Live Nation is Parting Ways with Roc Nation, What Will Desiree Perez Do?

The curtains are finally closing on the $150 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation. Once more, Roc Nation’s spokesperson, and Jay Z’s business partner, Desiree Perez comes to the rescue. Will she wave her magic wand and secure another business deal for Roc Nation?

Rumor has it that Live Nation will continue to partner with Roc Nation. Live Nation is an events company located in Beverly Hills, California. The events company focuses on global live concerts and the promotional entertainment business.

Word has it that Live Nation will continue to take part in Roc Nation’s Live tours. Unfortunately, Live Nation will not continue investing in Roc Nation’s music label. This is because Live Nation is nolonger interested in recorded music.   Check for more article.

So, it is safe to say that Roc Nation is going through a rough season business-wise. Still, Desire Perez never lacks a trick up her sleeve. While the door is closing on Live Nation, rumor has it she is working on a new deal with Universal Music Group.

Universal Music Group has shown interest in Roc Nation’s distribution deals. This is good news to Ms. Perez as the new funding will help Roc Nation discover and develop new artists. In addition, some funds from the business deal steered towards keeping Tidal afloat. Tidal is an online music streaming service owned by Roc Nation. The music streaming service is competing with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music. Refer to for related reading.

As it stands, none of these deals have fully materialized. Nevertheless, Roc Nation has always had faith on Desiree’s business skills. She might have what it takes to land the plane home.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s business associate and the strong negotiation voice of Roc Nation. Ms. Perez has always proven her skill in landing lucrative business deals for her clients. She is the brains behind Rihanna’s successful music tours and endorsement deals with various brands.  Click on for additional article.

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Vincent Parascandola; the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA

Vincent Parascandola works with AXA Advisor, LLC as the Senior Executive Vice President. AXA Company is known to a leading financial protection firm that offers equitable life insurance policies in New York. The company has hired over six thousand experts who offer strategies and plans on how to move forward, with Parascandola being the cheerleader of the enterprise. Before joining AXA Advisors, Parascandola was the president Advantage group which is a branch of AXA. He also helped in the management of AXA Company which is a New York Metro Branch. The branch has around four hundred officials and being able to manage such a huge number of people shows that Parascandola has exceptional managerial skills. Now he is in charge of recruiting, sales, retention, productivity, and management.

While working, Vincent Parascandola has managed to get himself some awards like the GAMA Career development and the Master Agency Award. He is also known to be an eloquent speaker who has been sought to speak at various platforms companies and conferences. Parascandola can serve as a chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee, and it is through his hard work that he became the senior executive Vice President.

About AXA Advisory

AXA Advisors is a multinational insurance firm whose headquarters are in France. It is a company that serves as a global insurance company whose headquarters are in France. The company acts as a global insurance company that works in investment management and financial services. The AXA brand grows each year, and it is now known to operate in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This is an independent run business that follows various laws and regulations depending on the legislation of those countries. AXA is known to be the second strongest corporation that operates internationally.

AXA Company was founded in 1816 in France. The firm changed on various occasions in 1985; The American Insurance Company took over the company. In the year 1991, The Equitable changed the name of the business to AXA-UAP. In the year 1999, the company reinvented itself back to AXA. In 2006 AXA acquired one of the biggest insurance companies known as the Winterthur Group from Credit Suisse for 9 Billion Euros.

Cassio Audi Music Profession With The Viper

The music career of Cassio Audi kicked off in 1985 when he with fellow friends, Andre Machando, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machando and Pit Passarell founded the famous Brazil metal band Viper. At this time the five teenagers were pioneering a genre of music that was not so common in the South America, but for them, they were hugely influenced by the renowned British Heavy Metal and Iron Maiden. Cassio found his place in the band as an exemplary drummer and also a composer of some of the band’s songs. Soon the band became widely recognized throughout the Latin Americas communities for their introduction of heavy metal music, and quickly they gained fans and also critics.

The people around Cassio at this time praised him for his excellent skills and talent and also saw him as a successful musician in future. When his band the Viper did a demo of its first album in 1985, Cassio played the drums. When their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise came out in 1987, Cassio had become a household name for his skill on the drum. On this album tracks like, killer, signs of the night and nightmare which were in the demo were featured.

Cassio remained to be the band’s drummer and was credited as a writer of one of the songs in the album soldiers of sunrise. Viper continued to gain popularity all over, and the individual talents and skills of every member of the band continued to flourish. Fans had nothing but praise for the lyrics and vocals of the songs they released. Which a concrete huge fan base and good ratings for their music, Viper was set for further success and bright days.

Cassio Audi took a decision to leave the band in 1989 and decided to join university bringing his music career to a halt. When the Viper recorded their second successful album, Theater of Fate Cassio was not part of it.

Dr. Greg Finch: The Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Greg Finch is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who treats several musculoskeletal problems. The professional possesses extensive expertise that enables him to solve multiple problems that affect the musculoskeletal system of the human body. The musculoskeletal system requires maximum care from qualified individuals. It entails the following: joints, tendons, bones, nerves, body ligaments and all the muscles. Trauma and spinal orthopedics are the areas of specialties of Dr. Greg Finch. Additionally, the expert has other skills that enable him to perform cervical surgery, spinal decompression, backbone therapy and spinal stenosis. Therefore, due to his multiple skills, he is among the most recommended orthopedic surgeons in the world. Below are some of the common orthopedic procedures performed by experienced surgeons such as Dr. Greg Finch.

  • Repairing Ankle Fractures

Due to wrong twisting or accidents, many people get ankle fractures. For instance, sportsmen like footballers may acquire severe ankle fractures when playing soccer. An orthopedic surgeon can repair these fractured ankles. The process enables players to continue with their careers without experiencing ankle complications.

  • Hip Replacement

It is another common orthopedic procedure. If an individual gets hip injuries and fractures, he or she may require the services of a qualified orthopedic surgeon. The professional uses a prosthetic implant to replace the hip joint. The procedure is essential because it plays a significant role in relieving arthritis pains. Also, it is a common activity done to ladies who want to have hip enlargements.

  • Spine Surgery

It is among the areas of specialties of Greg Finch. The procedure is done to victims who have severe backbone problems. In the case of accidents, victims may get damages and fractures in their spines. Orthopedic surgeons help in the treatment of these challenges. The procedure requires high levels of keenness because the spine is among the most crucial body parts.

The story of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus in 3 minutes

Have you come across the name Eric Lefkofsky? If no, then you are in the right place. Eric became famous when working at Inner Workings and Echo Global Logistics. However, it is his third company that made him recognizable.Eric earned more than 1.79 million dollars with e-commerce startups but still aspired to do better. He recently started his latest company Tempus, and it has a great goal. Tempus is going to assemble an extensive genomic cancer database. With this data bank, doctors will be able to compare the DNAs of their patients so they can personalize their therapies. With this help and the best cancer specialists will be able to help cancer patients live longer or even get the cure.Eric realized that modern technology is growing fast and it was fair for technology in the medical field to progress at the same speed. He figured that doctors were collecting data and they needed a way to analyze it.

Many startups are trying to find a cure for diseases due to growth in technology. The industry has therefore grown because it is not expensive to conduct tests as it was before. However, despite all this Eric trusts that Tempus is advantageous over other companies.To ensure that Tempus remains on top, they collaborated with several hospitals. They work together to collect massive amounts of data. Tempus has built a 20,000 –square-foot lab to enable gene-sequencing lab. They provide their specialists with software that allows them to make comparisons of DNA profiles of cancer patients. Through this, they will find cures that would work best for patients with detailed hereditary profiles.

In 2015, Eric quit being the CEO of Groupon to concentrate on building Tempus into a global firm. However, he is still the chair of Groupon and the largest shareholder. His first action as the Tempus leader was to hire Kevin White who is highly skilled in the genetic industry.In conclusion, Eric co-owns Tempus with his business partner Brad Keywell. They have worked together in many business ventures as well.

Bringing Back the Great Memories of Cassio Audi’s Music

Cassio Audio has a music talent that many out of his generation are unaware of and has very little written about it. The disservice to such great talent may be because its time in the industry was short. A quick look at his short stint at music leaves no doubt concerning his musical career.

Cassio Audi was one of the five founding members of Band Vipers, Brazil’s pioneer heavy metal rock band. Other band members were Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves and Pit Passarell. These Brazilian teenagers were influenced by the then trending British heavy metal especially the Iron Maiden band. Cassio Audi played the drums and wrote songs.

Cassio Audi took part in the band’s demo album of 1985 and Soldiers of Sunrise, their first album released in 1987. Some of their songs such as Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night, Nightmares and Soldiers of Sunrise were major hits in the late 80s to mid-90s. The debut album received a 4-star rating on Allmusic. In 1989, Cassio Audio left the band to pursue University education marking the end of his promising music career.

Nearly three decades later the mark Cassio Audi left on the heavy metal world is still felt. His numerous fans which he had thrilled by the heart throbbing drum beats still miss him as his drumming skills were a hit in his days. Though his stint in the industry was short, his legacy stands out. The tracks he took part in are testimonials of his raw talent and musical genius. Today it is hard to find the quality raw talent revealed in the lyrics and the vocals in these songs

Vincent Parascandola’s Success as a Finance Professional

AXA Advisors is a reputable firm that is recognized for the exceptional finance services that it provides. The company has mainly specialized in global insurance and assisting its customers in managing their investments. It currently has offices in regions such as Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, and North America. The business has been performing well in the market for the past eight years, and its growth rate has been about 14 percent per annum. It is also regarded as the leading enterprise in the industry. AXA Advisors has been providing finance solutions that facilitate the success of businesses and individuals. It also ensures that its clients become financially secure.


The great accomplishment of the firm in the markets has been facilitated by multiple mergers and acquisitions that it has made. AXA was founded in 1895, and since then, it has bought enterprises such as Guardian Royal Exchange, Equitable, Winterthur Group, as well as Sun Life & Provincial Holdings. It is also committed to financing various charitable undertakings. It started AXA Research Fund in 2008, and the organization has offered its support to various projects that determine and solve issues that are dangerous to the environment and human life.


Vincent Parascandola is an accomplished specialist in the finance world. He has been serving the sector for over two decades and has held various leading positions. Vincent currently works at AXA Advisors’ finance unit as its senior executive VP. He has majored in services such as enhancing the skills of finance professions, management development, and recruitment strategies. Parascandola is an alumnus of the New York-based Pace University. He got his first job at Prudential and was later offered a chance to serve as one of MONY Life Insurance’s agents. The firm appreciated him for his excellent work, and he was promoted to act as an executive.


Parascandola was later appointed to be the president of the Advantage Group. The firm is a division of the AXA Equitable and has been focused on finance professionals. Vincent served the company for a short while before moving to AXA Advisors. His career accomplishments have enabled him to be honored by being offered awards such as the Master Agency Awards.