December 14, 2016 · Business Leaders

At the twenty-first annual trailblazer awards luncheon in Dallas, Highland Capital Management announced they were doing a one million dollar challenge grant helping the Family Place, the grant will match everything earned fifty-fifty between now and April 4, 2017. The Family Place is an organization that helps families of domestic abuse. They currently need help raising two point eight million dollars for their legacy campaign.

When asked why Highland Capital Management decided to step up, their co-founder and president James Dondero, stated that he was answering the call that the mayor of Dallas issued to help solve life threatening issues in the Dallas community. This campaign will help the foundation build a new shelter and program facility for the victims of violence. This facility, named after Ann Moody, will include “13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, a centralized hotline/call center, multiple private and group counseling rooms for children and adults, and multipurpose spaces for job-training” (

James Dondero started his career in 1984 working with the Morgan Guaranty training program after he graduated from the University of Virginia. While attending school he earned two degrees- one in accounting and one in finance, both of which he received the highest honors in. He became a corporate bond analyst for American Express in 1985 and rose to portfolio manager before leaving four years later. In 1989, he helped start Protective Life’s GV subsidiary. Under Dondero, the subsidiary grew to two billion dollars. He and Protective life then began to build Protective Asset Management Company which was owned sixty percent by Protective Life and forty percent by the founding fathers. In 1997, the fathers bought Protective Life’s portion and in 1998 they changed their names to Highland Capital Management, LP. The company now has approximately fifteen point one billion dollars’ worth of assets. In addition to his work, Dondero contributes to the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library, among others.

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