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Most of us can agree that Micheal Jackson, famous singer and pop artist, was quite unique and talented. It was very hard to try and replicate or impersonate his character. He was a genius when it came to music leading others in his group. He would be teaching others how to act the right way. We all have our dreams of being just like our favorite artist or celebrity. Some are willing to go farther than others. There was one man in particular that would try very hard to be exactly like Micheal Jackson.

Sergio Cortes seemed to be a great match. All the clothing he wore was very similar, the voice was similar, and even the way he moved around and behavior was close. It is no shock that we all like to act the same way in public as our friends and people we look up to. Cortes claimed on social media through Facebook that he was indeed a famous artist with great talent in the areas of singing, dancing, and song writing. Looking closely identical to Micheal Jackson gave Cortes the advantage. It really strikes the publics curiosity and they wanted to look into this more. Cortes described as a blessing rather than just luck.

The similarities are so mind bobbling that it is hard to understand Jackson was reborn from the dead. Cortes has now been considered one of the best doubles during the year of 2009.

Early in Cortes childhood he was told be his mom that he reacted a lot like Micheal Jackson. At the time of Cortes growing up, Micheal Jackson was still working with the Jackson 5 music group. The career was started in America, but had international ties. Cortes knew that Micheal Jackson’s career was about to go viral and he was going to be a big individual pop start soon. Cortes saw the passion and style in the young Micheal Jackson.

Cortes decided to have a picture taken of him looking like Micheal Jackson and had it posted online. The photo went viral and people truly saw the connections. Cortes stated to seek a lot of fame and was invited to many American Idol competitions around the world to prove his singing abilities. Cortes saw a double career in the making.

To this day, Cortes has nearly 16,000 followers on Facebook and uses social media to connect with fans and make new connections in terms of promotions.

When Cortes found out that Jackson had passed away he was very disappointed. It is hard to watch your lifelong idol disappear for good.