July 11, 2017 · Politics

Even though its history is not exactly long, by most professional or political measures. End Citizens United (ECU), by the very nature of the PAC (Political Action Committee), performs formidably in the political arena. And, even if the years do roll by in its commitment to initiate congressional change, that just might not be an altogether bad thing. The rationalization in this truth is complicated. However, it can explained. It goes back to 2010 and to the Supreme Court’s decision named Citizens United.


With the End Citizens United decision on the books, super PACs are able to fund as much money as they wish into any candidate’s campaign. This activity is traditionally known as a no-go maneuver, because it kind of allows special interests organizations push their interest through congress. This is unacceptable, although it may be through a roundabout method. From a long time standing point of view, political campaigns are most often seen as something that need to be kept fair. However, as a result of Citizens United, there are accusations from both the red and blue side of congress of suspicious cash flow.


So, the question becomes just how is ECU going to make it dreams come true and dismantle the very point of law of its name sake? Again, the answer is complicated. It appears that there should be another side to the expression “it takes money to make money“, and it would go something like “so make money to take money down”. And, that is what this PAC does. It does this not just in the all-important presidential cycle, where everybody turns out to the party, but every year. They do this to the tune of millions in USD (United States Dollars), and they make sure that every single one of those “bucks” goes to supporting critical political Democratic Party candidates. The organization understands that there has to be major changes made on the state level, if there is to be any chance of making change in congress. But, that is ok because there are hundreds of thousands of supporters who not only raise funds for the cause of ending Citizens United, they raise awareness as well.


The large amounts of money and the heightened awareness over the status political systems in place is for sure a hefty task to endeavor. However, it yields results like added protection during campaign runs for candidates for both Democratic senators and representatives. On the surface it may look like ECU just runs with the pack and that it is just another big-name big spender trying to influence Washington. But, as a traditional PAC, this group of politically minded citizens only want to see a return to simple and manageable spending practices when comes to the Electoral College. Although, it can be done, the truth is it this dream is an uphill battle. However, the struggle does prove that big business’s influence is not all powerful in the Senate and the House.


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