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As the world leaders mainly from the United States and the European Union keep making plans on how to deal with the notorious Islamic State they should be very careful with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. George Soros that this world leaders are making a grave mistake by thinking that President Putin is on their side in this war. It is very evident that Putin is more after his ambitions, which is the disintegration of the European Union. The was Putin plans to achieve this it seems is by flooding the European Union with Syrian refugees running away from their war tone country.
To support this claim, Forbes billionaire George Soros says that Russian planes have been carrying out attacks on civilians in Syria forcing them to fled to Jordan and Lebanon. So far, through its backdoor strategies, Russia has managed to displace over 20,000 Syrian refugees to the Jordan border while the other is waiting to enter Lebanon. Both groups are growing. A large-scale air attack has been launched by Russia against Northern Syria civilians. These attacks have caused over 70,000 civilians to seek refuge in Turkey . The European Union leaders should carefully handle Putin as he is a gifted tactician and can be very cunning. Despite this, Putin is not a good strategic thinker, and all the accusing fingers point to him.

George Soros can not understand why the leaders of both the US and the European Union cannot realize that Putin is a scam and liar. Russia, under Putin, is trying to take control of Europe through shorthand methods. Putin also has a deadline to bring down the European Union had his government is about to bankruptcy in 2017. Russia is caught up in an economic turmoil as its foreign debt are maturing soon. There is also a threat of political turmoil which may be brought by the economic crisis. At the moment, Russia is financially unstable, and the Western sanctions are making it worse.

There is a 7% of GDP deficit on Russia’s budget, and a 3% cut will be initiated by the government to prevent inflation rates in the country from getting out of hand. The country’s social security fund is also running bankrupt and its is now supported by the government. For a long time, George Soros has never been Putin’s favorite due to his drive for regime change in Russia. Recently, Russia banned two of George Soros humanitarian organizations from operating in the country and termed them a threat to Russia, its people, and its Constitution.

George Soros runs the Open Society charity organization which spreads the message of democracy, freedom of speech and access to information. The Open Society stands up for a society where everyone is equal, and the rule of a fair constitution governs the people, and no individual is above the law.

In Morgantown, West Virginia, West Virginia University (WVU) recently held an event that highlighted the growth and development of Wikipedia into a major institution. Held on January 19, this edit-a-thon was created to promote greater gender equality within the pages of Wikipedia. The event was spearheaded by WVU’s Kelly Doyle. Empowered by a grant from the Wikipedia Foundation, Doyle is committed to improving Wikipedia’s coverage of notable West Virginia women. Considering the fact that 90 percent of all Wikipedia editors are male, this is a very important goal. By all accounts, the edit-a-thon was a successful event that achieved real progress. The first Wikipedia article created at the event discussed Elizabeth Simpson Drewry, the very first African-American woman to enter West Virginia’s state legislature. 

Though it may seem like a pillar institution of the modern Web, Wikipedia is actually fairly new for a encyclopedia. This makes it all the more amazing that the user-edited encyclopedia has already achieved so much. More than ever, Wikipedia is demonstrating its importance for all types of organizations, from government agencies and nonprofits to for-profit businesses. Without doubt, Wikipedia is transforming the way that people interface with information. When Wikipedia first unveiled itself to the world, some people were alarmed at the very thought of a user-created encyclopedia. However, experience has demonstrated that Wikipedia is a truly useful resource with a self-correcting operating mechanism. 

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Every year brings new artists to the scene in the music world, but there are some veterans that people are on the lookout for. There are some artists that just build the anticipation because they have been away so long.

Kanye West is one of these anticipated artists. He has changed the album name 3 times in 2015, and there still isn’t a release date for the record. It is true that fans should have expected this. He has put some much time into his clothing line. His wife is pregnant again and he is enjoying the time that he spends as a husband and father.

West was busy last year with singles with everyone from Fox Carolina with Jon Urbana, to Ty Dollar Sign and Paul McCartney. It seems like fans were on the verge of getting a full album, but then the name of the album changed. It seemed like Kanye was falling apart under the pressure of producing a new record. Much of this could be linked to his previous formats.

It was easy to follow the school themes of “College Dropout” and “Late Registration.” These albums are easy. Once he departed from this the whole sound of his music changed. People are wondering if the same thing will happen to Adele has dropped her last age-titled album in 2015. People will just have to wait to see what the “College Dropout” will do here in 2016.