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Dr. Greg Finch is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who treats several musculoskeletal problems. The professional possesses extensive expertise that enables him to solve multiple problems that affect the musculoskeletal system of the human body. The musculoskeletal system requires maximum care from qualified individuals. It entails the following: joints, tendons, bones, nerves, body ligaments and all the muscles. Trauma and spinal orthopedics are the areas of specialties of Dr. Greg Finch. Additionally, the expert has other skills that enable him to perform cervical surgery, spinal decompression, backbone therapy and spinal stenosis. Therefore, due to his multiple skills, he is among the most recommended orthopedic surgeons in the world. Below are some of the common orthopedic procedures performed by experienced surgeons such as Dr. Greg Finch.

  • Repairing Ankle Fractures

Due to wrong twisting or accidents, many people get ankle fractures. For instance, sportsmen like footballers may acquire severe ankle fractures when playing soccer. An orthopedic surgeon can repair these fractured ankles. The process enables players to continue with their careers without experiencing ankle complications.

  • Hip Replacement

It is another common orthopedic procedure. If an individual gets hip injuries and fractures, he or she may require the services of a qualified orthopedic surgeon. The professional uses a prosthetic implant to replace the hip joint. The procedure is essential because it plays a significant role in relieving arthritis pains. Also, it is a common activity done to ladies who want to have hip enlargements.

  • Spine Surgery

It is among the areas of specialties of Greg Finch. The procedure is done to victims who have severe backbone problems. In the case of accidents, victims may get damages and fractures in their spines. Orthopedic surgeons help in the treatment of these challenges. The procedure requires high levels of keenness because the spine is among the most crucial body parts.

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