Most people don’t get excited about studying actuarial mathematics, but that’s not the case with Gareth Henry. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh he began working for Watson Wyatt in management research before joining Schroders just a few years later. He made the decision to move to the United States in order to work for Fortress Investment Group in 2007.

Now Gareth Henry worked his way up to being a managing director for Fortress and is in charge of raising capital in markets located in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. While he may have been a math geek early on in his career, Gareth Henry has managed to build up great relationships and is building fantastic ties with insurance companies and wealth and pension funds.

In 2016, Henry took his years of experience to Angelo, Gordon & Co., an alternative investment firm that is based out of New York. He has led teams in many different regions across the world and will be a beneficial part of the team at Angelo, Gordon. He has earned his reputation in the industry as being phenomenal in all aspects of what he does and Angelo, Gordon is excited to have gained such a seasoned professional.

Angelo, Gordon is always looking forward to strengthening their team in order to provide the best services that they possibly can for their clients. At Angelo, Gordon, Gareth Henry is working closely with the leader in their firm’s investor relations, Garrett Walls. Among the responsibilities that Gareth Henry holds in his new position are expanding the relationships between clients, marketing the firm, and creating new products to needs.

There are no plans to put in a replacement in the position that he left open at Fortress for now. While working at Fortress he led relations in their liquid markets. Along with the aforementioned position at Angelo, Gordon he was also made a partner of the firm.

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Housing is very important for people. This is why there are real estate agencies. While people will always be looking for homes, it will actually be hard to find one without the help of a real estate agent. Therefore, it is important for people to look through the different agencies in order to find the one that they could trust. Therefore, one must look up the track record of the many different real estate agencies that they come across. Among the bits and pieces of information that people can look up are reviews. If a company consistently has good reviews, then this shows that they can be trusted.


TOWN Residential is one of the companies that could be trusted. They will not only show listings of houses that are for sale, they will also help people find pieces of property that they could afford. This will not only save their clients money, but also put them in a neighborhood that they are happy with. One of the most important aspects of a real estate company is that they are able to make sure that their clients are in a great environment. TOWN Residential has a great track record for doing that.


Town has been so successful as a real estate agent that it has expanded throughout the state of New York. It is getting ready to open up its tenth location in the meatpacking district. That way, it will be able to serve a wider variety of people and move them into better homes. Among the things that Town Residential deals with are luxury homes. These types of homes have some extra features for people that live in them.


One of the reasons that Town Residential is so successful is that it has gained a lot of trust from the clients. The professional agents are willing to sit down with their clients in order to help them find something that is going to satisfy them deeply. They don’t just show them around various houses, they take input from them in order to help figure out what specific neighborhoods and locations they are looking for.


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Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand that has been outstanding in different beauty and skin care products across the world. Makari is a Swahili word meaning “beautiful” and the products are a testimony to that. The products are manufactured in Switzerland, and the company has maintained high standards of quality and professionalism over the last ten years. Various skin care products sold across the globe have transformed lives of many by enabling them to achieve beautiful, radiant skins.

Benefits of Makari Skin Products:

– Reduce dark spots naturally with no hydroquinone.
– Fights signs of aging using natural ingredients to deliver ageless and flawless skin.
– Fades Acne Scars effectively with no harmful ingredients.
– Clinically proven formula to lighten your skin.
Top Selling Makari Skin Products
The following are among the top selling skin products with amazing positive reviews across the globe:

Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap

This is n exfoliating soap for body and face and goes for a Price of $13.99.
This fantastic product is formulated to effectively cleanse, tone, and brighten the skin and at the same time providing resurfacing benefits. It is gentle enough to be applied daily since it has topical antioxidants that help condition your skin and retain the moisture level.

Body Beautifying Whitening Milk

This Makari body milk goes for $47.45.
It is 100% hydroquinone free body milk with an intensely hydrating effect that is designed to smooth your complexion while reducing the intensity of pigmented marks, signs of premature aging, and discolorations.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin

This high-performance body cream goes for $39.95
The cream instantly reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots in addition to protecting the skin against free radicals. The Ultimate Lightening Glycerin formulated with Caviar provides the best performing formula for skin lightening. The result is a clear, luminous, and silky complexion.

The overall appearance is determined by the flawlessness and radiance of your skin. This in turn directly affects your level of self-confidence and the success it brings along. Makari’s primary goal is to unlock your true beauty and enhance your self-esteem through radiant, luxurious skin. Try any of the marvelous Makari skin care products today!