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This year, Puerto Rico has encountered the most devastating hurricane. Despite having an economic crisis, the location witnessed as more than a million residents lose power, courtesy of the hurricane Irma in September of 2017. Due to the recovery efforts, some people have been able to have electricity installed; however, some 60,000 residents still do not have access to power on the island. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

The American Red Cross

The hurricane that hit Puerto Rico for approximately 30 hours caused serious damage to the property and loss of lives. The American Red Cross has always stayed vigilant to curb any problem that hits the community that directly affects their well-being. The Hurricane Irma caused the urge to react quickly by the Red Cross for many people were caught in the aftermath. It does achieve its objectives by empowering the volunteers who offer to help when calamities strike the community. When the Hurricane came hit the land, the American Red Cross worked closely with the volunteers who made relief supplies to the individuals who were in need of them at that particular time. Read more on

More Help Still Anticipated

It is clear to see that there have been laudable efforts by the American Red Cross to help the victims that live on the Island. However, quite some people are still in need of help that they are yet to receive. The effort that has been made is significant, but it is not just enough to sustain the entire population. Glen Wakeman has urged corporations to make donations so that sustainable assistance is availed to the victims. The Red Cross depends on donations from volunteers and well-wishers to accomplish its major objectives. Such donations are always used to support individuals; corporations should join hands so that there are enough resources to support the people that live in Puerto Rico.

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is known for multiple roles that he plays in the US economy. He is an investor, an entrepreneur and a coach who aids some CEOs to understand their roles in various organizations. Wakeman is also known for his teaching and encouragement that one should always make n effort of donating to their community. He served as an example by donating $1,000 to the American Red Cross.


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Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He is a Biology Major from Yale University; He also holds MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He undertook his general surgery residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. He did his pediatric surgery fellowship at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center through the University of Washington. He is also a co-founder and an executive board member of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT) through which he has shown his support for the advancement and safety of reformative medicine and stem-cell treatments. AACT in partnership with CellR4 Medical Journal to issue and publish medical research presented at any AAACT conferences, aiding in the spreading of knowledge and research about new rejuvenate therapies and discussions about challenges and opportunities encountered by scientist and researchers in the process of discovering the therapies. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman.

Dr. Mark Holterman has a 20-year experience in his career; he has therefore taken on research in the medical fields such as obesity, cancer treatments, and stem cell therapies. He supports many charitable organizations that deal with medical research and treatments of different diseases. He is the founder of the Mariam Global Health Fund which he supports financially to develop advanced treatments and technologies to help in the advancement of the medical field. He is a supporter of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). This is an organization that deals with the improvement of healthcare, academics, and provides surgery in remote areas all over Vietnam. This organization uses education and training as the major tools to increase workforce and the capacity in institutions. It also makes equipment and material for surgeries in these remote highlands. Read more on about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mark Hotelman is an accomplished researcher and medical practitioner. He was given an Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). ADA has been on the forefront to financially support research initiatives and programs that are related to diabetes. Dr. Mark Hotelman has served in the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as a Surgeon-in-chief. He has also worked at the Rush University Medical Center as a pediatric surgeon.


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Greatness can come from even the humblest of origins. That has been proven by many individuals throughout history. However today we will focus on a single Canadian born businessman. Born in Quebec Montreal in 1958 Louis Chenevert’s parents likely had no idea that he would grow up to be an industry leader granted the title of “think tank”. His rise to captain of industry was not fate, as it was so much more difficult than that. The very first steps of his journey began at HEC Montreal. This university was not far from where he was born and offered a great opportunity for Chenevert to earn his Bachelor’s degree in business administration. After graduation Chenevert took an opportunity with General Electric. He worked his way upward through the corporation for the first decade of his career, ultimately lading the position of General Manufacturing Manager. While this role did provide Chenevert with an opportunity to put some of his skills to use, he believed he had so much more to offer. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Following that feeling lead him to take a position with Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. Only six years later he was named President of the company. This new position allowed Chenevert an opportunity to grow further as a professional and by 2006 he was ready for a new challenge. He was called on by the United Technologies Corporation. He began his stint with UTC as the acting President, Director and Chief financial officer. Later in 2008, he was also named the Chief operating officer as well.

There were many impressive accomplishments by Chenevert during his time at UTC. For example, when he first began leading the company stock prices were only valued at $37 a share. By the time Chenevert was ready to leave the company they were valued at $117 a share. Although what most experts would argue is the most impressive part is how he managed to achieve this. Being based in Connecticut is not cheap, however, Louis Chenevert managed to drive growth for the company through a recession without relocating manufacturing overseas. He also ensured that the company paid employees fair wages and avoided laying off engineers in the way other companies were forced to. Read more about Louis Chenevert at