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The creator of RE/MAX is looking at New York City. Dave Liniger has taken RE/MAX and turned it into a worldwide business. A recent announcement of the company is the return of the Master Franchise for New York with the goal of bringing power to local brokerages. It will then make a huge expansion throughout the state. This is one part of a nationwide plan which involves the company taking back 16 regional offices. A new specialist team will be lead by Terri Bohannon, a long time worker in the company. They have admitted that the residential Manhattan scene is rather hard to break into for suburban companies.

New York is more suited to companies like Town Residential. Town Residential is one company that has mastered renting and selling real estate in New York. Town Residential is really good at selling luxury real estate. Among the activities that the real estate agency participates in is leasing, and sales. They deal with both residential and commercial real estate. This makes it possible for people that are looking for a place to live to find the greatest value that they can afford. They could also invest in pieces of property in order to start a business.

Town Residential is also considered one of the best places to work. One good thing about that is if employees enjoy their work, then they are most likely to provide great service to their clients. They also offer different types of relocation services for their clients in the case they need help.

Town Residential sets the example for other real estate companies to follow including RE/MAX. Dave Liniger has a huge task at hand when it comes to bringing success to his company in a city like New York. Many large real estate companies find it very difficult to get a piece of the action in New York.

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Investors are always looking for a way to make money rather than loose money. Brad Reifler, CEO and founder of Forefront Capital suggest five ways to be safe while investing.

*Always consider the pros and cons of each investment. Be careful and plan how you
want your money to work for you.

*Always be cautious with your money. You work hard to make it.

*Never invest all you money in the stock market.

*Choose an investor with experience and one that is knowledgeable of the market.

*Know the importance of investing. Be goal oriented. Start small and then build it
up if it is working.

The world of investment is controlled by the wealthy. There is a large portion of the population that invests in small amounts. This 1% make up almost 99% of the United States population. Diversifying is important to the success of investing. Usually diversification was for investors with wealth. Reifler says he is changing his mind set and his firm will follow suit. CrunchBase shows Reifler has changed directions due to several past investment issues that resulted in poor returns, leaving him with a bad taste in his mouth. He found that 99% of investors are very limited in how and what they can invest in.

Most of the investment guidelines sanctioned by the Security and Exchange Commission leave out small investors. These standards could only be met by the very wealthy. Standards stated that you must have a net worth of one million dollars to qualify. These old regulations were put in place to protect investors and shareholders from risky investments. But the market has evolved and people are more knowledgeable about investing.

Reifler and his company have adapted strategies to help eliminate fear for investors. He wants his clients to feel empowered and have a greater depth of knowledge when it comes to investing.  Brad’s official website has further information.

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According to former professional lacrosse player and environmental activist Jon Urbana, growing up at Villanova and living in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado has helped him appreciate the natural beauty of nature. Growing up this foliage-filled state, he also understood the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Today, Jon Urbana still holds true to his beliefs. He runs a lacrosse camp in Colorado each summer (visit here) and is constantly inspired by the environmental awareness and enthusiasm shown by the teens that attend his camp. Because of this, Urbana has launched a campaign through the charity donation site, GoFundMe. He dedicated this campaign to Earth Force, and has set his goal of $1,750. All proceeds will go towards programs which educate young people about the importance of keeping the environment clean and cared for. These programs will also actively involve youth in activism and events which pertain to cleaning up the environment. By doing this, Earth Force will teach teens about why it is important to help preserve the environment for a clean and healthy future.

Urbana said to his Twitter followers that he was lucky to have grown up in the beautiful state of Colorado, where he is aware of nature’s beauty and the importance of preserving the planet’s health. He is moved and inspired by the environmentally aware youth at his lacrosse camp. To help further their ambitions and their mutual fondness for mother nature, he will rely partially on donations to help keep the three programming components throughout 52 cities going. Denver is just one city of the many throughout the United States and Canada that participates in his organization.

To learn more or make donations to Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign, you can visit the following link at:

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native with vast experience in the financial sector. Having made a mark as one of Brazil’s most prominent bankers, Igor is a man whose advice in finance you cannot afford to ignore. He has been quite successful, making worthy investments over time to earn him a fortune. One of his successes includes Bainbridge Investment Inc. He is the proprietor of the Bahamas-based company.

Although investing is one of the surest ways of getting rich, it is not a walk in the park. According to Igor, many people have lost fortunes because of wrong investment choices. However, one can amass a great fortune through investments if one follows the right approach. One thing people need to acknowledge and learn from successful investors like Igor is the fact that investments are long-term ventures. This is the case, especially if one is considering entering the stock market.

So, how exactly did this man get to where he is? Mr. Cornelsen had a successful banking career from which he gained vast experience. In his career, he managed some of the world’s biggest banking institutions, which offered him the chance to pick the best practices in the finance field. This experience has put him in a position where he can decipher the key tricks applicable for successful investing.

One of the key investment tips Igor openly offers to those who care to listen is the need for diversification. He advises against making a huge investment in a single company whose future success is not assured. He gives an example of his portfolio. Cornelsen intimates that his financial portfolio built over years of facebook research and well thought out purchases involves shares from various companies. He says the reason for this is to guarantee some form of security on your investment. He says while it is possible for a single company to collapse leading to investors losing their money, it is virtually impossible for all companies to record losses over the same period. Therefore, when one company makes losses, several others in his portfolio are making profits.

Successful investment does not involve a copy paste situation. It needs research and careful selection of the options to invest in. One of the factors to be considered according to Igor includes the company’s past. If the company has a history of success over the years, chances are your money will bear more fruits as opposed to a company that has been recording losses. Another factor to consider is the company’s host nation. What is the economic situation in that country? A country’s economy is bound to affect the companies in that particular country.
Igor Cornelsen advises new investors to put their money in upcoming and robust economies like Brazil where they can reap maximum gains. He also warns that investment is not a get rich quick scheme.