November 2, 2017 · Technology

Any e-commerce company that succeeds in providing the end users with highly personalized and smooth customer experience is the one that would sustain the wave of competition, which unsurprisingly continues to get bigger and fiercer with time. Technology is one of the most significant attributes that the e-commerce companies are banking upon profoundly to improve their sales and provide the target customers with e-commerce customer experience like never before. The primary aim of the companies is to welcome the customers at the website just like a salesperson would warmly welcome the customer at a high-end showroom. The customer should feel welcoming at the e-commerce site as that is what would make the customers stay on the website long enough to generate interest that can be converted into sales. It is done by surrounding the customers with the help of personalized merchandising mechanism, which has proven to be highly effective in increasing sales figures for the e-commerce portals.

As the e-commerce industry advances, new technologies are being introduced into the field to take the level of service offered to the end users to the whole new level. More and more industries are selling their products online, which is expanding the e-commerce sector to an unprecedented level. The e-commerce companies, to understand the customers’ interaction with their e-commerce websites and to profile and categorize them as per their shopping and browsing patterns make use of the artificial intelligence technology these days. The artificial intelligence technology has the power to collect as well as significant process amount of data in the fraction of a second and provide the users in real-time the information that is useful for them to shop better. Such information includes product recommendations, images of products, offers that are applicable for the customers, and more, which is done through AI-powered personalized merchandising.

Sentient AI is a technology company that started its operations in 2007 with the aim to take the artificial intelligence technology to another level. Sentient AI helps the e-commerce companies to improve their sales and increase their revenue considerably by enhancing the e-commerce customer experience. If a customer enjoys shopping at a particular site and finds what he or she is looking for within minutes while getting a huge selection to choose from, it is natural that the customer would revisit the site in the future for more shopping. It is what Sentient AI helps its clients’ e-commerce sites achieve effortlessly. The company also has an AI technology based chatbot and sales conversion products that are highly instrumental in offloading much of the manual work for the corporations while improving the overall interface of the e-commerce site.


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