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Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential operations management leader. He specializes in creating excellent OEM through combined innovative merchandising tactics and streamlined financial oversights. Goodgame focuses on delivering key performance engagement, a balanced corporate alignment, and employee engagement to improve productivity and profitability. He leverages his ability to promote business growth through outstanding leadership skills, composed negotiations, quality improvement, and performance enhancement. He has a veteran eye when it comes to navigating market trends; therefore he acts quickly during market fluctuations.

Mr. Goodgame can be defined as a symbol of unsurpassed authority when it comes to brand recognition and product creation. He is also regarded as a resourceful and inventive leader. As an authoritative leader, Mr. Goodgame can turn consolidate his concepts and those suggested by his associates into a focused, unified vision. Mr. Goodgame’s eagerness stimulates his associates at True Value to respect, trust, and belief in his incentives. At True Value, Mr. Goodgame focuses on assisting the company to sustain its excellent reputation. In fact, he is incorporated within the shadow of True Value’s success.

Career and education

Kenneth Goodgame holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from Tennessee University. From here, he joined Ace Hardware as the general merchandising manager from 2010 to 2013. Here, he was responsible for monitoring profits and losses in global markets. Between 2008 and 2010, Mr. Goodgame served as Tetronic Industries’ head of Direct Tools Factory Outlets. Here, he escalated sales and propelled the establishment of new retail sectors.

Kenneth Goodgame’s reign at True Value

Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value in 2013 as the President and Chief Marketing Officer. His extensive experience in marketing has helped him gain prominence in profit and loss management. Moreover, as a veteran in marketing, Mr. Goodgame builds skilled and experienced teams to assist him to fulfill his responsibilities.

Kenneth Goodgame capitalizes on his expertise and customer-focus principle to elevate True Value to a global brand. Mr. Goodgame is acknowledged for his artistic approach to product creation at True Value. Under his regime, True Value has established a profound impact in the pandemic marketplace.

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