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End Citizens United is an organization that was established following a court ruling that’s now known as Citizens United. Its goal is to bring politics back to the people and away from the influential billionaires. Over the years, the group believes that the wealthy individuals and families in the United States have wrestled political control away from the masses. Through its campaign, it intends to make politics attractive to everybody once again.


Supporting Democratic Candidates with Shared Values


One of the organization’s goals is to support those with shared values and vision. It supports any Democrat seeking an elective position in Senate or the House of Representatives. It was established in March 2015. Importantly, its end game involves passing a constitutional amendment on the Citizens United ruling mentioned above. If the amendment is successful, the organization will reverse the decision and limit the control the super PACs currently enjoy.


In the past, the group has not been afraid of endorsing any Democratic Party candidate with shared values. It took this decision because of the strong belief that changes to the law can only happen when the right people are in power, or positions of influence. To achieve this goal, the group helps the candidates it endorses to raise funds for the political campaigns. In this regard, the group’s approach is different from other PACs’.


It uses a political approach to achieve its objectives. As previously stated, it works with individuals it supported and helped get elected into Senate or House. End Citizens United believes this is a more pragmatic approach. It believes people in positions of influence in Senate or House are more willing to push its agenda through. All the candidates it endorses must have a proven record of favoring campaign finance reforms.


Reducing Influence of Wealthy Families


Apart from that, End Citizens United is also aware of the power of families such as the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers are renowned for waging all manner of war against candidates they do not like. The brothers work in a similar fashion to several dark money groups. Candidates under attack by Koch Brothers and other similar groups often lack the financial wherewithal to fight back. In such instances, End Citizens United comes in to provide assistance.


Candidates who receive support in the form of money that’s impossible to trace often have to do their masters’ biddings. They rarely have time to do what’s right for the Americans they ought to be serving. End Citizens United seeks to change this too. It aims to bring accountability back into politics. This goal is achievable when the organization supports the election of pro-reform candidates and make ‘money in politics’ a national discussion.


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The Kabbalah Centre makes it easy for their students to connect with one another. Through meeting face to face locally and even reaching out to other students who are miles apart, there are endless opportunities to connect. The diversity that The Kabbalah Centre consists of today is truly a gift, and teachers, students, and Kabbalah Centre organizers admire the ability of The Kabbalah Centre to be able to reach so many different types of people and create positive change in their lives.

The teachers are equally appreciative of students who are able to assist in sharing the messages for some of these students who may not be able to fully understand certain languages. The Kabbalah Centre makes it possible for their current students to provide unconditional kindness to their fellow classmates through The Kabbalah University Subtitle Team. There are two different roles in which The Kabbalah Centre allows their students to serve one another through The Kabbalah University Subtitle Team: translators and transcribers.

The Kabbalah University translators translate English transcripts into the specific language that is needed which represents one of the many different languages of students who are a part of The Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah University transcribers convert text from video content into subtitles that are in English. Both the translators and transcribers are provided with support from technical training and continuous assistance. Given the continual growth of diversity in The Kabbalah Centre and study groups everywhere, translators and transcribers have become an essential part of The Kabbalah Centre’s volunteer group.

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In a recent Bustle article, one writer decided to test the buzzed-about WEN hair care line by Chaz Dean. Her week-long experiment on fine hair revealed how well WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner really worked.

Upon her first use, the writer noticed that her hair felt thicker and stronger right away. She also noticed it felt shiny, bouncy, and clean. She noticed that her roots got greasy by morning, but immediately became shiny and voluminous again upon using WEN. Her hair was well-conditioned, which made it harder to hold curls. However, besides being harder to style, WEN made her hair easier to work with, full of volume, and super shiny, so much so that even her friends complimented her on it.

WEN by Chaz Dean is a unique line of no-lather hair care products. Rather than using a sudsy formula that coats and damages hair, the signature Cleansing Conditioner makes hair shiny, soft, and manageable. This product saves you money since it acts as a 5-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler. It comes in tons of delicious scents from lavender to fig and works on all hair types and textures. Along with the Cleansing Conditioner, the WEN line also includes styling cream, mousse, intensive hair treatment, and more. To purchase Wen hair care products, simply visit, or thru