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Dr. Saad Saad is a person who exemplifies what it means to be a doctor. He would treat patients from all backgrounds, children and adults, without discrimination. Dr. Saad Saad recently retired in the New Jersey, where he built his pactrice. His four decade career includes studying the United States of American and becoming a doctor for The Saudi Royal Family. However, part of the job is never knowing what condition a patient might come in with. A recent article on the website Medical Daily Times discuses what happens when a child shallows a foreign object.


Doctors and parents can never underestimate the curiosity of a child. They often try to shallow whatever they can get their hands on. Common chocking hazards are Peanuts, hot dogs, and coins, which can usually be dealt with by putting the child upside down and pushing their back. The Heimlich maneuver is also encouraged when dealing with older children. However, if none of these options work, then the child needs to seek medical treatment intermediately. Dr. Saad Saad is very familiar with the produces and has performed the operation countless times.


Throughout his career, Dr. Saad Saad has seen his fair share of unusual chocking cases come into his office. He describes the seriousness of swallowing batteries. They can leak acid into the stomach that will cause injuries and burns to the inside. He has golden list of advice for parents to ensure children avoid certain foods. A few of his most unusual cases include coins, a toothbrush, and even a child’s baby tooth. While silly in nature, each case presented its own unique set of challenges for him to clear. It takes intense training and concentration to successfully complete these kind of operations.


As a doctor, Dr. Saad Saad has spent his entire career trying to make the lives of patients better. His strong reputation domestically and abroad is a level few in his field ever attain. The experiences during his career lead to him creating two innovations for the operating procedures. Both items make the process more efficient for both parties, which creates a better outcome. Dr. Saad Saad’s legacy as a doctor won’t quickly be forgotten. Learn more :

William Saito is a political advisor and expert on cybersecurity. When he was ten years old, he started a computer programming internship. By the time he was in college, he was running is very own software company out of his Chicago dorm room. He became the biometric software expert at an early age upon graduating from college. This technology company created authentication tools with their collaborative partner in Sony. The two partners created tools that allowed for recognition by fingerprint. That invention has become more popular than the software founder could have ever imagined. When he was thirty-four years old in 2000, the software company founder sold his company to Microsoft.


Because of his experience and work history with building and selling his very own startup, he has a unique perspective on how the economy plays a role on the ability for a founder to create, launch a develop a successful startup. He thinks that in Japan the landscape for new startups is beginning to evolve. The barrier to receiving funding is not as difficult as it uses to be. In addition, the barrier for those starting for a second or third time with their startup is more common and viable nowadays. Startup founders are dealing with constraints from the business world around them. Yet still, the world looks promising for those that want to take the chance of starting their own company.


William Saito believes that the responsibilities of budgets are becoming easier to manage. The way funding and budgets are headed, startup founders will have more ease and enjoyment when handling the financial side to their companies. The business expert also sees the potential many new founders have ahead of them with their startup companies. He knows a lot about how startup founders can create something today and get it to the level that it starts to become influential in the lives of many people and big brand names. After selling his invention to Sony, William Saito won entrepreneur of the year award. The invention has been very influential in today’s tech space. His thumbprint invention is involved in a lot of the smartphones we use today.


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After managing separate hedge funds for almost 20 years, Jacob and Stuart Weisbrod are now sharing office space. These two prominent geniuses of healthcare investing understand one another well since they once worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. Currently, they are operating under one roof with the expectation of working together in the future.

Stuart Weisbrod started his profession in 1998 when he co-founded the Merlin as an investment management firm that specialized in the healthcare sector. The portfolios of the company included the healthcare service sector, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology. Stuart has created an unbeaten track record in healthcare and biotechnology investment having held prestigious posts in leading companies such as Prudential-Bache securities, Merill Lynch, Harpel Partners and Oracle Partners. He has a remarkable academic career having earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Princeton in 1980. He also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Columbia in 1986.

Stuart Weisbrod’s extensive background equipped him with the necessary skills and network that helped him create a winning team. The team comprised Jacob Gottlieb, a genius in the healthcare investing who served as a portfolio manager for Merlin Company in 2000. When working at Merlin during the height of the biotech revolution, Jacob Gottlieb assisted the company attains higher returns of more than 100% in 1999 and 2000. Together with other two portfolio managers, Jacob managed to generate high income, and this assisted them to get prominent customers. Even though the company recorded tremendous success over the years, Merlin closed down in 2007 after refunding the funds to investors.

After Merlin was closed down, Weisbrod went on to establish a new investment company known as Iguana Healthcare Partners. These company shares the same investment strategy as that of Merlin since it concentrates on public firms in the healthcare sector.

Just like Weisbrod, Gottlieb moved to establish his company after he left Merlin. After numerous years of hard work and success in the financial industry, Gottlieb invested $300 million in building the Asset Management Company known as Visium. After his company survived the 2008 economic recession, Gottlieb expanded his company into an $8 billion hedge fund. He opened up various offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Irrespective of numerous years of success, Visium’s business operations came at a halt in 2016. However, Gottlieb has continued to serve the company to refund the cash to investors and close down the business. With Weisbrod and Gottlieb, former workmates and vastly successful financial capitalists working under one roof, the industry is sure to experience miraculous transformations for healthcare investments opportunities.