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About Lovaganza



Lovaganza Entertainment is a brand focused on global entertainment provision. It was founded by Jean-François Gagnon. The two are commonly referred to as the creative duo JF&G.



The company also supports non-profitable activities through their non-profitable organization, Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation will be officially opened in 2018 with an aim to support regional and global initiatives.



Much as Lovaganza is an entertainment brand, they are on a Humanitarian mission. Their mission is to unite nations across the world and to promote peace. By showcasing cultures of different communities, people get to understand and appreciate each other. Diversities in lifestyles, faith, race, and language, will no longer be a course for war and civil injustices.



Lovaganza’s Upcoming Activities.


Recording Of The Marvelous 12 Musical Soundtrack.


A significant activity lined up for LOVAGANZA is the recording of The Marvelous 12 Musical Soundtrack. This is 15 minutes animated Film Series presented in 12 episodes aired monthly. Marvelous 12 is inspired by the matinee serials of the year 1930s.



It will be recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios. This is the most recognized and honored facility for recording in the world. Abbey Road Studios has recorded famous stars such as Pink Floyd, the Beatles, U2, and Elton John as well as films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars, Braveheart, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.



The series will be telling the backstory of the famous “The Lovaganza Convoy” films. It will be presented alongside other events during the Lovaganza traveling show. The Marvelous 12 will also be released to cinemas worldwide.


Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations.


Scheduled to begin on MAY 2020 through SEPTEMBER, Lovaganza will hold massive festivities. The theme of these celebrations will be “embarking on A BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE™ around the world.” They plan to tour Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, and Oceania.



The celebrations were originally scheduled for 2015. However, to incorporate advanced technology, it was rescheduled. Such technology includes the use of groundbreaking Immerscope screen that promises to give an amazing viewing experience.



The celebrations will showcase cultures from all the different parts of the earth with bedazzling entertainment. They will employ exhibitions, motion pictures, and immersive attractions over the entire period.



In addition to the recording of The Marvelous 12 soundtrack, filming has already commenced in the United States, France, and Spain. The rest of the world including Africa and India will resume shooting soon. This will be the show of the year.


The Traveling Show


This will be preceding the 2020 celebrations. Hitting the road on 2017, the traveling show will pave the way for the BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE show. The show will introduce glasses-free 3D immersive experience. Remember the Immerscope screen? Fans of Lovaganza will get to sample that as early as 2017.


Follow Your Sunshine


This is a mini-project under the Lovaganza convoy which is being filmed in different European locations. Follow Your Sunshine is created with an aim to inspire people to have faith and carry on through the darkest hours. It is filmed in Spain, Frigiliana, with a 1950s set.




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Being able to have better communication with your loved one in prison is something that so many prison family simply want for themselves and their relatives. What is the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved one is to use a company like Securus to make sure that you are able to have better communication using video visitation services that you can actually do from the comfort of home. All you need is a computer or laptop that you can download the software to and you can begin video visiting with your loved one no matter where you happen to be.


It is essential that you look for this option for yourself and know that this is something that you are going to be able to use each and every time you get the hang of it. The multi-state campaign that was recently launched by security has allowed for better communication by prison families all across the country. Because of this option, a lot more people are beginning to use video visitation services that they can do right from home and it is allowing them to save time and money on their own part while also being able to have better communication with their loved one.


It is very important that you look for this option for yourself because it has also helped me in the past when one of my friends was put behind bars. I did not know how to keep in contact with that person until I discovered Securus and started using it on a daily basis in my own life. It also allowed my loved one to feel like they were still part of the family because I was able to keep in touch with them more regularly than I used to.


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WEN by Chaz is system that can completely replace your current hair care routine.

Shampoo and condition your hair in one with their Cleansing Conditioner! But, here’s the hitch, there’s no damaging sulfates and it takes half the time.

Aside from cleansing and conditioning your hair the healthy way, you can also boost, style, and treat your hair with their products!

Boost. WEN Nourishing Mousse is a great product that you can apply to your hair before blow drying. It lifts your hair from the roots, giving a nice volume to your locks. For curly hair, just put it in and let it air dry!

Style. WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme is great for that untamed hair. You can put it in damp hair to keep it under control. Simply start at the ends and apply up to ponytail level. Then you’re free to style how you want without worry!

Treat. WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment not only revives dry damaged hair. It strengthens it as well. If you want shiny, manageable hair, this product is for you.

Throw out those sulfate filled products and truly care for your hair! WEN by Chaz Dean ( is safe, healthy, and affordable. A kit of all of their products costs the same as what you’d spend on just your typical salon brand shampoo and conditioners. So, why not?

Visit the WEN Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more about the products.

There is no question why The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wears a sapphire engagement ring. It is a timeless piece that exudes elegance with a sheer and unique design no other stone or gym can replicate. It is a beautiful gem that is just as symbolic as the reason why it’s given, one’s priceless adoration for the other.

Sapphire is the second hardest mineral, behind diamond and typically comes in a blue rich color that glistens in any shade of light. However, though blue may be the most common sapphire color, there has been an ultramodern trend of different colored gems. For examples, now there are yellow, orange, green, brown, purple and violet hues. This gem is also the perfect stone for anybody born in September, because sapphire is the stone of the month.

The great thing about the different type of sapphire colors is that you’re able to give your future fiancé a ring that she will proudly boast to all her friends and on social media. No matter which color and cut you decide to propose with, you have made a good choice. However, just as a hint, the deeper the color, the rarer the gem it is. If you can’t choose a color, there are sapphire rings that feature more than one colored gem to not only appease her taste, but create an ultramodern finish.

Whether your future fiancée has a simple taste like Kate Middleton’s or an intense one, where she likes multiple colors in one ring, there is a sapphire engagement ring to celebrate. No matter what, you can have confidence she will feel like royalty with her new and the growing love you guys will share with each other.

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Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential operations management leader. He specializes in creating excellent OEM through combined innovative merchandising tactics and streamlined financial oversights. Goodgame focuses on delivering key performance engagement, a balanced corporate alignment, and employee engagement to improve productivity and profitability. He leverages his ability to promote business growth through outstanding leadership skills, composed negotiations, quality improvement, and performance enhancement. He has a veteran eye when it comes to navigating market trends; therefore he acts quickly during market fluctuations.

Mr. Goodgame can be defined as a symbol of unsurpassed authority when it comes to brand recognition and product creation. He is also regarded as a resourceful and inventive leader. As an authoritative leader, Mr. Goodgame can turn consolidate his concepts and those suggested by his associates into a focused, unified vision. Mr. Goodgame’s eagerness stimulates his associates at True Value to respect, trust, and belief in his incentives. At True Value, Mr. Goodgame focuses on assisting the company to sustain its excellent reputation. In fact, he is incorporated within the shadow of True Value’s success.

Career and education

Kenneth Goodgame holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from Tennessee University. From here, he joined Ace Hardware as the general merchandising manager from 2010 to 2013. Here, he was responsible for monitoring profits and losses in global markets. Between 2008 and 2010, Mr. Goodgame served as Tetronic Industries’ head of Direct Tools Factory Outlets. Here, he escalated sales and propelled the establishment of new retail sectors.

Kenneth Goodgame’s reign at True Value

Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value in 2013 as the President and Chief Marketing Officer. His extensive experience in marketing has helped him gain prominence in profit and loss management. Moreover, as a veteran in marketing, Mr. Goodgame builds skilled and experienced teams to assist him to fulfill his responsibilities.

Kenneth Goodgame capitalizes on his expertise and customer-focus principle to elevate True Value to a global brand. Mr. Goodgame is acknowledged for his artistic approach to product creation at True Value. Under his regime, True Value has established a profound impact in the pandemic marketplace.

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At the twenty-first annual trailblazer awards luncheon in Dallas, Highland Capital Management announced they were doing a one million dollar challenge grant helping the Family Place, the grant will match everything earned fifty-fifty between now and April 4, 2017. The Family Place is an organization that helps families of domestic abuse. They currently need help raising two point eight million dollars for their legacy campaign.

When asked why Highland Capital Management decided to step up, their co-founder and president James Dondero, stated that he was answering the call that the mayor of Dallas issued to help solve life threatening issues in the Dallas community. This campaign will help the foundation build a new shelter and program facility for the victims of violence. This facility, named after Ann Moody, will include “13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, a centralized hotline/call center, multiple private and group counseling rooms for children and adults, and multipurpose spaces for job-training” (

James Dondero started his career in 1984 working with the Morgan Guaranty training program after he graduated from the University of Virginia. While attending school he earned two degrees- one in accounting and one in finance, both of which he received the highest honors in. He became a corporate bond analyst for American Express in 1985 and rose to portfolio manager before leaving four years later. In 1989, he helped start Protective Life’s GV subsidiary. Under Dondero, the subsidiary grew to two billion dollars. He and Protective life then began to build Protective Asset Management Company which was owned sixty percent by Protective Life and forty percent by the founding fathers. In 1997, the fathers bought Protective Life’s portion and in 1998 they changed their names to Highland Capital Management, LP. The company now has approximately fifteen point one billion dollars’ worth of assets. In addition to his work, Dondero contributes to the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library, among others.

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John Goullet is an icon visionary in the IT sector as well as in entrepreneurship. It was in 1983 that Mr. Goullet was conferred with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. After that John started on his career as a consultant in IT, before he later transitioned to IT staffing. Along the way he has portrayed admirable leadership skills. Within a span of five years, the IT staffing company he was leading realized a net worth of $30 million. Ever since, the company has continued to grow significantly and lead the markets.

With the ever-emerging challenges hitting on the IT sector, John has had to keep updating himself with the evolving trends. The IT world generally is also growing rapidly and he has exhibited great aspects in being innovative. Being the principle at Diversant Inc. he decided to merge it with Info Technologies, a company he had founded, and out of the partnership Diversant LLC was born.

John is staff-friendly and encourages his employees to be visionary. No doubt this is part of the reason why he is never worried about attending interviews and testifying of the great fiscal success his company has achieved. According to John, respect, professionalism and discipline are qualities that everyone must observe in their service to the clients.

Interestingly, Diversant is a high-profile company that flawlessly serves the top-notch clients. They have proved to be the leading service providers in IT staffing services. John attributes the great success to commitment. He has an innate ability to lead and when coupled with his academic success, incredible results are birthed.

Able Leadership of Diversant That Ensures all Things Hold Together

Diversant LLC is headed by a crew of like-minded people to achieve the great success. Gene C. Waddy is the owner where he co-works with the company principal, John Goullet, Chief Operations Officer, Jim Yoshimura, among other Advisory Board members. The team has been through hurdles but thanks to their aptitude that has seen the company continually thrive. It is also an exemplary team and you can borrow a leaf from their book.

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Kabbalah is a form of religious teaching that many believe has been misunderstood for centuries because of the different ways this form of teaching makes us look at ourselves in different ways. There are three basic forms of Kabbalah that can be enjoyed by the people of the world, which are theoretical, spiritual, and meditative; the three forms of Kabbalah have been shrouded in mystery for the majority of human civilizationa, which has led to many rumors and pieces of misinformation rising up about this spiritual practice.


The main way Kabbalah differs from the more traditional forms of religion the Kabbalah Centre welcomes as faiths for its students is that those studying Kabbalah seek to lose themselves in a new way of looking at the universe surrounding each of us. Unlike traditional religious beliefs where the individual is encouraged to find their true self the teachings of Kabbalah show the individual how they can change their view of the world to gain more understanding of the place of the individual compared to those around them.


The Kabbalah Centre follows the general teaching of this different spiritual view of the world by guiding students through the writings of the Zohar to allow them to see more of what the universe has to offer. In the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre the student looks to release the blockage each person is thought to have that sits between themselves and their view of the universe as it really is; the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre explain that more than 99 percent of the universe is hidden from view because of the blockage each person has, which is known as Klippot.


Students of the Kabbalah are given guidance in the teachings of the ancient form of scripture by the teachers of the Kabbalah Centre who explain the way the universe can be explored in accordance with the existing religious beliefs of each individual student. The belief that cosmic powers are at play at all times is shown in the ancient beliefs in astrology and much more that Kabbalah Centre students learn about from experienced teachers.

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For most people getting an Amex Black Card means they have arrived. Not willing to wait Billy McFarland took a short cut and created his own black card. The Magnises card is made of metal and black, but that is where the resemblance to the Amex Black card ends. The Magnises card will cost you a mere $250 a year and will give you no line of credit. What it will give you is an amazing number of perks all designed to make the lives of its members more exciting. The application to get the Magnises card is as much concerned with your favorite restaurant as your income.

After briefly attending Bucknell University the 23-year-old entrepreneur realized that millennials like himself were more interested in perks than prestige or credit limits. You can connect your new Magnises card to an existing line of credit from a bank or other card but it is the perks that attract most Magnsise members.

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An invite-only black card for millennials

The exclusive card, only available for New Yorkers at present, offers a mobile app for a 24-hour concierge service that can get you picked up by a driver in a BMW 7L. The concierge service will arrange for concert tickets or get you weekend reservations at one of the many chic restaurants. Your reservation will include complimentary dishes and free champagne. It can also set you up with a private trainer in one of the many big gyms like David Barton.

The Magnises card is more about enhancing your life experience. The founders want to help young professionals network and connect in a way that is uniquely there’s. The members only events are designed to bring people together in a new way. They purchased a house in the West Village on Greenwich Ave. and converted it into a clubhouse for members only. Members can enjoy the contemporary art while lounging on leather couches while having a drink with friends or business associates. You can watch television or visit with friends.

Billy McFarland is not new to the world of business. His first startup, created when he was 13-years-old, was a service that matched websites with web designers. At 22, he started Spling, a content sharing service. Now at 23 he continues to do what he does best, bringing people together. The Magnises card, and all its trendy perks, will soon be offered in Chicago. As its success grows it will soon take the whole country by storm. Trendy Millennials will be enjoying the many perks membership offers world wide.

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