Advertising is about a lot more than attracting and retaining customers. It is about winning hearts and minds. This is often easier said than done. As such, it is quite astonishing that one company, Mullen Lowe Brazil, has been able to do so consistently. Today, the company is among the largest in the thriving Brazilian Advertising industry. The company is run by two Chief Executive Officers, with the longest serving one being Jose Henrique Borghi.

Mullen Lowe Brazil is part of the larger multinational Mullen Lowe Group. The company came about through a series of mergers and takeovers that all trace back to Jose Borghi. In 2002, Jose Borghi launched own advertising company and befittingly called it BorghiErh. After four years of considerable growth and success in the Brazilian market, the company attracted some international admirers with the most serious on being Low + Partners. A merger was thereafter completed between the two companies. The new organization formed has since grown and undergone a series of restructuring efforts that culminated in it changing its name in 2015 to Mullen Lowe Group. The Brazilian subsidiary of the group was therefore aptly named Mullen Lowe Brazil and has both Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes as its Chief Executive Officers.

More on Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is one of the most known executives in the Brazilian Advertising scene. He has more than two decades of experience in the industry and has over the years created a reputation of being both creative and meticulous with his assignments. He studied advertising at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas before going on to join Standard Ogilvy directly out of school. After a few fruitful years at the company, he decided to fly the coup and grow his talents at a raft of other advertising agencies. He ended up at the likes of the much-respected BM9DDB, Talent, and Leo Burnet. It was then, 2002, after four brief, but highly insightful, years that he decided to leave the employment scene and form his own outfit, BorghiErh, that would later be merged into the Mullen Lowe Group.

In his time at Mullen Lowe Brazil, Jose Borghi has served some high profile clients. He has, directly and indirectly, worked on the advertisement campaigns for a raft of brands owned by Boehringer and Unilever, just to name a few. Some of these campaigns have gone on to be honored and awarded, both in Brazil and internationally.

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Equities First Holdings (EFT), through its fully-owned subsidiary Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, is ambitious to satisfactorily and conveniently serve its clients in Australia. Guided by this ambition, the world’s leading alternative lender has already opened three offices in Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The three offices are coordinated by Mitchell Hopwood, who currently serves as the MD of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Strategic Positioning

Australia is known to be an entrepreneurial economy; entrepreneurship comes with borrowing and consequently increases the lending activity for financial institutions. With that in mind, EFT understands that the chance of reaping from the consistently growing economy is ready for the taking. In order to maximally reap from it, the firm relocated its offices to Melbourne to Collins Street, a strategically positioned area for easy access. This was done in November last year.

According to Mitchell Hopwood, the new offices will be not only easily accessible to clients, staff, and business associates but also spacious enough to accommodate them in their numbers. He also added that the offices have a big enough expansion space that will be used for future expansion as the client base grows.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has been funding entrepreneurs with starting capital since 2002. The firm’s main offices are established in Indianapolis, Indiana. Besides the offices in the United States and Australia, the firm has other offices in Asia’s Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In Europe, EFH’s offices are in Switzerland and UK.

When lending firms were facing challenges of loan defaulters, most of them opted to raise their lending charges. Unlike the rest, EFT came up with a clever strategy that introduced stock-based lending. This type of lending appeals to many for it does not restrict entrepreneurs on how to spend the loan given. As such, the firm has grown exponentially both in client base and in revenue.

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Just when you think you know everything about a person, you learn something new that you did not expect at all. That is the case for a lot of people with Cassio Audi when they learn about his rock and roll past.

It is difficult to imagine the Cassio Audi of today as someone who was a big rocker, but he was. He was the drummer and founding member of the band Viper from 1985 to 1989. During that time, the band put out two albums. Each of those albums did pretty well and helped make Cassio and his friends well known in the country.

The inspiration for these albums is said to have come from the heavy metal scene that was a big deal in the United Kingdom at the time. Those people were rebels and making great music, and that is what Cassio wanted to do for his region of the world as well. Viper was all about making something that people had not heard before.

As mentioned previously, they did particularly well with their second album “Theater of Fame”. It was the one that the fans liked the most, but it was also released right as Audi was feeling like he was ready to leave the band to do other things. He made the decision to do exactly that in 1989.

Interestingly for a rock star, he wanted to go after his MBA. He did go through the program and end up with an MBA which he still uses to this day in the world of finance. He has been an all-star in finance as well and some people know him only for the work that he does with that these days. Basically, he has made a name for himself in a variety of different realms, and each one of them is completely different from the other.

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Even though its history is not exactly long, by most professional or political measures. End Citizens United (ECU), by the very nature of the PAC (Political Action Committee), performs formidably in the political arena. And, even if the years do roll by in its commitment to initiate congressional change, that just might not be an altogether bad thing. The rationalization in this truth is complicated. However, it can explained. It goes back to 2010 and to the Supreme Court’s decision named Citizens United.


With the End Citizens United decision on the books, super PACs are able to fund as much money as they wish into any candidate’s campaign. This activity is traditionally known as a no-go maneuver, because it kind of allows special interests organizations push their interest through congress. This is unacceptable, although it may be through a roundabout method. From a long time standing point of view, political campaigns are most often seen as something that need to be kept fair. However, as a result of Citizens United, there are accusations from both the red and blue side of congress of suspicious cash flow.


So, the question becomes just how is ECU going to make it dreams come true and dismantle the very point of law of its name sake? Again, the answer is complicated. It appears that there should be another side to the expression “it takes money to make money“, and it would go something like “so make money to take money down”. And, that is what this PAC does. It does this not just in the all-important presidential cycle, where everybody turns out to the party, but every year. They do this to the tune of millions in USD (United States Dollars), and they make sure that every single one of those “bucks” goes to supporting critical political Democratic Party candidates. The organization understands that there has to be major changes made on the state level, if there is to be any chance of making change in congress. But, that is ok because there are hundreds of thousands of supporters who not only raise funds for the cause of ending Citizens United, they raise awareness as well.


The large amounts of money and the heightened awareness over the status political systems in place is for sure a hefty task to endeavor. However, it yields results like added protection during campaign runs for candidates for both Democratic senators and representatives. On the surface it may look like ECU just runs with the pack and that it is just another big-name big spender trying to influence Washington. But, as a traditional PAC, this group of politically minded citizens only want to see a return to simple and manageable spending practices when comes to the Electoral College. Although, it can be done, the truth is it this dream is an uphill battle. However, the struggle does prove that big business’s influence is not all powerful in the Senate and the House.


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Law practice in Latin America, but specifically Brazilian law, covers just about every aspect of litigation and jurisprudence you are likely to find anywhere else in the world, but with a slight twist of flavor and application unique particular situation or circumstance. The law in Brazil is not based on the common law; rather, it is founded on the civil law practice. The laws can be tricky to those unfamiliar with the legal system, and that is why hiring the services of an astute, reputable and knowledgeable lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho would be a plus.

Many lawyers in Brazil like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho depend on their ample experience and expertise to disentangle the complicated threads in the fabric of the Brazilian law to successfully win case. The process of litigation can be time-consuming; however, lawyers in Brazil are adept at substantiating the rule of evidence in favor of their clients. A seasoned and skilled legal expert in the league of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is able to put up a solid defense with ease.

The most important skills Brazilian lawyers rely on are a strong knowledge of legal system, oratory and the ability to persuade the jury. Attributes like organization, background check about a case, and proper connections legal system are an added advantage. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho who is a partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados is such a lawyer. He is well versed in many aspects of law particularly those related to businesses. The kinds of service he Brazilian law provides attractive because he gives initial interviews free without any obligations.

The partnership Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho represents has modest and fair prices. One of their best policies is the provision of secure internet facilities through which clients can monitor the progress of their cases. This enables maintenance of honest and open communication with clients so that there are no unnecessary delays. Most importantly, the clients this firm deals with always have specific assurances about their cases. For effective, first class representation, no other law firm does a better job.