Dr. Johanan Rand is a medical expert licensed in New Jersey. He specializes in issues that present themselves with age including menopause and weight loss difficulties. Dr. Johanan Rand attended Howard University School of Medicine, interned at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and was a resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Crunchbase). He is currently affiliated with Chilton Medical Center. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers located in New Jersey which has a focus on IV nutrient therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, and alternative therapies for age-related concerns. Dr. Johanan Rand uses a combination of these treatments. He cares for the patients he gets to help and chooses the best treatment for an individual’s unique situation. Along with treating menopause and weight loss, he addresses traumatic injuries, chronic illness, and other age-related issues. Dr. Johanan Rand is a kind and compassionate doctor that understands the importance of the scientific method and having evidence to back up treatment plans. Dr. Johanan Rand has expertise in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement and uses his knowledge to bring hormone levels to a healthy degree. IV nutrient therapy is used with the human chorionic gonadotropin diet, also known as the HCG diet, to help patients lose weight. Dr. Johanan Rand approaches patients as a whole person and treats them to bring their complete health to ideal levels. The patients he supports and cares about can experience a relief of symptoms and an increase in overall wellbeing from Dr. Johanan Rand’s interventions. His commitment to using natural therapies over synthetic therapies give his patients a better possible outcome. Dr. Rand takes advantage of the natural processes of the body and introduces natural hormones and nutrients to help the body reach the optimal level of efficiency. His approach to treating patients not only shows promising results for the short term but can carry over for years after treatment with the continuation of proper lifestyle choices.


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A great number of people are looking at the possibilities that exist for investing in The RealReal. This is luxury consignment that has actually become connected to IPO headlines, and more people want to find out what is happening with the luxury consignment company that is growing to the point of getting a physical brick and mortar store.

Julie Wainwright is the person that has capitalized on what it takes to build a luxury consignment shop. The online presence alone has generated millions of dollars. It has become a big time leader for consignment items because there is a level of authenticity that is just not found in your typical consignment store.

Julie Wainwright has solved the riddle that most people have when it comes to buying used items. Before The RealReal came into place people were stuck with luxury consignment items that had no type of verification of authenticity. More people would give up used items that they had that were supposedly name-brand and there was no true verification step in process to make sure that this was actually the real Louis Vuitton or Versace products that were being sold.

The world has changed, and the concept of luxury consignment is looked up on in a completely different way. There is a whole new way to look at luxury items these days. More people are checking out what is available with these items and they want to provide a whole new perspective for people to get items that have been verified.

This is big business because the discounts are steep. Very few people may have the money to afford a Rolex or a Louis Vuitton bag. A growing number of people have the ability to get these bags used however, and this is what allows The RealReal to become successful. It caters to middle ground working class people that do not have a ton of disposable income. It allows them to buy some authentic bags, clothing, artwork and jewelry without the same healthy price tag that the wealthy are stuck with. The RealReal gives you luxury without breaking the bank.

Most people who go into the military don’t know that the job is going to be as hard as what it is. While many of them recognize it is not an easy job or something they can just slack on doing, they think it will be better than what it is. They also think there are things they need to do to make it all easier. Since Ronald Fowlkes knows what he can do to make things better, he’s spent a lot of time in the military. He learned what people needed and always stuck to it so he can help them.


For Ronald Fowlkes, the next step in his career would be giving people what he could through community protection. As a law enforcement officer, he learned what people needed and tried to give it to them. He also knew there were things that would help him through his own career. It was his way of giving everyone the things they could do. He learned what to do, he focused on it and he executed it every chance he got. Ronald Fowlkes was a great law enforcement officer no matter what he did to help people.


Even though he enjoyed it, there were parts of the job that were problematic. Ronald Fowlkes found he didn’t have all the tools he needed to do the job. He also learned others didn’t have the same tools they needed. He wanted to make a difference, but it would be too hard for him to do that without helping other people. He chose to stick to the positive parts of the business while also giving back to the community he worked in. It was his way of growing and showing people everything would get better.


For Ronald Fowlkes, the point of starting his own company was giving back. He wanted to give everyone the products they needed. He also wanted them to see they weren’t alone. He found products military and law enforcement members needed and offered them at a low price. Before Ronald Fowlkes helped these people, they didn’t have a way to be successful with their own products. They also didn’t see all the options that made it easier for them to do everything right. Ronald Fowlkes knew this and knew everything would get better. With his products, law enforcement officers had a chance to perform their jobs the right way.


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Going the extra mile for his patients, practice, and the advancement of the medical field over all is an activity that Dr. Saad Saad knows all too well. He already has the respect and esteem of thousands of patients who have him to thank for the benefit of his knowledge. He has a penchant for not only performing procedures with expert technique but also for improving the functionality of the devices used in said procedures.


He achieves this by focusing on innovation and improving patient’s comfort levels. As it stands, Dr. Saad Saad has the invention of two patented medical devices under his belt, as well as having a helping hand in the development of countless others. This history of pioneering and engineering spans across more than four decades from the United States to Jerusalem. He helps where he can and especially does as much as possible for underprivileged children.


A Catheter fitted with an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device is one patented invention with his name on it. His improvement on this medical instrument makes finding a catheter’s location and position within a body far easier and less risky than traditional methods. The old way requires going through an X-ray or an MRI machine to gather this information. Learn more:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


The first option involves exposure to radiation, which can lead to unneeded risks of developing cancer. And, MRIs are huge apparatuses, which makes their use impractical for something as simple as a catheter. Using Dr. Saad Saad’s invention completely cuts body scanning for catheters, because the tubes themselves emit a signal that makes tracking them easy.


His other patented invention is an apparatus that provides improved visibility during Endoscopes. His innovative designs are ideal for executing successful bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. Dr. Saad Saad stands by the the use and purpose of the devices he has taken years to develop from an initial need in the surgery room to the first use on a patient. It is not often that a surgeon can be a leader and game changer at the same time, but Saad makes it happen all the time. In many ways, the medical field and professional community needs to catch up to his standards.

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NGP VAN created a new app that has and continues to revolutionize how canvassing is done during the campaign period. The new app reduces the campaign field organizer’s workload by automating the process of cutting turf thus saving time and resources. The Distributed Canvassing tool will alter the workflow of canvas launching. At the moment, if a person wants to join in as a volunteer on a campaign, they have to contact the field organizer schedule an appointment to come to the office. The field organizer has to cut and print turf, the volunteers have to look at the list of voters, go canvass and in reality, contact the electors, the volunteers then have to bill the list back at the office, and the organizer finally has to record the data into the system.


Distributed canvass make works easier by cutting then distributing the turf so that the campaign organizer only has to create a universe, spell out the script he or she wants and the number of doors to be allocated to every individual. According to your campaigner’s exact location, the system cuts turf and makes a list number, and all that’s left is the distribution of the list number by the organizer.


Distributed canvassing was born from the idea of an app named Knock 10 that tried to eliminate the barriers involved in contacting the electors. The only challenge with the knock 10 app was that the organizers could not create their universe or scripts. Distributed Canvassing technology by NGP VAN is found in the MiniVan app which is an improved version of the knock 10 app. The technology saves time for the users since the volunteers can download the list from where they are, and the app automatically gets the closest doors. The campaigners are only able to see the turf once they fill in the list number. MiniVan and Distributed Canvassing also very useful when the volunteers are from another region because after creating a universe and a list number, canvassing can pretty much take place in an organized manner. This technology is available for those willing to be part of the beta curriculum.

Learn more about NGP VAN:


The software is socially progressive, and the NGP VAN Company participated in an awareness campaign, International Day Without Women, to show the importance of gender, social and economic equality at the workplace. The company is also able to provide data on voters to those running for electoral positions.

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Sean Penn has been an actor for the entirety his adult life, but now he is calling it quits. He may be retiring from acting, but he has found a new outlet to entertain his fans, literature. Sean Penn is no stranger to writing though. He has been a screenwriter and a journalist during his career;however, for the first time, Sean Penn has written a novel called Bob honey who just do stuff. Sean Penn has went from acting on the big screen, interviewing important world figures like Hugo Chavez, and now is the author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


Bob Honey who just do stuff is a comedy about a dystopian society. The main character is a septic tank salesman by day and a killer for the United States government by night. The book has been called satire, poking fun at the popular, over-saturated dystopian genre. The New York Times praised the book, calling it a riddle wrapped in an enigma and crazy. Some people are not fans though. Some people have criticized the book, telling Sean Penn to stick to his day job.


Vogue magazine sent Sean Penn a call for an interview to discuss the novel. The interview began simply with the question of Sean Penn’s location and Penn explained to the interview that he was in his home in L.A.


Penn was then asked about the difference between books and movies in regards to production, promotion, and touring. Penn explained that books are very much different. With a book, if it fails, no one is to blame but the author; a movie can fail due to a wide variety of reasons. Before a movie reaches the fans, it goes through hundreds of hands, sometimes through dozens of companies. Sean Penn said he likes the feeling of creating something that is 100-percent his. “[I] have no apologies to make,” Penn said.


Sean Penn claimed he wrote Bob honey who just do stuff simply because he wasn’t happy playing with others any longer. “I really had a lot on my mind that I wanted to do or free up in ways that didn’t depends either on creative collaborators or financial backing,” Penn said.


Buy the book here on Amazon:


In eastern nations there has been a health scare concerning the quality of food. There have been illnesses reported and quality standards have been brought into question. There are companies who have not taken the proper precautions in securing the safety of consumers. They have violated safety protocols and have created a scare among those citizens who love to eat meat. This has not been acceptable and companies like OSI Food Solutions have answered the call of the people by demanding other companies follow their lead in creating better standards for their consumers. OSI Food Solutions has created a new facility in Chicago and expanded its operational capacity in Spain. These additions are being made with the best technology for meat processing and the best specialists for inspection. Every piece of meat and chicken must pass a ten point quality inspection to ensure its suitability for human consumption. The quality standards that OSI Food Solutions imposes on its products is more advanced than 90% of competitors in the market.

The expansion project in Spain means that OSI Food Solutions will be able to double it chicken production by the end of the year. They have created a new employee break room for the safety and relaxation of loyal workers, and their processing wing is outfitted with a team of scientists to inspect the meat. Each chicken is stored in a safe and humane preparation chamber before it gets processed for consumption. The preservation ensures each piece of meat is as fresh as possible by the time it reaches a customer’s plate. These advances in technology and processing come at the perfect time. People are demanding more chicken and they care more about safety and quality than ever before in history.

OSI Food Solutions is known for their quality and food production capabilities. They cater to clients worldwide and have presented the best food available in almost every market. The best food that can be found in grocery stores is usually produced by OSI Food Solutions. They have a private client list that includes hospitals and schools, grocery stores, third party packaging companies, and more. They are leading the way for better chicken production and a better dinner experience.

For details: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

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Matt Badiali’s Backstory

Matt Badiali is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a monthly investment advisory that focuses natural resources as investments. Badiali has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University, a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, and is working on his Ph.D. in Geology. He is known as the leading natural resources experts in the investment industry. He is an investment writer and researcher. He has also aught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Follow Matt Badiali on Stocktwits.com.

Matt Badiali has years of experience from working on drill rigs, consulting environmental companies, and geological speaking engagements. He is constantly researching and keeping informed on industry developments to stay up on natural resource investment trends. Matt Badiali strongly believes in help his readers learn how to profit from the latest trends in oil, gas, metals, and other natural resources.

Badiali’s Current Interests Today

Matt Badiali and Real Wealth Strategist work hand in hand to school anyone on how to invest their money. RWS explains that you do not have to have deep pockets to invest and hit a big return, when investing in natural resources. RWS also explains how to invest, so you do not have to have investment experience or knowledge in order to have a bountiful profit potential for retirement funds. Badiali and RWS explains, by investing in natural resources your profit gains could be more than double or triple from the typical blue chip or other investment resources. Follow Matt on Medium.

Matt Badiali and RWS make trading and investing easy by using any technological media such as: laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. One true reason why investing in natural resources is a plus, due to the limited availability of said resources. Therefore, making a stand at the right time could be crucial and profitable in the investment arena. In addition, investing in natural resources means that worrying about stock market crashes, interest rate dips, housing market crisis are a thing of the past.

View: http://www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/