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Biotechnology research is advancing due to the SENS Foundation and Jason Hope. Numerous diseases are effecting entire communities. The inescapable condition is aging. This has always been perceived as inescapable and becomes more common as people age. Aging diseases include cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. There have been advancements but most research is for the symptoms. Jason Hope is a philanthropist from Arizona. His goal is to lengthen life by reversing or slowing the process of aging. His donations have been made to change the way aging is treated across the globe.

Jason Hope has been a contributor to the SENS Foundation for many years. His $500,000 donation enabled the charitable organization to complete vital work. SENS is helping people access technology that may be able to prevent age related diseases while counteracting aging. There are numerous organizations using biotechnology to find new ways to improve life by preventing and treating diseases. This centers on the study of organic systems and living organisms to develop solutions to improve life. This also includes improving agricultural methods, producing healthier foods and understanding the ways medicine can improve life and combat disease. The SENS Foundation is trying to change public opinion to create revolutionary changes.

The mission of the SENS Foundation is supported by Jason Hope. They intend to transform the way age related diseases are treated by the researchers throughout the world. The SENS approach deals with repairing materials in the body to prevent aging. This is very different than focusing on treating diseases and ailments. They believe the cellular level can be used to treat the root causes. They fund research institutions and organizations such as Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. They reach out to influencers, volunteers, politicians and donors through conferences and events to increase awareness of their goals.

Jason Hope has praised the work of the foundation. He believes in their strategies to fight diseases including Alzheimer’s and diabetes. He made a prediction they would be responsible for substantial changes in the industry of medicine. He believe they will eventually redefine the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. His desire is to help them with their work for the benefit of the entire world. The SENS Foundation is repairing and identifying damage to the body caused by age leading to disease and eventually death. The research of the SENS Foundation is promising but must be taken to a new level to change the way people age and live.

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