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If you want to be successful in life, having a broad knowledge base can definitely help your case. Thirst for knowledge has always been a great way to start a career in most fields in work. Even if an individual decides to dedicate himself to just one industry, receiving as much knowledge is a must. For those who have aspirations in many different fields, the same notion applies, but it will take much more effort and passion to branch across many sectors. This is what a guy named Jason Hope has done precisely, but here’s a little more about this extraordinary individual.

Jason Hope is a technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. The guy is literally a man of many acts thanks to his ability to maneuver across different business sectors. Hope has donated and raised capital for a number of projects including SENS Research Foundation. This organization specializes in the prevention and curing affects of today’s illnesses. SENS had made some major advancements in specific medicines that deal with the anti-aging process and Hope has donated nearly half a million dollars in the process. Hope has always had an interest in biotechnology and this is his way of giving back to society from his successful professional career.

Technology, technology, technology. Jason Hope is a techno genius in a sense as he has worked with and founded many different technology businesses. The guy actually earns his living from his brilliant way of thinking and progressive movements. Technology is his first love and his strong passion has helped shape the technology industry to some degree. He also has a huge social media following on Twitter and Facebook, which is where he shares many interesting news and breakthroughs of the industry. Jason Hope personifies the word breakthrough and his resume is a testament of it’s success.

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