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One of the biggest challenges that parents have today is trying to stay on top of their child’s education and progress. Due to the higher amount of working parents, finding time to do homework and meet with teachers is harder than ever before. Due to the challenges that many people face today, more and more education technology apps have been hitting the market. In total, more than $1.4 billion in investments were made into ed tech products in 2017 alone. Today, one of the top ed tech applications on the market is ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a very popular application that is currently used by thousands of classrooms across the country. The applications provides a user with a range of different benefits today. When it was first unveiled, the application was used to provide education materials from teachers to students and parents. However, it has continued to expand and now is providing users with a much larger range of benefits.

One of the main benefits of the application today is that it provides users with the ability to connect and communicate outside of the classroom. Teachers, parents, students, and other interested parties can now use a variety of different open forms and other platforms through the application to discuss topics in the classroom. Students often use it to work with each other to solve problems and teachers and administrators off and use it to discuss report cards and other information with parents.

The application is also very useful for teachers are trying to commemorate the classroom. Today, many teachers across the country use the application as a virtual your teachers are able to take classroom pictures of students throughout the year and then post them into the application.

Due to the range of services the application for bites, it is continue to be very popular with investors. The company recently reason you brought back three which will be used to enhance the app.

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