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Everyone that is entering the job market talks about the age at which they would want to achieve financial freedom. It is quite unfortunate that less than a third of the people are able to live the dream. One of the people that have been able to conceptualize a business idea that would take them to the top, and follow through to their success is Todd Lubar. This investor wishes to share a few things that hinder people from achieving real success in their investments.

The first thing he recommends is starting early. When you look back at the time he started investing, he was fresh out of college. He worked with mortgage companies and got a clear understanding of how the old school mortgage business worked. He then looked for connections within the business. These included property brokers, estate agents, financial planners and others in the sector. This is what helped him establish the successful referral business that he is really proud of today.

Six years ago, he acquired an equity membership status from the Legacy Finance Group. This gave him instant access to the large capital sums that he needed to fund and grow his business. He reinvested in the Real estate business and created single family homes and shared living.

He also decided to get back to his business at the brokerage firm. According to his Linked In page, this is a business that was supervised for him by First Magnus Corporation. The business enabled him to complete over 7000 transactions which helped him understand the different types of loans and get more attuned to the special needs of each of his customers. He has also tried his hand in demolition businesses and in a scrap recycling outfit. Both businesses did so well that he sold one at a good profit.

Todd is now retired and he lives in Florida with his family. He has a wife and two children that he adores and likes spending time with. Todd believes that risk is part of business and that no gains can ever be made in business unless there are risks involved. He is an exemplary business leader and investor. To learn more, visit toddlubar.com.

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