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As a healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden has a good track record in team-building, developing trusted partnerships, and fostering innovative company culture. Madden is among the founders of renowned Evergreen. He was instrumental in ensuring that Evergreen’s reputation is maintained through its specialized healthcare technology and EHR platforms.

Career Background

A couple of achievements have characterized Drew Madden’s healthcare IT entrepreneurship career. Throughout his over a ten-year career, he was driven by his passion for Electronic Medical Records to produce results for companies that hired him. Madden is a holder of a B.S.E in industrial engineering degree. His specialty is in medical systems.

Madden first ventured into the healthcare IT industry as an employee of Cerner Corporation. He also joined United Healthcare’s subsidiary, OptumInsight, as a consultant. OptumInsight was known as Ingenix at the time Madden was part of its professional team.

Madden’s Involvement with Madison

Madden serves in the management team of Madison, an innovative healthcare startup, as a managing partner. Madison is a consulting company that develops digital records systems based on the classic Epic Systems style. The company targets healthcare providers who are interested in upgrading their record management systems to be on par with modern standards in the healthcare IT industry.

Drew Madden strives to enable Madison to compete with companies like Sagacious Consultants, Bluetree Network, and Nordic. He also works with Madison’s senior partners to fulfill the company’s business objectives. These partners include Aaron Friedman, Rebecca Bottorff, and Jeff Leach.

Madden’s Tenure at Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew Madden worked for Nordic, a high-profile healthcare consulting company with over 800 employees, as president. Nordic is among the best companies regarding suitability for employment in the U.S. KLAS, a market research group, also recognized the company among its list for the most successful Epic-specific consulting firms in the industry.

Madden joined Nordic’s management team in 2010. He got the chance to serve in the position of president from 2011 to 2016. Amidst his tenure, Nordic bagged several KLAS consulting excellence awards and recognition. These include being ranked in the number one position for its Epic Implementation Services twice. Before leaving Nordic, he worked diligently to increase the firm’s workforce to 725 employees, annual revenue to $130 million and customer base to 150 partners.

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