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The Gold Winner for the prestigious position of CEO has been announced by the One Planet Awards. Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group is the winner. This is a highly coveted award to honor businesses and professionalism all over the world. Worldwide organizations submit their nominations in numerous categories.


Troy became a member of USHEALTH Group in 2010 and began to turn the company around. He rebuilt USHEALTH Advisors which is their distribution agency. This led to Troy becoming the CEO of the company three years later. The growth, profit and success of the company were a direct result of his actions.


Troy was honored to receive this award but felt everyone at the company deserved the recognition. All of the employees were responsible for finding solutions to the problem of affordability in healthcare. The solutions were innovative and creative and directly addressed the problem.


The One Planet Awards are designed to show recognition to companies who achieve professional as well as business excellence. These awards are separated into different categories to include the executives, products, teams and services offered.


Troy McQuagge is originally from Panama City, Florida. He is both an entrepreneur and a successful corporate executive. His education was received while attending the University of Central Florida. He is living in Coppell, Texas and is the current CEO for USHEALTH Advisors. His experience encompasses thirty years in the field of sales.


Troy’s career began in the sales of health insurance and this is where the majority of his time was spent during his career. In 1983 Troy went to work for Allstate. He worked there for a long period of time and moved to the healthcare field in 1995. By 2010 he was a part of USHEALTH Advisors and handled the profits relating to the sales of health insurance. His main focus was individuals under the age of 65. USHEALTH Group sells health insurance to an extremely wide base of people. Troy is the current CEO for the company.

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