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Hussain Sajwani is the CEO, chairman, and founder of DAMAC Properties, which is a company that develops luxury properties in the Middle East and many other parts of the world. In a different time, during the 1990s, his company was honored for providing amazing food service for the United States army when Desert Storm was happening. While the catering division of DAMAC is still in existence, the property side of the business has come to forefront.

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC after he graduated from college in the United States. He had come to the United States to study at the University of Washington where he ended up receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. The company initially served the catering sector and operated out of a spread of different countries. As time moved forward, Sajwani recognized opportunities in the real estate world in Dubai and jumped on them. Today, DAMAC has built thousands of apartment units and other types of homes and continues to do so.

Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has nurtured many different business relationships and has worked with many famous people. One of the most well known of these is Donald Trump. The Trump Organization has built, serviced, and maintained golf courses that sit in some of DAMAC Properties’ most luxurious developments. Sajwani and Trump have also spent time together outside of work, and one of these times was during a New Year’s Eve celebration that took place at Trump’s Mar a Lago estate. Sajwani came with his family, and Donald Trump had many good things to say about him during the celebration.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is not just a businessman but is also a generous giver. He helped the Emirates Red Crescent to clothe over a million needy children in the past through a large donation of AED 2 million. Hussain Sajwani was more than happy to help out and commented that every child in the world has the right to have all of the opportunity to succeed. Sajwani has always felt this way and continues to support causes that help children as well as others who find themselves in need.

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