April 18, 2018 · Fashion Industry

A great number of people are looking at the possibilities that exist for investing in The RealReal. This is luxury consignment that has actually become connected to IPO headlines, and more people want to find out what is happening with the luxury consignment company that is growing to the point of getting a physical brick and mortar store.

Julie Wainwright is the person that has capitalized on what it takes to build a luxury consignment shop. The online presence alone has generated millions of dollars. It has become a big time leader for consignment items because there is a level of authenticity that is just not found in your typical consignment store.

Julie Wainwright has solved the riddle that most people have when it comes to buying used items. Before The RealReal came into place people were stuck with luxury consignment items that had no type of verification of authenticity. More people would give up used items that they had that were supposedly name-brand and there was no true verification step in process to make sure that this was actually the real Louis Vuitton or Versace products that were being sold.

The world has changed, and the concept of luxury consignment is looked up on in a completely different way. There is a whole new way to look at luxury items these days. More people are checking out what is available with these items and they want to provide a whole new perspective for people to get items that have been verified.

This is big business because the discounts are steep. Very few people may have the money to afford a Rolex or a Louis Vuitton bag. A growing number of people have the ability to get these bags used however, and this is what allows The RealReal to become successful. It caters to middle ground working class people that do not have a ton of disposable income. It allows them to buy some authentic bags, clothing, artwork and jewelry without the same healthy price tag that the wealthy are stuck with. The RealReal gives you luxury without breaking the bank.

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