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What is Class Dojo?

A lot of teachers have to spend a lot of tedious time on communicating with the parents, getting feedback, on top of a busy day filled with many other tasks. Class Dojo helps tremendously cut down on that part of the process and focus more on what they want to do. That is follow their dreams and inspirations to help the students succeed.

It allows you to communicate easily with the click of a button with the parents or guardians and update them on the student’s progress, relay important messages, send pictures of activities, awards and projects to help keep the parents in the loop. All of this is easily accessible by the student’s guardians by downloading an app on their smart phone, tablet or viewing it on any computer or laptop. Let’s break it down into some of the things it can do.


It is a great tool in communication. Email is nice, but not always easily accessible or convenient for teachers. With ClassDojo the teacher can send out important updates, issues, homework questions, tasks and more. It is also a two-way street. Parents can easily respond back to the teacher with any questions or concerns they may have too.


Sometimes too much focus is placed on contacting the parents for bad behavior. With this app, you can easily reward the student “DojoPoints” that can be exchanged for rewards. When a student gets off track they have an opportunity to do better again. If they need any additional help or encouragement then the teacher and guardian can work together to help get the child back on the right track.


Getting involved in your child’s school activities can sometimes be a chore in our busy lives. Whenever there are special activities or events the teacher can send photos or short videos of their student to help get everyone more involved.

Much More

The advantages to ClassDojo go even further than this. I recommend you find out more about this application by visiting the website: Check them out today and see how it can drastically help make everyone’s life easier!


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