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Billionaire George Soros recently made headlines by speaking out against the refugee ban recently promoted by President Donald J. Trump. As a well established supporter of liberal American politicians on nytimes.com, George Soros has contributed several million dollars to groups devoted to the destruction of Republican programs and initiatives. Although Soros has a history of consistent loyalty to the Democratic political party, the billionaire is not always vocal about his personal stances and views. The refugee ban, however, seems to have hit a nerve with George Soros and the businessman has participated in several interviews where he discussed reasons he does not support the ban and is actively working to oppose it.

According to Forbes Magazine, a publication which frequently discusses the business affairs of George Soros and his associates, Soros attempted to fight the refugee ban’s effect on European refugees. Soros’ disapproving attitude regarding the refugee ban seems to stem not only from his affiliation with the Democratic political party, but also from his personal history as a native of Hungary. The billionaire was born in the 1930s to Hungarian parents during a time just before the rise of Nazi Germany. Because he was of Jewish decent, Soros was often exposed to the increasing hostility towards Jews that was spreading across his native region. As a young teenager, Soros was placed into hiding by his father, who was a Hungarian attorney on Politico. Soros’ father worked diligently during his lifetime to ensure that his wife and son were protected from persecution. When George Soros was old enough to attend a university, the future businessman immigrated to England and was free to pursue his education and business endeavors without fear of harm and made his first investment on discoverthenetworks.org.

Because George Soros became a billionaire largely because of his migration to a foreign country, the businessman has devoted a considerable amount of money toward immigrant and refugee causes. George Soros has stated his earnest belief that refugees should be granted the right to flee from dangerous political and religious associations in their native countries. Soros has single handedly funded the political actions committee responsible for developing legislation for refugees relocating to America. George Soros has stated that his background as a native of a country which was quickly invaded by Nazi Germany has created a lasting compassion for refugees and immigrants. If Soros had been prevented from entering a new country as an immigrant, the businessman may never have become one of the most wealthy people in the world. Soros has stated that he looks forward to a continued effort to fight against the refugee ban and will fully fund and support any projects that he believes will assist refugees in their attempt to flee dangerous environments.

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Currently having their elegant models taking on the fashion world in the exceptional runways at not only Austin Fashion Week, but also traveling out to Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and countless other outstanding Fashion and Beauty shows and events, The Brown Agency’s models are catching all the eyes and they’re not the only ones. The actors of The Brown Agency are making waves too, proving themselves and their stellar talent by being cast in a wide range of projects, including but not limited to The Leftover, American Crime, and Queen of The South. Having merged with the incredible force that is Wilhelmina Models back in 2015, The Brown Agency is growing into a truly amazing business that works for and with it’s talent to secure the best possible jobs and positions in the film, theatre, and modeling industries and their incredible success is speaking wonders for their brilliant idea to blend in with one of the all time best modeling agencies in the world to become Texas’ go to full service model and talent agency!

Quoted as humbly praising the talented, graceful, and vivacious individuals at his agency, Justin Brown, the President of The Brown Agency, says commonly and outrightly, “We are only as good as our talent.” It’s true too, because the individuals signed to his agency are among some of the best and brightest growing talent in their fields, currently working with companies like Dell, L’oreal, Luis Vuitton, and Dell amongst many countless others.

Creating a much higher standard for Central Texas than it has ever been privy to in the past, The Brown Agency is taking the modeling and acting world with a bravery and tenacity that everyone can truly appreciate. Taking bold strides, The Brown Agency is a place to be proud of.

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If you are looking to improve your child’s learning experience, then perhaps utilize the ClassDojo app may greatly assist you in your efforts. You may choose to encourage school and classroom values with the utilization of the map. Student stories is a feature that is available on the app which is essential student-led digital portfolios. Students may add videos and photos of their work to their particular story and choose to share them with their parents. Moments that occur in the classroom are also capable of being shared with parents. Teachers have abilities of keeping students’ parents updated by sharing videos and photos. The app can be used on any device and on any language. Parents are able to translate messages into any language with ClassDojo with a simple tap. Parents and teachers may choose to private message one another with the app and they are not required to exchange phone numbers if they decide to do so.

If you are not quite sure about whether ClassDojo can be beneficial to you for your use, please do not hesitate to contact a representative who is able to assist and/or guide in using it at the customer service contact. You will quickly realize that it is indeed an app that can and should be used by all teachers and parents. It has been made with elements of design that a simplistic, thus making it easy to navigate through.  Based on wikipedia.com,  it is an app that can truly change the way education curriculum is formed and could bring many positive results to students’ learning processes. Ultimately, it is the students and their families who will be able to benefit from the utilization of the ClassDojo app, thus, making it an option that all schools should consider implementing into their programs.

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