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The mission of End Citizens United is to stop “big money” in politics, and to fix our political system from a system that is believed to be rigged by corporations funneling lots of money towards political campaigns to push their own agendas and personal interests.

Tiffany Muller is president and executive director of End Citizens United. She, as well as her board and every member of the organization helped End Citizens United raise millions of dollars to further their mission. This year End Citizens United is expected to raise 35 million dollars, according to USA Today.

End Citizens United have on their website a list of political figures that they believe to be part of the problem. They believe these political figures to be ones that accept money to then further advance the political agendas of their donors. Of the names listed they portray “X” marks over the faces of the ones who fell out of various political races.

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The organization is widespread with people all over the country who can aid in their agenda one way or another. Their website even offers a link to take part in an internship. Although the corporation is widespread the mailing address is a PO Box located in Washington, DC. The organization endorsed a total of 21 people for U.S. senate, Bob Casey, Gary Trauner, Jacky Rosen, and Joe Donnelly, just to name a few. These politicians as well as the full list can be found easily on their website.

One campaign that the corporation has begun is Big Money 20. Big Money 20 is a campaign aimed at defeating incumbents who the organization believes accepts large donations simply to advance the special interests of the organization they accept donations from. This essentially is rigging our political system since our officials are supposed to serve the people. Instead, if they are accepting large donations, almost as a bribe, to advance harmful legislation solely for the personal interests of the donors then the people are being subjected to the interests of those who have enough money and lack of morals to bribe our officials. Political officials do need money for their campaigns and there is nothing wrong with people buying into the politicians ideas and donating but if the politician is buying into the donors ideas and accepting money as a bribe this is very immoral and can cause detrimental problems in our beloved country.

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