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There is more than one way to go and see a therapist. Some now suggest that Talkspace may be the best answer for those who live in our modern technological world. In a lot of ways this makes perfect sense. We should be able to use something like our smartphone to get mental health help if we need it. That is what Talkspace provides by connecting a patient with a licensed therapist via text.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Talkspace. It turns out that out of a population that they serve, they have seen a 25% reduction in the number of hospitalization cases in comparison to the general public over the same period of time. Those are very impressive results, and they spell out the idea that this type of therapy really works.

People like the prices on the plans offered by Talkspace. You can see for yourself that the offerings are between $32 and $45 per week depending on how many services you want. Some people require more therapy than others, and this is accounted for in the prices for the various plans.

A new partnership with Magallen Health is going to help Talkspace expand its audience in the very near future. The two companies are working together to provide services to the Magallen Health patients that do not already have access to Talkspace materials. In just a very short period of time they will be granted the access that they require, and that will help them make strides in their own mental health.

An issue as pressing as mental health is something that we should all be able to band around to help our fellow human being. Talkspace has made great strides in helping those who might not otherwise receive the help they deserve to get.

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Highland Capital is a private equity firm that’s been managing institutional investments since 1993, and they also have community initiatives run through the Highland Foundation. They just appointed a new manager to this branch of their company, the former head of Dallas’s Woodall-Rogers Parks Foundation Linda Owen. Highland Capital Chairman and CEO James Dondero said he recommended Owen because of her work building relationships between the Dallas business community and government programs, and her commitment to philanthropy. Prior to serving at the park foundation, Owen had also been involved in real estate development and management. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Their main funding source comes through collateralized loan obligations, and their strategies range across the spectrum of healthcare, long-short equity, fixed income funds, distressed companies and high-yield credit.  Read this article at PR Newswire.

Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who both came to the company with experience in the credit departments of investment banks. Dondero had been with American Express for several years as a bond analyst, and Okada had served as Vice President of commercial banking at Hibernia National Bank. They had come to Protective Life to grow it’s GIC subsidiary into a strategic asset management company. Almost overnight it grew to having $2 billion in AUM, and in only 5 years this subsidiary actually outgrew its parent. Dondero and Okada renamed the company Highland Capital and today it has near $15 billion in AUM. Part of Highland’s charitable giving has gone to health organizations and educational buildings including the George W. Bush Library in downtown Dallas, and more recently the completion of a shelter facility for the Family Place, a domestic violence protection association.


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Jorge Moll is a Brazilian Businessman who spends most of his fortune on revamping the modern healthcare. Moll recognizes the importance of embracing and leveraging technology with the aim of redefining the modern healthcare facilities. He is also the founder and owner of the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil. This article discusses some facts need to be known as far as the efforts made by Jorge Moll are concerned.

Jorge Moll’s Voluntary Work

Jorge Moll believes that people who take their time to donate and help people who are in needy both financially and medically had the same brain just like the ones who do pleasurable things like eating chocolate and shopping. Jorge Moll reported that by donating, one feels like they belong to the group that they are supported as the act provokes the feeling of attachment. The Subgenual Cortex and the Septal Area of the brain are the ones responsible for the biological attachment between the parents and their children. The same regions of the brain are triggered when we donate to the indigent in the society. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship and Health Management

Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap are working together to ensure that enough financial resources are invested in healthcare so that there is the availability of resources to stabilize the health of Brazilian Community. Mr. Chapchap reported during his talk that one of the ways through which developed countries enhance healthcare is through the application of their GDP broadly to the healthcare. Chapchap and Jorge Moll made a joint statement that the biggest challenge faced by the healthcare is that there is more demand as compared to the supply of resources and even healthcare services. That is the core reason as to why there is the need for more investment in the healthcare sector.


Jorge Moll and his associates have maintained that the Brazilian Healthcare Sector must be provided with more technology for it to meet what is best described as the modern healthcare department. However, accomplishing that title would require more financial management and innovation skills before the nation can start enjoying the latest and most effective technological advancement in the contemporary healthcare. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Jorge Moll.

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The Siegall’s ambitions are manifested in his aspiration to go past the focus of biotech’s drug development towards taking care of all complexities of the worldwide market for its new drugs. This is a perfect repeat of what the company did during its earlier years when it sold its global commercial rights to Takeda Oncology to get funds to research Adcetris. Once he had learned about the international markets through its collaboration with Takeda, Siegall opened an office in Switzerland to let Seattle genetics conduct its global marketing.

In another emblem to its great determination to the international market, Siegall presented a proposal to utilize $2 billion to purchase the worldwide rights and commercialize a cancer drug established by Immunomedics located in New Jersey. However, Siegall was forced to withdraw the offer in May when a judge made a verdict that the transaction will not go through since there was an unrelated tussle for management over the Immunomedics’ board. However, the struggle signaled the commitment of Seattle genetics to utilize its understanding of oncology to obtain the rights to sell the new drugs in the global market.

The company has been focusing on the particular type of drug called an antibody-drug conjugate, or ADC. In most cases, the drug aims the protein molecule that triggers an immunize system to produce antibodies. The antigens attach themselves to the outside of cancer cells and other deadly disease and deliver a toxin in the cell to destroy them. The role of the ADC is to provide a payload to kill the cancer cells while not having a negative impact on the normal tissues. Typically, the approach significantly lessens the collateral damage that can result in healthy cells in when a patient is going through the traditional chemotherapy and radiation. In all the 11 drugs found in the Seattle Genetics pipeline, Siagall claims that four of them have massive potential for the most instant sales.

About Clay Siegall

Currently, Clay Siegall works as the president, CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative antibody related therapies for the cure of cancer. He is also the co-founder of the company that was established in 1998. Before engaging in Seattle Genetics, Siagall served the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute from 1991 to 1997. He also worked at national cancer institute and national institute of health from 1988 to 1991. Dr. Siagall obtained a B.S in Zoology from Maryland University and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington.

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As a healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden has a good track record in team-building, developing trusted partnerships, and fostering innovative company culture. Madden is among the founders of renowned Evergreen. He was instrumental in ensuring that Evergreen’s reputation is maintained through its specialized healthcare technology and EHR platforms.

Career Background

A couple of achievements have characterized Drew Madden’s healthcare IT entrepreneurship career. Throughout his over a ten-year career, he was driven by his passion for Electronic Medical Records to produce results for companies that hired him. Madden is a holder of a B.S.E in industrial engineering degree. His specialty is in medical systems.

Madden first ventured into the healthcare IT industry as an employee of Cerner Corporation. He also joined United Healthcare’s subsidiary, OptumInsight, as a consultant. OptumInsight was known as Ingenix at the time Madden was part of its professional team.

Madden’s Involvement with Madison

Madden serves in the management team of Madison, an innovative healthcare startup, as a managing partner. Madison is a consulting company that develops digital records systems based on the classic Epic Systems style. The company targets healthcare providers who are interested in upgrading their record management systems to be on par with modern standards in the healthcare IT industry.

Drew Madden strives to enable Madison to compete with companies like Sagacious Consultants, Bluetree Network, and Nordic. He also works with Madison’s senior partners to fulfill the company’s business objectives. These partners include Aaron Friedman, Rebecca Bottorff, and Jeff Leach.

Madden’s Tenure at Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew Madden worked for Nordic, a high-profile healthcare consulting company with over 800 employees, as president. Nordic is among the best companies regarding suitability for employment in the U.S. KLAS, a market research group, also recognized the company among its list for the most successful Epic-specific consulting firms in the industry.

Madden joined Nordic’s management team in 2010. He got the chance to serve in the position of president from 2011 to 2016. Amidst his tenure, Nordic bagged several KLAS consulting excellence awards and recognition. These include being ranked in the number one position for its Epic Implementation Services twice. Before leaving Nordic, he worked diligently to increase the firm’s workforce to 725 employees, annual revenue to $130 million and customer base to 150 partners.

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Fabletics, an athleisure fashion brand, was founded in 2013 and since then it has experienced rapid growth that has seen it turn into a $250 million company. There is one major factor that has set Fabletics apart from its competitors and allowed it to gain such a significant market share; crowdsourcing.


Fabletics firmly grasped the idea that in today’s highly digital world, consumers turn to crowd-sourced reviews to gauge the quality and authenticity of a product and to determine whether to make a purchase or not. Fabletics has managed to leverage the power of customer reviews to its advantage. The company has an excellent customer service that is always on hand to reply to customer queries and issues. It believes not only in quality but also in satisfying the customer needs by giving them exactly what they want. To do so, the company has invested a lot into using its customer reviews to improve its services through the collection of data that is used to ensure better reviews from the customers, and this has paid off hugely.


For Fabletics, the pay-offs have been seen with the benefits that come with getting lots of positive customer reviews. Consumers today trust reviews more than they trust traditional methods of advertising. A consumer will believe an online review almost as if the review was from a personal friend. Once trust is established between a business and its customers, the revenue automatically goes up, and this has been the case for Fabletics.


Positive reviews will lead to more customers purchasing your product while negative reviews will drive consumers away from your products. Positive reviews have also assisted the company into retaining its consumer base and having repeat buys which have considerably boosted the company’s revenue and enabled it to make massive profits in such a short time. Positive reviews also result in improved search ranking as some of the review sites are Google Review Partners, this, in turn, will lead to the company generating more sales which result in still more positive reviews. Fabletics is now ahead of its competitors in the market, and it is projected to get more significant revenue as a result of focusing on online customer reviews and ensuring they follow up on the suggestions given which have seen them get a lot of positive reviews and acquire a loyal customer base.


Kate Hudson, who is also a Hollywood actress, firmly believes in the brand and its products. She represents what the brand stands for which is inspiring and empowering women to bring out the best in them. Kate also wears the brand product herself, and she is firmly involved in the company’s day to day running from reviewing budgets to the design process and in choosing the social media strategy. Hudson has also gone out of her way to ensure excellent communication is achieved between the company and its consumers, and she has faced negative press from other celebrities and the press, but she has stood firm with the company and ensured its continued success.


Don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you.

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Over 15 million people suffer from depression every year and over half of those individuals fail to seek help. The truth is, what many people think is an unstable condition can most certainly be treated. And those who hesitate to speak up have no reason to believe their personal problems and mental health should go unnoticed. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Studies have shown that although there are many factors leading to depression a cause could be as simple as a person’s biology. Family medical history can be the cause of someone’s depression. Other causes include death, divorce, abuse, and any other stressful life event. Depression comes in different forms; major depression is characterized by low self-esteem and ongoing sadness for at least two weeks, persistent depression lasts even longer and extends for almost two years or more, and seasonal depression can occur during the colder months due to the lack of sunlight. Follow Neurocore on

Some symptoms may include feelings of sadness, loss of interest, fluctuation in weight, and irritability. Some people may not show signs at all exemplifying high-functioning depression, which is when the individual seems perfectly normal, but internally they are suffering. When left untreated, depression becomes a disability and far too often can lead to suicide. Even with clear evidence that there is work to be done, depression receives much less attention than other diseases. Funding for research is scarce, but professionals are doing what they can by continuing to promote treatment to patients sooner than later. Some cases are stubborn to treat in which a more non-invasive option is recommended, such as neurofeedback.

Neurocore is a group of medical professionals focused on rewiring brain performance for individuals who suffer from disabilities like depression and ADHD. Neurocore focus on where they believe everything begins, which is the brain. By conducting assessments that analyze brain waves, heart rate and breathing they can clearly see what is happening in someone’s brain. They then design personal programs that redesign the brain to work better. By taking this approach they expect longer lasting results.


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George Soros is one of the most influential people in the entire world. He is a hedge fund investor who has made it to the list of some of the richest in the world. He is considered to be a financial wizard and made a fortune by investing in risky stock market forex trades when he was starting out in his career. His incredible ability to analyze the market situations and figure out the best investments is something that has helped him rise in the field.

Besides his work and professional career, there is another thing that Soros is mainly known for, which is his philanthropy. He is known to be one of the most charitable people in the entire world and has donated billions of dollars towards organizations charities people who are in need. He has also founded several charities of his own, to aid people on a broader scale. One of the most recent charities that Soros started up was for people who were seeking refuge in countries in the EU. The foundation was mainly started so that Soros could offer these refugees with funds to be able to start their businesses in their new countries. He wanted to be able to help these refugees situate themselves as a sort of aid to help them after all that they have been through.

George has always wanted to help people and made that his end goal very early on in his life. Soros grew up in Hungary, during the Second World War. Because of the situation that their country was in, there were always Nazi troops stationed all over their hometown. Things were even harder for Soros and his family because they were Jewish. However, they got out of facing a lot of the torture that people were being put through by forging their identities creating fake documents stating that they were someone else. Seeing the country around him at the time might have been hard for a child, but Soros decided to stay strong and one day help to prevent such kind of things from happening again. He wanted to be able to help those that are in trouble for no fault of their own and wanted to empower people to stand up for what is right. Being the incredibly smart person that he is, Soros knew that it would not be possible to change the world without any funds backing it, and realized that he would have to make a lot of money before he could set out to do anything and impact people’s lives in any way.

In addition to helping charities and organizations, Soros has always tried to help people by actively participating and funding various human rights movements. He has been the backbone behind several critical political campaign, particularly in the United States, which is where he cusrrently resides. He is also an active supporter of the Democratic Party and believes that they are the right people who should be running the country.

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Rocketship Education is a non-profitable foundation that helps in reviving education systems within the less developed communities in California. This charitable programme took root in 2007 with the first schools being founded in San Jose, a small community in California. The organization came up with this programme to help young children achieve their academic goals. This is accomplished through the provision of excellent learning programmes for the youths in the many public schools in California.

The system has a unique way of offering their lessons.

Rocketship Education has employed a significant number of teachers who go from door to door as a way of getting into personal relationships with the students. This has helped in providing some freedom for the children hence making learning easy without any pressure or tension. The foundation also involves parents by nominating them for leadership roles within the schools. This has helped parents with close supervision for what goes on in the academic lives of their children.

A large number of teachers have enabled many students to sign up for learning just within their communities because they can never suffer from the shortage of teachers. The teachers, therefore, ensure that the students get engaged in learning even after school by giving them homework and small projects.

The schools have therefore come up with goals that must be attained within a specific period within their academic calendars. This has contributed significantly towards the maximum evaluation of performance among students and hence ensuring that these goals are met. The organization has also provided the schools with activities and awards that help in motivating the students towards improving and aiming higher when it comes to their performance.

Not only has the foundation impacted positively on the lives of the youths but also the people of California by offering different types of jobs within the schools. Those who have had the chance to apply for the vacancies available have benefited from these jobs. Rocketship Education has helped in improving the living standards for the people living in the societies by paying them good salaries that have assisted them in meeting their daily needs.

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Fueled by beauty, inspirational voices, and talent, the flames burn high at Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas. The agency works persistently to represent the best of the best. They work closely with models and actors for various types of work, such as TV, film, runway, commercials to name a few. All of Brown’s clientele and their glowing portfolios can be found at Brown’s Modeling Agency website here.

After launching in 2010, Brown Agency has gained a lot of success and support for their clientele. Unlike other agencies, Brown’s Modeling Agency holds open auditions every Thursday between 3pm-4pm, and they offer a wide variety of affordable classes in acting, modeling, and beauty. With honest feedback from the agent himself, Justin Brown spends quality one-on-one time with each potential client. Once applicants are placed on the agency’s list, the agency works by their side with many of the top brands around the world. Many of the clients are able to make amazing progress in their careers, thanks to Brown’s Modeling Agency.

As a bonus, Brown’s Modeling Agency also offers career advancement in plus size modeling. Although plus size is increasing in popularity, many agencies won’t sign with them due to weight. Brown’s Agency doesn’t discriminate against any applicants, regardless of weight, height, race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, political stance, and sexual orientation. They are committed to working side by side with their clients in assisting them to further their career.

As well as personal training in the art of acting and modeling, they will encourage you to move forward every step of the way. They show the utmost respect and support for their clientele. All they want is for you to succeed. They won’t bring you luck;they help you create your own through means of affordable training, open-mindedness, and hands on experience in the field of talent. Their blog offers tips and suggestions for those who reach for the stars. Most of their clientele have gone on to do great things in television and runway work. Brown’s Agency holds true to their word, as the success of their talented clientele is of the utmost importance to them.

According to MarketWired, their website has much more important information, and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to keep up with those they’ve represented. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, you can contact the agency through their blog here.

If you would like to inform them of your intended visit and audition, their website has an optional form for you to fill out, including what you should bring along. It is not required to attend, but it definitely makes things convenient, and much easier for both you and the agency.

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