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Clay Siegall founded the Seattle Genetic in 1998. Seattle Genetic specializes in developing therapeutic drugs for diseases and infections, which have not experienced significant mortality improvements. Siegall holds a degree in zoology from the University of Maryland. He also has a Ph. D in Genetics from George Washington University.


How Clay Siegall Got Started In the Business and His Inspirations


In an interview with the Inspirery, Dr. Siegall explained that his passion for medicine began when he was a young boy. He was specifically intrigued by the advanced technology and wanted to leverage and create drugs that overcome diseases, normalize the course of nature, and reinstate health to patients whose fate would have been death. His interests in cancer treatment were deepened after witnessing his close family member develop acute anemia from chemotherapy. He observed that cancer treatment was very brutal back then, and often patients died from the treatment rather than from the diseases itself. He noted that some treatment options such as amputations and radical surgery were rather too extreme. The need to provide advanced and more tolerable treatment methods drove him to start Seattle Genetic.


Steps Made In Drug Development


Seattle Genetic firm has developed premium and FDA approved conjugate antibody drugs. The drugs have at least three approved indications and a string of over 20 drugs. Also, Clay Siegall has developed a strong network of strategic partnerships with global drug manufacturers such as Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech.


Clay Siegall has grown the firm from a small startup with a few researchers to a globally recognized player in the cancer research industry. He has invested in cutting edge technology to help increase the number of potential indications of the existing and new drugs. The company is well positioned to transition into the 21st-century drug manufacture industry with authority.


How the Company Makes Money


The company has multiple streams of revenue. First, is from the sale of their proprietary drugs. The first FDA approved conjugate antibody drug has three indications already. The company also earns revenue from licensing their processes and technologies to other companies. Clay Siegall has made meaningful partnerships with other drug corporations and manufacturers, which also bring substantial revenue to the company.

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