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Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes, based in Alabama. She and her husband Scott founded the company in . They specialize in constructing homes for areas that have been impacted by natural disasters.

Green Structure Homes is proud to manufacture homes in the USA. They’ve been responsible for job creation in Cullen, Alabama and several other states. Recently, in October 2017, GSH announced that they’d be hiring in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Follow Barbara Stokes on facebook.com.

Barbara Stokes has worked hard to make Green Structure Homes one of the most competitive and productive companies in the industry. GSH has built bulletproof guard shacks for the Navy, security bollards for the Army and modular structures for Mississippi State University.

Stokes is a 2001 graduate of Mercer University. She studied Biomedical Engineering, Physics and Manufacturing and Management. Her extensive education has allowed her to rise to the top of a male-dominated industry. During her time at GSH, Stokes has met every challenge with aplomb.

GSH often partners with the government. Recently, this firm was awarded a contract with FEMA. Barbara Stokes’ leadership has been key in completing government projects. She is proud that her company is able to help people get on the road to recovery after disasters.

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Barbara Stokes is a successful entrepreneur, but she’s also so much more. She’s the mother to three beautiful children, and makes it a point to give back to her community. She’s an active volunteer in the Huntsville, Alabama. She hopes that her example will inspire her children, and other women, to get into the construction industry. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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