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Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer who has made headlines as one of the most prominent singers to come from her country. She is a name that is known around the world and she has fans who come to see her from many different countries around the globe. This means that she is world-famous for being a singer, but there are some things that some people still do not know about Norka and the way that she was able to get the singing career that she has now. She didn’t start out as a professional singer and definitely never pictured herself as such.
Norka wanted to sing professionally but knew that it was unrealistic to think that way. So instead of focusing on something that would likely never happen, she focused on a dream of becoming a prominent business woman. She traveled to France to study business administrated. She enjoyed it while she was in school and even completed the degree but she soon learned that business was not her cup of tea. It was something that she felt hard to fit in with and something that crushed the creative spirit within her. She needed something that would allow her creativity to shine through.

She thought that she found it when she entered culinary arts school but, that too, turned out to work not in her favor. She enjoyed it but she didn’t like it after she was out of school. It was hard for her to be creative and even harder to land a job in foodie-central France. She decided that was not the path that she was meant to be on and she actually began to pursue a degree in fashion. This was also something that she was successful at but something that she did not enjoy after graduation.

One thing that had always stuck, though, was her singing. She knew that she was a good singer and that she would be able to sing no matter what. This was something that she was proud of and she sung regularly. A band soon heard her and wanted her to be with them. They liked her vocals and knew that she would bring great improvements to the band. They wanted to help her while she was helping them. The situation worked out nearly seamlessly and she was able to eventually become a solo artist who has toured the world.

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Antony Ressler, the investment fund manager is finalizing the deal with the Atlanta Hawks ownership group for the purchase of the professional NBA basketball Team Atlanta Hawks. The group of buyers that make up the Ressler Group are Jesse Itzler, Grant Hill as well as the co-founder of Marquis Jet. They will be buying the Hawks from the group of current owners which include billionaire businessman Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon Jr and other members for the staggering amount of $850 million. This is $150 million less than was initially estimated by the banks that Bruce Levenson hired to take over the sale. They estimated it at $1 billion.
Antony Ressler told the papers that he was very excited about becoming the new stewards of the Atlanta Hawks. Him and his fellow business partners are waiting on the NBA’s approval process. Irwin Raij who is the attorney that facilitated the sale told ESPN that the price was a strong amount for the market. This strength shows the potential worth of the NBA product at this moment in time. There are a number of both local and national media deals to take into consideration and reflect within the sales price.

Back in 2004 when Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks along with the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers with a group of businessman, they only payed a minimal $250 million. This also included the operating rights to the Philips Arena. The Thrashers were later sold at $170 million and they relocated to Winnipeg. This shows the type of profit that was made on the sale of the Hawks to Antony Ressler and the rest of the group of new owners. There is money in professional basketball and this shows. For more information on Mr. Levenson, visit

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In order to stay on top of the competition and meet fiscal goals, any contemporary company manager must be on the lookout for new opportunities for expansion. Such is the case for those at IAP Worldwide. This highly respected company is run by skilled leaders who are aware of how to expand the company’s business into markets. They are visionary leaders who are ever in search of potential new markets that may be out there. Those who watch the company closely are aware that such leaders know exactly how to spot opportunity in any market and, more importantly, when to act on it.

A New Acquisition

Given such managerial expertise, it is not surprising that team members have announced new plans. In a recent release via PR Newswire, company officials here have announced to the public that they have acquired two brand new business units from another company. Those at the company have officially stated that they have decided to purchase DRS Technologies, Inc.’s business. The aviation and Logistics business of IAP Worldwide will fit it nicely with the already existing aviation business here. Such an acquisition should help shore up the company’s aviation division and offer future potential for expansion.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

Another Acquisition

In addition to acquiring that unit, they are also buying the company’s tactical communications and network solutions business as well. This business is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground in the state of Maryland. The business offers many kinds of services including aircraft repair management that will fit in nicely with the other services at IAP Worldwide. Both divisions should help the company expand well and offer the kind of expert assistance their customers have come to expect from them.

An Overall Plan

The tactical communications division also offers logistics and mission support services, as well as engineering services of all kinds. In addition, this unit provides information technology, as well as skilled communications support solutions to various government agencies. Officials at IAP Worldwide hope to integrate each unit’s unique capabilities into their overall plan for expansion into new markets. They also hope to work closely with the employees of the new unit in order to develop their talents and allow them to succeed at the newly combined company. All those who have participated in this newly combined venture are hopeful that doing so will be the best possible course of action for all those who are involved with it.

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