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On November 7, 2017 Lime Crime released yet another fantastic makeup product. They gave the public a line of glittery eye shadows named Diamond Dew. This line followed the successful Diamond Crushers Lip Topper liquid color. Both products have sparkly reflective particles that dry on contact with skin. Diamond Dew is to be used as an eye shadow, nut it’s also being used on the cheeks and the body.

Lime Crime offers ten Diamond Dew colors. If bought individually, each one costs $20. Consumers can purchase all ten in a collection for $170 for an overall savings on $30.

Diamond Dew’s shimmery shade collection consists of ‘Tearful’, which is slightly green tinted silver. All the shades are packaged in a uniquely shaped bottle with an oval bottle and a triangular top. ‘Pixie’ is a very pale gold, similar to a white gold and ‘Starlight’ is a darker more traditional yellow gold shade. Finally, there’s ‘Rose Goals’, a beautiful rose gold. That’s all the traditional metallic shades that we have seen many times before.

Next, we see Lime Crime’s creativity as colors of many shades are introduced into the sparkly Diamond Dew line. Another shade is ‘Paris’, a soft pink akin to the millennial pink that’s recently gained popularity. “Aurora’ is the softest violet that must look remarkable on olive skin tones. The rich darker shades in the Diamond Dew line include ‘Chocolate Diamond’, ‘Dragon’, ‘Vision’ and ‘Chameleon’.

Chocolate Diamond is a rich reddish brown that would work wonderfully as a darker shade bringing out lighter colors. ‘Dragon’ is a luscious aqua that could easily highlight a pair of sparkling green eyes. ‘Vision’ is a deep rich copper. ‘Chameleon is a red bronze that if applied would highlight many skin tones.

These shadows won’t crease or smudge, plus you can wear it on top of other eye shadows. And, all these colors can easily be removed with your favorite makeup remover. Diamond Dew hit the market just weeks ago and today You Tube already has makeup videos telling women about the product. Shortly, Diamond Dew’s videos should rival Diamond Crushers pervasive array of videos and all of Lime Crime’s customers will be glowingly beautiful.

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