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George Soros is among the richest people in the United States of America. Not long ago, the billionaire said that the economy in China is full of debts, and it resembles what was happening in the United States in the year 2007 before the international financial crisis took place. The financial crisis was originating from the US, and it gradually spread to the rest of the world, bringing serious financial issues to the international community.

According to the billionaire, the credit figures from the country that show the growth of the economy are clearly showing a lot of bad signs, and he is warning investors to be extremely careful when making their investments. According to some recent reports from the country on Bloomberg, the government of China has been prioritizing the growth of the economy over the amount of debt it has accumulated.

The Hungarian born investor says that the current issues that are being experienced in China have all the resemblance to what took place in the United States before the financial crisis that affected the whole world in the year 2007 up to 2009. According to George Soros, the amount of money that is being supplied by the banks is required to keep the loss making and bad debts enterprises alive.

George Soros is very wealthy. He has made all his wealth in the United States after relocating from England where he went for his education. His fortune is estimated to be about twenty-four billion dollars. Immediately after making these remarks about China, The China government has been on his neck, exchanging words that he is wrong about the comments.

However, these remarks have not made the billionaire to change his mind. According to him, the banking system in the country at the moment has more loans that the deposits it is getting. He also believes that there are a lot of problems on the assets side and also in the liabilities side. For a developing country like China, getting a positive interest rate will be a huge challenge at the moment, and he asks investors to be careful this time around to avoid getting serious losses.

George Soros is the Founder of the Soros Foundation. This company deals with several investments, and it has given him a lot of wealth since it was started years ago. He is also the founder of Open Society, a charitable organization that has done a lot in different nations in the world. His organization plays a major role in over one hundred nations in the world. In South Africa, the Open Society helped the black young students to get quality education, and in other African nations, prisoners managed to get justice thanks to the organization. He is also active in the politics, giving massive amounts of donations to support candidates in the elections.

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Trends are changing the way you eat and the way your dog eats, which explains the explosion of healthy gourmet dog food. People are becoming aware of the questionable ingredients in some commercially-sold dog food.
So, it comes to no surprise that dog food companies are beginning to sell food targeted to consumers who understand the need of healthy eating. There is now food that is grain-free, organic, or made with more vegetables. Not to mention that some dog food is even raw. Some companies are attempting to sell the type of food that dogs ate in history.

One of the biggest changes, according to the Daily Herald, is with big companies like Purina. They have been pushing for healthier options with their brand called Beneful.

What Makes Purina’s Beneful Special?

Purina introduced Beneful in 2001 and, at its core, was necessary nutrition for your pooch. In fact, Beneful means full of goodness, which is something that the dog food brand took to heart.

Beneful reached success in a few short years before thinking of how to reimagine dog food for a new generation. It makes sense, if you pay attention to the roots of Beneful, that it started to make a path towards healthier options.

How Is Beneful Stepping Up?

The first thing that Beneful did was attain a dog food company that was committed to providing the very best dog food. Purina purchased the first company to offer organic dry food called Merrick Pet Care. They also decided to include medium-chain triglycerides, which you can naturally find in coconut and can be easily digested by older dogs.

The biggest breakthrough from Purinastore’s Beneful is their personalized dog food tool. The website asks things like age or about an ailment that might be affecting your dog. Then, after gathering all this information, the website allows you to choose dog food that is customized to your dog’s specific needs.

Clearly there is a lot to learn in regards to you dog’s health, but great companies like Beneful are on your side. Beneful is available on Amazon too! http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

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In her Amazon released book, To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Yeonmi Parks recounts how she managed to flee her home country of North Korea successfully in March of 2007. Yeonmi claims that the conditions in North Korea were so terrible it forced them to plan an escape to better-living conditions. According to Yeonmi, she and her mother escaped in the middle of the night across the frozen Yalu River into China to freedom. She then traveled to South Korea for a better life and a new start. At the young age of thirteen, she claims that she was the victim of sexual assault as well as starvation and other horrendous conditions. Her father joined them, but he soon died of untreated cancer. She says on the Reason Tv interview that he could not have dreamed that there could be so much food in the world. North Korea has had a smear campaign and another book published to try to discredit her based on what they claim are discrepancies in her story. She has stated that she has changed some names to protect the privacy of parties that were involved, but she insist that her story and the account of past events is accurate. She only hid the alleged sexual abuse due to shame. Her story is viewed to be a threat to refugees however and is feared to have unfortunate consequences for some. Yeonmi Park is committed to shining the light on the tyranny and atrocities of North Korea and despite her doubter, she is standing firm on her story.