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The NV Real Estate Academy is an organization founded and run by real estate expert Nick Vertucci. He started the organization to offer people the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to earn a living in the lucrative real estate industry. It’s a very personal project for Vertucci because it was real estate that brought him back from the brink of bankruptcy and failure and helped him become a multimillionaire. The NV Real Estate Academy is his way of showing others a bright future in an industry where people can do well no matter their background, age or education.

Nick Vertucci learned the benefits of working in the real estate industry first hand. Some questionable choices he made as a youth left him living in his van. He then went on to build a successful computer company, get married, buy a home and have a few children. But the crash forced him to close his company and for a year and a half he was unemployed and barely able to make ends meet. It was then a friend took him to a real estate seminar that changed Nick Vertucci’s life. He learned the skills that enabled him to buy, repair and rent or sell real estate and make lots of money.

Once he became financially stable, Nick Vertucci felt compelled to help others get their finances in order by teaching them about the real estate industry. He spent 10 years refining his techniques and learning many and diverse easy ways people could find properties, get the finances to acquire and repair them and identify people with the money to buy them. By that time, he had become a multimillionaire. But he never forgot the terror of being broke and how good it felt when he learned to make money buying and selling real estate. So Vertucci made it his life’s mission to help others.

The NV Real Estate Academy is an effective way Nick Vertucci has created to teach people about the opportunities available in the real estate industry. Through the academy Vertucci has helped many people to prosper.

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