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Forests are an important part of our ecosystem. They attract rain, are a home to wild animals, provide us with timber for development and are tourist destinations. In as much as forests are important, few people work towards their conservation. In most cases, it is because people are ignorant of ways they can conserve the environment.


Ara Chackerian, in his forestry work equips nature enthusiasts, clients and partners with tools and technics that help in preserving forests. He believes that when people are equipped they are able to participate in the conservation of forests regardless of their profession. Ara Chackerian also believes that when people learn to conserve the environment, then they will be able to appreciate opportunities to harvest from nature’s pantry.




Ara Chackerian works together with a dedicated cadre of forestry professionals to educate both the public and private sector on forestry management. Having realised that no two forests are alike, Mr Chackerian and his colleagues customize the management strategies according to each forest’s needs. For instance, if a forest is a home to many squirrels and rabbits, instead of carrying off all the harvested logs, they leave some on the ground. These act as homes and hiding places for rabbits, squirrels and other small animals. For more info you can check out their twitter account.


Ara Chackerian insists that public dialogue is an integral part in their quest for forestry management. He says that many well-meaning may come on board and pour out their efforts to conserve forests but without the public’s involvement, their efforts will not be impactful. Mr Chackerian believes that in engaging the public, they will be able to inspire a sense of responsibility and love for forests in the country and around the world. For more details you can visit



Ara Chackerian is the Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions. He is also the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a company that focuses on investing in early stage health care companies. He serves in several early stage companies as a valued board member. He uses his experience in business to inspire excellence and growth in the developing companies. Because of this, other than being an investor, many company owners see him as a mentor.



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