally and physically.

1. Walking your Dog the Wrong Way
Letting your dog walk you can harm both you and your dog. It lets your dog know that he is in command, not you. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, of CDC, thousands of dog owners end up in the emergency room each year because of dog-related falls.

2. Ignoring Tick Problems
Walks in the woods are nice, but they could be harmful to your dog. Ticks bites can put your dog at risk for conditions like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Always check your dog for ticks and remove any you find with tweezers.

3. Keeping Food in a Dog’s Bowl all the Time
Keeping your dog happy and healthy includes proper feeding. For some people this includes keep their dog’s food bowl full all the time. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake. Dogs often eat more than they need to eat when food is constantly available. Too many calories translates to too much weight on your dog. Always follow pet food label instructions and/ or ask your vet for help.

4. Ignoring Dog’s Body Language
There’s a myth about a dog’s body language that can hurt you and your pet. When he’s wagging his tail, it means he’s happy, right? Wrong. When a dog threatens someone, he may raise his tail high and stiffly wave it back and forth. You can mistake this for playfulness, but end up bitten instead. To avoid any misunderstandings, always observe your dog’s behavior.

5. Ignoring Your Dog
Your pet is just like a child. He craves affection and when bored wants you to entertain him. The latter can cause a huge amount of problems. A bored dog can lead to troublesome behavior like:
• Barking
• Chewing
• Digging
• Whining

Keep your dog entertained by providing toys for your dog. Oh, and get some exercise yourself by teaching your dog how to play tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, or fetch.

6. Life with No Rules
Maybe you expect your dog to know right from wrong. Maybe you look at him and know disciplining him isn’t an option. He’s just too adorable when he’s caught being bad. That’s understood. However, setting rule-setting is vital to having a healthy and happy dog. Let him know that things like jumping on people and scratching furniture isn’t allowed.

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Dogs tend to chase their own tales at times, and it may seem silly to other people. Dogs may be chasing their tail to be silly, or they may just be doing it to get some additional exercise. Dogs need exercise every single day, and they need to be constantly moving on a regular basis to stay healthy. Some dogs will follow their owner if they go on a regular jog, and this can help the dog to maintain their health. Owners that do not help their dogs exercise regularly may find themselves having a sluggish dog that may eventually become sick.

Doctors always tell people to get exercise every week, even if it’s as little as one hour. If a human must exercise every single week, then why wouldn’t dogs need to exercise too? It makes very little sense for a pet owner to exercise every day, but they neglect to walk their dog at all, or they don’t even let their dog out of the house for some exercise. Even if a pet owner doesn’t feel that they can walk with the dog, taking the dog to any dog park and letting them run around can help them get exercise. As long as the dog is discipline they may be able to run around on their own.

Anyone who is helping a dog to get exercise must follow the rules and regulations of your town or city, so they don’t get in trouble for letting their dogs off the leash if it’s necessary. If a dog cannot go anywhere without being unleashed, but the owner doesn’t feel like walking the dog, and then the dog can be let go in the backyard. Those who have a full-size backyard have a great opportunity for exercise for their pet, and they can let the dog roam free.

As long as the yard is gated, it’s possible for the dog to run around for as long as necessary until they feel they’ve had enough exercise. Any dog who’s going to be doing regular exercise or even excessive amounts of exercise will need good food. With both good food and good exercise, a dog can stay healthy for a long time. Those who want a good dog food to feed their pet should consider Beneful on samsclub brand dog food.

The dog food is not only tempting and tasty to dogs, but it’s something that has great nutrition for any dog. Beneful has added ingredients to their dry dog food that makes it nutritious, and the food also provides a dog with energy. The carbohydrates, protein and vegetables included in Beneful brand foods are great for any dog looking to gain additional energy, especially if they tend to exercise a lot.

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The only thing missing from the direct visual search market tools Slyce produces has been the point of sale buying application at the consumer’s control. Enter Pounce, a Tel Aviv-based direct shopping app that enables shoppers to directly find retail offerings of items found in catalogs or printed advertisements. Slyce just bought Pounce, for $5 million in shares and other remuneration, so they can combine it with their existing visual search technologies they offer retailers who want to compete effectively with Amazon Flow and Amazon Firefly smartphone apps. Of course this potentially raises the tech level of all retail sales businesses to at least the same level of consumer wizardry that Amazon offers, but not limited to only buying through Amazon.

Slyce offers smartphone software that enables retail businesses to provide direct buying of their products simply by the consumer installing the app and then snapping a picture of a desired item that they happen to see somewhere out in the real world. Slyce is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and their visual search technology for merchants has now been enhanced by the Pounce app that any consumer can use directly. The technology Slyce is producing also includes audio recognition, video recognition, bar code scanning, QR scanning (those complex square bar codes), and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies. Once scanned in with Slyce, matching items are immediately displayed and are available for purchase.

Although Slyce did disclose there was already in development a Pounce-type consumer-facing app in their labs, obtaining Pounce as reduced their time to market with that technology considerably. Of course, the same technology will also be bundled into their retail business client packages. The combination of technologies will make the buying process visual and immediate for both web surfers and In-Real-Life shoppers. Another major feature that Pounce brings to Slyce is to allow consumers to scan items from many retailers and eCommerce sites, yet they are only required to enter their personal payment information with a single session. This is an area that is still a burr under the eCommerce saddle for many instant transaction apps, such as Google Wallet, PayPal’s One Touch, and Apple Pay.

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What have we always been taught about makeup? That it is just supposed to be used for making us look just a little better? Cover up our blemishes, maybe a little acne, cover up our birth marks and make us look a little younger, boring stuff like that. It never occurred to us that makeup could be used for anything else. Well now there are companies that are saying we should be using it for other things like expressing ourselves, giving us different looks for different moods, looking different for different looks, different styles. Have one look for work, another look for casual, do a little more for when we are going out, one look for daytime, another look for evening. How about a look for when we feel sexy, another look for sporty days, a down day, an up day or just a funky day? You can do make any number of ways because there are so many types of makeup, so many variations, different colors, shades. You can use more or use less, put different combinations together. There are so many different kinds of makeup out there that there is no limit to what you can do.

There is a website you should really try out that has all types of fun makeup called Lime Crime on dollskill. The company was started by a lady by the name of Doe Deere. She said she didn’t really see anything out there that was really exciting and fun so she decided to start something herself that would give girls something different from the normal. She has a line of lipsticks that go on liquid and then become matte and come in fourteen fabulous colors. There are all kinds of different shades on Lime Crime of pink, purple, red, brown and black, there is also a variety of regular lipsticks in different shades. They offer an assortment of lip glosses that are sparkly and fun and they have a palette box of different eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, and glitters to try a jazz up your usual makeup look. These are all different colors, far from the usual mix of colors you are used to. For the nails it gets even more fun, there are five different fun colors that you can mix and match, crème, pink, blue, green, and peaches. She shows you all kinds of ideas for patterns, artwork, and fun stuff you can do with the different colors.

Doe even has a blog where she talks to people about her makeup and does tutorials of how you can use her makeup. There are fun stories, pictures, ideas, articles about what is going on in their offices and all kinds of other stuff. She has a fan page where she has pictures that fans have sent her of them using her products and all the fun things they have come up when.

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There has never been a best time to try to move up the career ladder or start a new business for women. Why? Because lately there has been more businesswomen who have been supportive of what other women do in their lives. Take for example, Susan McGalla, a business executive who is also the President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan McGalla has come off as one of the most innovative women in the century. Virtually everything imaginable can be done by women in business. They have patents on new products and techniques; there are women who haven’t been dbothered by their gender and went on to becomes CEOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents of many institutions. Then there are women who have started on their own and made name for themselves and their communities.

Susan McGalla is one such businesswoman who grew up in a modest family in Ohio. Her father was a football coach and she has two brother. Susan McGalla was never treated like a girl or given concession for being a girl. Instead she received same treatment just like her brothers. She was active in sports during the early years and after graduating from Mount Union College, joined Joseph Horne Company. Later, Susan was recruited to American Eagle Outfitters Inc in 1994. There she opened active wear department for female customers. She took many managerial positions and went on to become the head of the company.

Today, women have more choices for every business they can think of. From starting a salon to managing food joints, women have held their head high despite the gender issue. Plus, because historically women are better at anything, be it taking care of a household or running a venture, more and more women are jumping into businesses. While it is very difficult for most of them to make a business succeed overnight, it is really easy to make it successful if they put the right energy and thought to it.

Today, people’s perspectives towards women have been changing as well. It is not anymore the way it was fifty years ago. With the perceived ease of starting a business, even if women came up with a somewhat novel idea, the chances are that they can succeed if they work on things with complete devotion. If women can come up with a new idea or product, they are still competing against the tens of thousands of ideas and products out there. What they need is motivation to do their job consistently. There is a great difference between indulging in a hobby and running a business. In the latter case, there is no escape unless serious consequences. To celebrate a victory, there is a need to reach the customers without giving consideration to who they are. Whether they are targeting consumers or other businesses, people are hard to find and it is even harder if they bring gender issue into equation. Susan wants every women to know this hard truth.

I have always enjoyed winter sports, especially skiing. Unlike other people, who can’t wait for the summer, I’m always looking forward to winter and snow. But, since this was the driest winter in California so far, I got worried. How can ski resorts survive if there is no snow? What are we, snow junkies, going to do?

And an answer to my question came on KCRW and the program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”. Madeleine, you’ve been reading my mind! She did an interview with Andy Wirth, and the topic was “How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?”. That’s all I wanted to know.

First, for those who don’t know, let me explain who Andy Wirth is, In 2010, he became the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, near Lake Tahoe, CA. It is the same Squaw Valley that was the home of the Winter Olympics in 1960. Since Wirth took the wheel, the ski resort has undergone major improvements, including the mountain design and infrastructure. Improvements also included numerous renovations in culinary, common, lodging facilities, etc. Some changes were also made in customer service. In 2011, Wirth led the acquisition of the nearby Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which now makes him the President and CEO of both resorts. All in all, he made a tremendous progress with this company and helped to put it in the top 20 percent of ski resorts.

As for the interview, he made me so happy. He said that they could survive quite a few years if the drought continued by using science to make and manage snow. If the last year’s conditions repeat, even 4,000 acres would be used for skiing (of the existing 6,000). After explaining the weather conditions, he mentioned the collaboration with some meteorologists, and said that this winter was more likely to be colder than the previous one. But, even if it wasn’t, the ski resort would be up and running. He then went on and explained that the company was doing a lot for the environment, in order to minimize its contribution to the climate change. He mentioned reducing the carbon footprint and helping the energy companies that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is working with in order to move off the coal to renewables. He finished announcing the new season opening some time before Thanksgiving. The main thing about the interview was that he seemed so relaxed and calm, like there was no problem, and that everything is working just the way it should. All the information combined with his attitude made me feel like I was worrying over nothing. The new season is on its way, and it will be great.
So, if you are planning on spending Thanksgiving in Squaw Valley Ski Resort, I just might see you there.


According to a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance, many residents hesitate when it comes to hurricane evacuation. For whatever reasons, many people tend to stay at their homes. The study showed that only 47 percent of the respondents say would leave and even then, it would depend on how bad the storm is. Inexplicably, a number of respondents said even after experiencing Hurricane Sandy, chances are 50-50 that they would leave if another hurricane hit New Jersey.

“Although we have strong New Jersey residents, we should remember the lessons of the past,” says Gerry Wilson, President of Plymouth Rock Assurance of New Jersey. Your home is considered a huge part of your identity, so it’s very hard to leave it — even if you are in grave danger. Some people also make their decision on how previous evacuations, or non evacuations went. If they stayed and rode out the storm, they will likely do the same thing regardless of the severity.

Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded by James Stone. He has a lengthy tenure in the insurance industry. The Harvard graduate started out as an economics lecturer, and then at the tender age of 28, he was appointed as Massachusetts insurance commissioner in 1975 — a position he held for four years. Stone founded Plymouth Rock Assurance in 1982 and has been the CEO since it opened.

Plymouth Rock has become a group. It now owns Bunker Hill Insurance Company, Plymouth Rock Assurance and Pilgrim Assurance Company. The entire group currently holds more than $1 billions in annual insurance premiums.

Although many insurance providers encourage people to leave when a hurricane is predicted, some still insist on waiting until the last minute. “Sometimes people let fear and anxiety get the best of them and they start making poor decisions,” says clinical psychologist Josh Klapow. “All we can do is stress the danger of staying,” says Sheriff Michael Mastronardy. “At the end of the day, it’s their choice,” says Mastronardy.