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Milan Kordestani has created a solid reputation as one of the youngest CEOs and a competing equestrian. He was born in Stanford and grew up going to Phillips Brooke elementary before his parents got a divorce, and the family relocated to London. Milan changed schools to Eaton Square School, and a year later he moved back to Bay Area and enrolled in Sacred Hearts preparatory where he completed his high school in 2017.

Milan Kordestani started riding horses when he was ten years old. He was thrown off a horse on his first trial but got back up and rode it back to the camp. Reporting to the National horseman, his father Omid Kordestani said it was such a brave move considering any other child would not get back up on an animal that was cruel to them. Betts Coup, the National horseman, added that Milan was hardworking and had a desire to ride world-class horses and eventually could win the blue ribbons. The Milan Farms CEO started horse riding classes in Atherton and after a short while started competing at world horse championships.

Within a short time, Milan Kordestani has achieved exceptional levels of success bagging several awards. In 2015 the equestrian won the third leg of the triple crown and was ranked fourth in the world championship horse show. On the third leg of the triple crown, he emerged third. Milan competed in the age split level at the five-gaited show pleasure division and finished 2nd place. Besides all these accomplishments Milan is managing a company that distributes eggs all through the west coast and the biggest suppliers of saffron worldwide.

Milan farms officially began operations in 2016 after the brand and logo became trademarked and had since expanded into three more branches. Under the Milan farms name, Mr. Kordestani became the first farmer to grow saffron hydroponically. Despite having seen the success of the spice, he is still researching on the best salinity levels in hydroponic and aquaponic systems to ensure they come up with the best crop. In addition to agribusiness, Milan is a contributing writer in the Huffington Post and has written about six articles.

Find out more about Milan Kordestani: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Milan_Kordestani.jpg

Robert Ivy has achieved more than any other architect with his Lifetime Achievement Award. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that was presented to him on June 2nd by the Mississippi Institute of Letters and Art has seen him join the ranks of Morgan Freeman and acclaimed author Shelby Foote who have won the award in the past years. He was honored together with Andrew Young, a stained-glass designer. The award was established to recognize and appreciate artists from Mississippi who have astonishing works of art and show immense support for art. Several people congratulated the American Institute of Architects CEO, Robert Ivy on his achievement including Nancy LaForge.

The director of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters said that Ivy’s efforts of making architecture accessible to the public deserved to be honored. His colleagues at the American Institute of Architects also expressed their delight and pride in Ivy for bagging the prestigious Noel Polk Award. In a press release, Carl Elefante, the organization’s president poured his admiration for Robert Ivy and alluded that he was the represented the architectural profession well in his work. Ever since he joined the American Institute of architects, Robert Ivy has worked tirelessly to ensure that the influence of the organization spreads globally. It has recorded the highest number of members under his great leadership.

Ivy is a devoted and skilled leader who has inspired productivity at the organization. Before he became part of the American Institute of Architects, he was a senior editor for a journal called the architectural Record at McGraw Hills. He was able to influence many people through the journal, and it became one of the most circulated architectural journals in the world. He steered the journal to win many awards including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Robert Ivy is an author and international speaker whose publication ‘Fay Jones Architect’ is in its third edition. He was declared Master architect by the National architect Body for his outstanding works. He also has a Dean’s Medal from the Arkansas University. Ivy holds a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University.

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Our finances can be viewed as an organ in our lives. If it’s unhealthy, there is a risk where it may fail and can risk our lives greatly. No one deserves to have an unhealthy financial life. That’s why everyone needs to realize that they can be assisted for the sake of “financial fitness”. All you need to consult is Infinity Group Australia as they can cover various programs that you might find very useful for the sake of maintaining your finances, just like how you watch your health, as you grow old. Here are some of the serivces that the Infinity Group Australia reviews left by many of its satisfied clients, as they found the following very useful for the sake of a stable finance:


Financial Diagnosis


Infinity Group Australia has a program within their business where they can conduct a test to diagnose your financial status. All you need is to visit their site to take the free5-minute test to see how well you are really doing when it comes to your money. You just need to fill certain details on the cheap-up program to see if you can afford a property, to pay bills, etc.


Reducing Your Debt


Many Australians since many decades ago that are receiving certain deals from various financial companies. They often talk about the “finest” rates and how they can provide help for your own life and business, but they will never cover stuff regarding debt management. Infinity Group makes sure that your debt will be managed through the means of an online portfolio which shows your current debt, along with tools to pay them off gradually. In this way, you can live financial freedom easily.


Retirement Services


Infinity Group Australia aims to provide a healthy finance for those who are old, just like how we crucially take care of an old person’s health. That’s why the company is proud to present its solutions for securing a better financial life through the means of retirement plans.


Wealth Is Possible To Attain


All you really need to do to attain wealth is to gain the right connections that can guide you with your skills. If you team up with Infinity Group Australia, You can manage your own earnings instead of managing your debt only. This will give you a more positive mindset where your assets will be monitored and updated for you to become more aware on your next plans, especially if you want to buy a car, a house, an investment or if you want to set up a business.


Health Is Wealth, All The Time!

Infinity Group Australia has lived up to its name as they are willing to give you unlimited opportunities in making your finances as stable as a fit person. That’s why they aim for financial fitness, which is the most consistent state of one’s finances. After all, everyone wants stability and freedom over their money. That’s why Infinity Group Australia is making it possible for you to enjoy.

Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/

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NGP VAN is the company responsible for providing digital services to the US Democratic Party, as well as other progressive organizations, nonprofits, and municipalities. For instance, the company played a crucial role in President Obama’s campaign’s voter contact, fundraising, volunteer, and compliance in all the 50 states. Other notable figures in the Democratic Party who have benefited from NGP VAN’s services are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The primary objective of the organization is to promote progressive agendas by offering technology services that can advance those particular agendas.

In its pursuit for integration and inclusivity, NGP VAN has created an application to target LGBTQ persons in their software, MiniVAN. Contrary to the traditional use of binary gender labels that companies use to collect data, MINI VAN incorporates non-gender binary pronouns in the voters’ records to allow supporters to be addressed appropriately. The changes in the technology are essential for Democratic campaigns as there are more than 10 million LGBTQ voters in the United States spread across the urban and suburban areas. More importantly, it is now possible to address LGBTQ persons accurately, and therefore promote a more inclusive view on gender.

No doubt, NGP VAN is dedicated to realizing gender equality as proven by its recent celebrations of International Day without a Woman. The purpose of the celebrations was to stress the importance of women in the workplaces and especially in the fields of technology and science. The organization seeks to promote diversity in the workplace as well as promote the rights of women as a gender that is yet to be fully acknowledged. Such efforts reaffirm that the organization is true to its original course of supporting progressive ideas and seeking equality for all human beings.

NGP VAN technology has been more like a breakthrough for political campaigns. The technology allows campaigns to target specific groups of people as candidates can craft campaigns by what voters like, their political views, and the reforms they want to see. The MiniVan app available for download enables canvassers to enter data in a simplified way as compared to the traditional paper methods. Markedly, NGP VAN is at the forefront of easing political campaigns as well as advancing progressive ideas.



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People living in Buckhead region in Atlanta have something nice to smile about as the year progresses. According to reports shown to the media, the residents of Atlanta will enjoy great bodies and a lot of confidence thanks to the new technology that has been brought into the city by one of the leading medical professionals, known as Dr. Mark McKenna. The report indicates that the new technology goes by the name OVME, and it has promised the residents that they will enjoy minimum invasive medical treatments that have been designed by experts to cure and at the end of the day make the patient feel good about them. If this is your area, then you have been offered all the reasons you need so that you can smile.

Dr. Mark McKenna is among the top medical professionals living in America at the moment. Apart from assisting in curing so many diseases in his career as a doctor, the businessman has done an excellent job in the business department. While most doctors prefer to look for formal employment so that they can accomplish their career goals, Dr. Mark McKenna has chosen to invest his wealth in the profession so that people in the country have the opportunity of living a longer and better life. Mark came up with the idea of starting OVME technology when he realized the effects of the surgeries people were getting in their lives. Dr. Mark McKenna knew that the people in the Atlanta region wanted a change, and this is why he came up with the modern treatment.


If you need some surgery that will not affect your looks and confidence, OVME is the way to go. The technology has only been available to the people in Atlanta for a short time, and it is the perfect way of avoiding ugly scars that will not disappear for a long time. OVME has many other benefits too. The professional doctor has announced that the cost of the medical procedure will be quite affordable to the people living in Atlanta. The doctor says that he wants more individuals to benefit from the technology.



Some could call him the face of Hollywood because of his various gigs on television and on the radio. Ryan Seacrest seems to be everywhere and doing everything. Audiences connect with him through his morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan to American Idol where he’s right there with the artists soaking up their emotional journey. Ryan Seacrest has made a life for himself most only dream of. At 37, he’s moving ahead in the right directions and doesn’t seem to be slowing down for anyone. His rise to the top is not only interesting but also humbling.

Ryan Seacrest has recently shared something with the world we all don’t know. Other than being busy with his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest and his fashion line, he was an overweight child sporting braces and terrified of taking his shirt off at the residential pool. He admits he grew up being teased and humiliated because of his size. Ryan recalls the days where he would sneak snacks behind his mom’s back. His fitness routine today has a lot to do with those days as a chubby kid with low self-esteem. Ryan now lives a life as a man of distinction with an overall polished look.

He uses his money responsibility by giving back and creating the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He lives and breathes fitness as it helps him be more productive during his long works days. He has shared that often times during a quick commercial break, he’d drop to the floor and start doing some reps or lift some weights. Ryan says that he treats his work out session like an important meeting he can’t miss. On his facebook post, he said that he never cancels on an exercise session. Living in Los Angeles can be a challenge for him, especially when he has to be in so many places at once. He now is accustomed to bringing workout clothes with him and keeping two lockers at two separate hotels. This keeps him on his game and allows him to workout if he has some downtime. Ryan offers words of wisdom for those suffering with weight issues. He states that balance is the key to staying emotionally and physically fit and giving you a strong mental focus.

Ryan Seacrest Interview: https://www.gq.com/