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NewsWatch TV started its beginnings in the 1990s providing programming that focused on the financial and economical issues of the times. Since then, NewsWatch TV has gone on to expand content to include a variety of topics that are of interest to the public, such as entertainment, travel, automotives, charities, technology, public policy and legals issues, and many more engaging topics. Although based in Washington, DC, NewsWatch TV has offices in New York City, Denver, Colorado, and Fairfax, Virginia, with content airing on various independent networks, as well as nationwide television networks from AMC Network to the ION Network.

Having aired more than 1,000 epsiodes to date, NewsWatch’s content continues to increase in richness and diversity, with is celebrity contributors including Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Mila Kunis, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. NewsWatch has also collaborated with Fortune 500 technology companies from Sony to Audi to bring it’s viewers the best information currently trending the technology market. Their newest segment called “AppWstch” is one of their newest ventures, focusing on the latest in app technology for IOS, Android, and Windows devices.

NewsWatch TV has also won numerous awards and recognition with the organization most recently receiving the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award. They are also recipients of the 2017 Videographer Award and the 2016 Telly Award. Their influence continues to shine with continual multimedia impact, which was most recently highlighted in a review by their partnership with Ockel. NewsWatch successfully promoted a crowd funding campaign for Ockel promoting their new pocket sized Windows 10 PC technology and their wireless Advanca headphones. Due to the media outreach success of their products, Ockel is launching its third product, the Ockel Series 8, a complete desktop PC compacted into a mobile device, with NewsWatch TV leading the way.

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