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Dr. Mark McKenna has what appears to be an extremely compelling approach in what has now become one of his latest business ventures in the form of OVME. With this venture, he is leveraging his extensive experience in the medical aesthetics industry where he has worked for over a decade. OVME is utilizing some innovative technology in order to present an app to consumers so that they can easily come into contact with freelancers in the aesthetics medicine niche who will appear at their home in order to deliver cosmetic appearance improvements.

OVME is a way for those who want to improve their appearance to browse the field of experts in their local area who will be able to perform the procedure that they are looking for. Some of these procedures might include treatment of skin conditions such as scars, cellulite, excessive fat, wrinkles, and more. Practitioners are generally able to offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures with a hybrid approach sometimes also being the best avenue of approach in order to deliver the individualized experience that will help people to change their look permanently and for the better.

Many of these freelancers who will be able to be found on the OVME app will have a license that Dr. Mark McKenna understands the importance of due to his own license for Surgery and Medicine in the states of both Georgia and Florida. He has certainly rebuilt nicely after Hurrican Katrina took out much of his interests in 2005. It was then that he showed his philanthropic side by helping to rebuild parts of the city’s low and moderate income housing. After that, the doctor formulated the company OVME. Elective healthcare is going in a new direction with OVME as people will look to keep themselves upgraded through the use of procedures that are mostly optional and can be scheduled in advance. Expect more great things from Dr. Mark McKenna and his team.


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