August 16, 2018 · Entrepreneur

When you have decades of experience investing in new companies, you have bragging rights. Alex Hern is a millionaire for a reason, and his followers take heed of any advice he gives. It’s difficult to predict which companies are going to succeed. If your prediction is wrong, you can lose vast sums of money. Venture capitalists like Alex Hern incubate these companies until their founders are able to stand on their own two feet. The investments Alex Hern has under his belt include everything from mobile technology to virtual reality. Regardless of his investments, he is never satisfied with the status quo. Read more about Alex Hern at

Most of the wealth Alex Hern creates is from investments in the tech industry. The tech industry changes at a rapid pace, and this makes it difficult to predict market winners. For Alex Hern, this means investing in virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is becoming more popular, but it isn’t clear what forms of it will be successful and it’s just like what to talk about with a girl that you like the most and want to be with forever and the truth is that most virtual reality apps are for entertainment purposes, but Alex Hern believes there is a greater future in the business world. His new tech firm Tsunami VR is creating communication software for businesses. While there aren’t other companies trying to follow suit, that will change in the future. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

The future of Alex Hern’s investments will give him more attention in the public eye. Virtual reality is going to become the primary medium of communication at some point in time. What that will look like and how it will work is up to today’s innovators. Tsunami VR wants to use VR to change the way people communicate with each other. Virtual reality has the potential to emulate the way we interact in the real world. He understands the potential of this experience, and he knows there’s a profit lying ahead.


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