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The music career of Cassio Audi kicked off in 1985 when he with fellow friends, Andre Machando, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machando and Pit Passarell founded the famous Brazil metal band Viper. At this time the five teenagers were pioneering a genre of music that was not so common in the South America, but for them, they were hugely influenced by the renowned British Heavy Metal and Iron Maiden. Cassio found his place in the band as an exemplary drummer and also a composer of some of the band’s songs. Soon the band became widely recognized throughout the Latin Americas communities for their introduction of heavy metal music, and quickly they gained fans and also critics.

The people around Cassio at this time praised him for his excellent skills and talent and also saw him as a successful musician in future. When his band the Viper did a demo of its first album in 1985, Cassio played the drums. When their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise came out in 1987, Cassio had become a household name for his skill on the drum. On this album tracks like, killer, signs of the night and nightmare which were in the demo were featured.

Cassio remained to be the band’s drummer and was credited as a writer of one of the songs in the album soldiers of sunrise. Viper continued to gain popularity all over, and the individual talents and skills of every member of the band continued to flourish. Fans had nothing but praise for the lyrics and vocals of the songs they released. Which a concrete huge fan base and good ratings for their music, Viper was set for further success and bright days.

Cassio Audi took a decision to leave the band in 1989 and decided to join university bringing his music career to a halt. When the Viper recorded their second successful album, Theater of Fate Cassio was not part of it.

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