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The digital era comes with digital advancements. These advancements make it easy for us to go about our normal day-to-day activities without a care in the world. One such advancement is a digital wallet. Most people find it difficult to comprehend why a digital wallet is useful. However, these digital wallet accounts are just as useful as the standard wallet a majority of people use. However, digital wallets have some advantages over a traditional wallet. One major advantage includes it offers the user the power to change various papers and cards using the same mobile device.

Despite it being the same mode of money transfer, digital wallets vary depending on the location and customer practices. In Europe, the major use of a digital wallet is to help customers carry their cash balance. With the help of a digital wallet, they can carry various currencies around such as Euros and Pounds. The digital wallets allow the user to link their debits cards with these accounts and withdraw from the nearest ATM. However, digital wallets have further gained popularity due to cryptocurrency. With digital wallets gaining popularity, PSI-Pay partnered with Kerv to ensure they create the first contactless payment ring in the world.



PSI-Pay is a UK based company that creates an avenue for consumers to make payments and own a digital account. Their offer their services to clients on a worldwide platform. The partnership between Kerv and PSI-Pay uses PSI-Pay’s master card license that allows Kerv customers to pay funds or access funds across the world. With the provision of the digital wallet services, consumers have an easier time switching from traditional banking to digital banking. With strides the company has made, digital banking becomes an easier avenue for everyone to navigate.


With years of experience offering digital services, they have constantly improved made drastic adjustments that ensure their customers have an easier time using digital wallets. Their alliance with Kerv enables the company to manufacture and sell rings rather than create a more sophisticated mobile wallet for their customers. These rings will help the UK citizens make purchases and pay for products and services without using their digital wallet.

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