Equities First Holdings (EFT), through its fully-owned subsidiary Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, is ambitious to satisfactorily and conveniently serve its clients in Australia. Guided by this ambition, the world’s leading alternative lender has already opened three offices in Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The three offices are coordinated by Mitchell Hopwood, who currently serves as the MD of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Strategic Positioning

Australia is known to be an entrepreneurial economy; entrepreneurship comes with borrowing and consequently increases the lending activity for financial institutions. With that in mind, EFT understands that the chance of reaping from the consistently growing economy is ready for the taking. In order to maximally reap from it, the firm relocated its offices to Melbourne to Collins Street, a strategically positioned area for easy access. This was done in November last year.

According to Mitchell Hopwood, the new offices will be not only easily accessible to clients, staff, and business associates but also spacious enough to accommodate them in their numbers. He also added that the offices have a big enough expansion space that will be used for future expansion as the client base grows.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has been funding entrepreneurs with starting capital since 2002. The firm’s main offices are established in Indianapolis, Indiana. Besides the offices in the United States and Australia, the firm has other offices in Asia’s Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In Europe, EFH’s offices are in Switzerland and UK.

When lending firms were facing challenges of loan defaulters, most of them opted to raise their lending charges. Unlike the rest, EFT came up with a clever strategy that introduced stock-based lending. This type of lending appeals to many for it does not restrict entrepreneurs on how to spend the loan given. As such, the firm has grown exponentially both in client base and in revenue.

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